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Re-Logic, the team behind the indie sandbox survival Minecraft inspired game Terraria has revealed alpha footage of a new entry in the Terraria universe; Terraria Otherworld. This one is said to not to be considered Terraria 2 but as an alternate dimension where there is more focus on squad based tactics and RPG elements.

I have sunk 200+ hours in Terraria since it first came out, it was one of the first games I bought from steam in fact when I got my first credit card. I am also more than happy to see more to do with the game and have more of an excuse to jump back in!

It is currently slated for Mac and PC release, but there is talks into getting onto the PS4 and Xbox One. The Re-Logic team will be making an appearance at the GDC on the 4th to the 6th of March in San Francisco with Otherworld with more information. For now here’s a link to the announcement thread on the Terraria forum. How many hours have you played of it? Does it warrant another wander through the game again for you? Let us know what you think.

  • They call it pre-alpha. I always thought pre-alpha would be less than this. Like design documents. The vibe I got from the trailer is that it would be a spin off game. I wasn’t a fan of the original and my friend made it. Its just not fun. Until you put a friend in then suddenly it was fun for me, but that’s why they’re friends. I also own the PS3 version of Terarria. Its awful. I didn’t think there could be worse controls than a dual stick platformer with a mouse and keyboard until I played it there.

    • For me, pre-alpha should basically be by definition, indev. Because then, yeah you’re absolutely right, it’s mostly design documents. What we got in the trailer definitely seems like early alpha as the forum post says. There’s a working demo there; it just doesn’t quite have content yet.

      I totally get enjoying the game with friends though. I spent maybe 100 of the hours playing through with 2 different friends? And to be honest, the reason why I enjoyed the game in single player was only because I have a very addicted nature alongside of being a very goal orientated player. So grinding wasn’t bad, and I always sought to get going to the next big, bad monster boss thing as soon as I could. That said, maybe having a different take on the normal Terraria formula could possibly improve your experience with it? It’s definitely worth looking into I’d say 🙂

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