Update: Bungie’s Urk has clarified that he misheard the question, implying the Chest may not exist after all.

Original story follows...

If you thought you’d discovered everything there is to discover in Destiny, think again. Bungie have revealed in a Twitch stream that Destiny still houses many secrets – one of which being a Chest still hidden within the depths of the Vault of Glass.

Rob Adams (Lead World Artist), Gavin Irby (Senior Raid Designer), and Eric Osborne joined members of the popular ‘Dads of Destiny’ clan to stream Crota’s End. During the stream, the three representatives of Bungie were drilled hard about the Raids themselves, the nature of their design, and any secrets they may contain.

After suggesting that Bungie still has secrets concerning Destiny and its Raids, one of the members of DoD followed up by asking if there are any more Chests in the Vault of Glass Raid. After a short silence:

“Yes. The answer is yes.”

Skip to 52:25 for talk on Destiny‘s ‘secrets’, and 53:55 for the confirmation of another Chest in VoG (video won’t embed, you’ll have to follow the link).

Watch live video from Bungie on Twitch

This piece of information is very interesting, given the Vault of Glass has been open since mid-September – to suggest that players still haven’t found everything inside, and that there’s even another Chest from which to gain all sorts of untold goodies, is unprecedented.

Now that players know about the Chest’s existence, it surely won’t be long until someone finds it. Watch this space.

  • Just read on another site that this is not true. Apparently the dude misheard the question, he though he was asked “is there reason to return to Vault of glass?”.
    Shame, this got me a little bit excited to load up Destiny again.

  • Stu

    There are 5 chests in total in the vault, I hv 3 lvl 32s(titan,hunter,warlock) 4 of the chests are always there and only one is exotic(meaning that you can get an exotic item from it) the 5th chest is only available if you 1) stop the templar from teleporting all the time! 2) take the “secret” hole in the wall down to the gorgons lair. Personally I do find that leaving the spirit bloom chest does get you a better reward from the two exotic chests and yes you can get an exotic from both chests in one game if u stop the templar from teleporting.

  • w33dedplague

    that’s an awfully strange answer if he thought the question was “is there a reason to return”….yes…the answer is yes sounds like an answer you give that says “the answer is yes, but I’m not giving any details…pretty sure he is retracting his answer because he wasn’t supposed to say anything

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