Microsoft has unveiled a brand new game developer studio they’ve launched, Decisive Games, who is setting out to revitalize a classic RTS franchise. The studio is also looking to bring in new talent to “Be part of Microsoft Game Studios, and help [it] create the next-generation of awesome games for Windows and Xbox!”

More specifically, they’re looking for someone who has experience in strategy game development. If you’re interested in applying, the requirements include:

  • 4+ years of C++ programming experience
  • 2+ years designing and implementing large scale client/server systems
  • Distributed computing and clustering, multithreading and network security experience
  • Experience with web development frameworks
  • The ability to write good coding
  • Experience with Windows platform APIs and toolsets

One could only guess what Decisive Games is looking to hire for, as their goal is to “bring the next installment in a beloved strategy game franchise.” My hope is that they’re working on another Age of Empires title, or a new Halo Wars. Let us know in the comments below which game you think the new studio may be working on!

  • Rare is glad they started up a new studio. I mean what with them being overworked and all churning out game after game. People shy away from console RTS. The fact they started this studio without having the people is worrisome. I actually qualify for this yay! But the pain is sounds like they want a back end person to make them the game. Which is something else worrisome. Its like saying we’ve got a bunch of construction workers to make roads from city to city, but there’s no planet or cities.

    • Chandler Tate

      Haha, good point! I’m still anxious to see how this console RTS turns out, assuming it comes to the Xbox platforms.

      • I’m thinking it’ll be another Halo RTS. But maybe that’s because I don’t think of too many RTS let alone ones that Microsoft has the rights to. Oh Minecraft RTS perfect. zombies and creepers vs guys named Steve.

        • Chandler Tate

          I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a new Age of Empires game

          • Yeah that would be most logical. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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