During the recent Nintendo Direct event, the company confirmed the release of the New 3DSXL software on February 13 in North America, yet made the peculiar announcement that the system won’t come with a charger included in the box.

Nintendo told IGN that this was a way to save costs for consumers who may already own a 3DS or DSi system. “New Nintendo 3DS XL uses the same AC adapter as any Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DSi system,” Nintendo told IGN. “Rather than raise cost of New Nintendo 3DS XL by charging consumers for a component they may already own, we are giving them the option to only buy if they need an AC adapter.”

The problem lays with those who don’t already own a previously released DS or 3DS system. Both Amazon and GameStop have revealed their own house-brand chargers for those who would need to purchase one. The GameStop one seems to be the better deal at the moment since the cord is USB on the end, meaning you could plug it into any available USB slot to charge your device.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this slightly controversial move by Nintendo. Do you think it’s worth cutting the cost of the device by likely only $20-$30 by excluding the charger?

  • It feels like they are just ignoring new adopters and vying for the upgrade only crowd who already have a charger from their previous buy. It isn’t like the charger is expensive in the first place but it is still a bit of a cruel move.

    Seeing that image also reminded of the auto brightness adjustment of the New 3ds, hope that can be turned off because I don’t think it will always be the best option in a environment with fluctuating light.

  • 50 million people already have one. Just a way to either cut costs for Nintendo or make an extra buck.

  • Honestly you can look at it both ways. For me i have my 2ds, lost the charger and decided to wait and just get the new 3ds, but alas no charger.

    Oh well, i can just buy one whilst at the store

    • Chandler Tate

      It’s just such a minuscule thing that I can’t believe a charger of all things was driving the costs of the 3DS up. But your right, you can always buy them at the store separately!

      • Honetly though, its like buying a tv that doesnt come with a power cable as its just an “upgrade” hahaha.
        Oh well, my blog will reflect tomorrow in my review

        • Chandler Tate

          Haha, just one of those dumb things that happen that you can’t wrap your head around. But be sure to post a link to the review here in the comments once it’s up! I’d love to see what you have to say about it!

          • Will do! Im sure like every other bit of Nintendo product it’ll be brilliant and wonderful

            • Chandler Tate

              Awesome! And I’m crossing my fingers it will be that good, haha.

              • review is up, and my first ever, it can definitely use work, any pointers would be great!

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