Many gamers’ concerns over the latest generation of consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is that they’re currently hindered by their predecessors, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This trend is largely present in cross-gen titles, such as Destiny, which was lauded as a ‘true next-gen’ experience prior to launch. According to Bungie, however, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 weren’t up to the task, and held the newer consoles back.

Bungie’s DeeJ and Rob Adams filmed a ‘ride along’ video with members of ‘Dads of Destiny’ to explore Earth’s Cosmodrome in Destiny. During the video, they touch on a lot of topics, ranging from Destiny‘s performance across the consoles to the history behind every area of the Cosmodrome.

‘Parity’ between consoles, and generations, is often the focal point of scrutiny against a new release, and the main point behind the current push to create more current-gen exclusives. It’s often brought up when comparing the graphical fidelity between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4,

When speaking in the Hangar (see 9:10 of the video), the room in the Cosmodrome where the player finds their first ship, Adams confirms that Destiny‘s last-gen versions definitely suffered from memory issues:

“Another thing that this space does, is it separates the Divide from the Steppes. So the Steppes and the Divide are both really really big areas, and when we shipped on the PS3 and Xbox 360, there was no way that we could get those two areas to be adjacent to each other, because of memory constraints. So, one of the reasons we did this was to actually provide a technical memory buffer between those two spaces.”

It’s no surprise that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 held back the newer consoles, given the difference in hardware, however big or small. What’s interesting is how the differences in hardware showed in Destiny, and how Bungie went around the issues.

It also offers food for thought on how Destiny would have changed had it only been on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – Adams also revealed that the Cosmodrome was supposed to be five-to-ten times bigger.

Adams also revealed a technical trick that Destiny pulls off to maintain a consistent frame rate. Using the Shipyard for reference (see 57:50 of the video), he explained that Destiny‘s open areas are full of vertical or large objects obstructing the player’s view in order to render less objects at any given time.

“What we’re doing is, we’re culling out and removing geometry behind that stuff, so that in any one view you never see too many things, and so the frame rate doesn’t drop.”

  • Way too many commas, see video for reference:

    • Do you mean there are too many commas in the article in general, or in the quotes? If they’re in the quotes, I apologise. My transcribing skills are rusty.

  • Durrrr…

    Obviously this was the case. When the core of your game has to support 7+ year old hardware right along with new hardware something suffers. You can boost resolution, you can make the lighting better but that core is still there.

    Thank Activision for that and basically every issue with destiny. It was all about money and artistic merit or mechanics involved in making a great game were not important to them. I’m shocked the game isn’t full of micro transactions to he honest

    • And that’s exactly why they released on last-gen consoles – the install base is much larger than PS4/Xbox One. I understand it from a financial perspective, but making it next-gen only would have opened up many doors for improvement

  • Wilkim

    I think that’s bullshit blaming old old consoles for their shity errors so your basic telling me old consoles didn’t have good games? Playing different missions in the same Fucking map is not a consoles Fucking fault sorry for the language but they want us all to look like idiots.

    • CptBoomstick

      Amen brother. If GTA IV, Skyrim, Saints Row, and so on, can create huge breathing worlds on the 360 than there is no excuse for Bungie. GTA IV looks and runs amazing on all platforms, even PC! The memory constraint excuse would only explain away a fraction of the problems with Destiny anyway…where’s the story? Content? Lack of matchmaking? I think it’s funny that stuff rumored to ship with the game is now going to be purchasable with the third DLC release. What about WAY overpriced DLC? We have to log online to view Grimoire cards in order to know the background of the game? No stat tracking? No party chat or community interface? I could go on. I like Destiny for what it is and still play from time to time but stop with the weak excuses! Bungie knew what they were getting into when they signed with Activision (Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, etc.), I blame Bungie for everything.

  • john

    Excuses, excuses!! GTAV, Fallout, Skyrim ALL way bigger than this cheap ass game – does this guy take us for idiots?! Fucking morons! AS IF this game would have been bigger and had more content if it were next gen only. What a stupid cunt!

    • It’s true that last-gen has some incredibly large games, you raise a fair point. But, please, no insults.

  • I think that blaming an older version for holding back a newer version is crap. My son, and myself have a 360 each that run quit well. I’m happy with the destiny. Not running out to buy a game system just to keep up with the Jones.

  • gamer

    Deej and Adams are deep throating Activision execs big time. …..FU corporate greed

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