Bungie today released the long-awaited Update 1.1.1 for Destiny, which introduced many fixes, buffs, and nerfs, most notable of which is a fix for the infamous Heavy Ammo glitch, whereupon players would lose Heavy Ammo after dying, watching cutscenes, or returning to orbit. Now the update is out, however, it seems that players aren’t happy with all aspects of the update.

According to patch notes, Bungie fixed a number of non-issues within Destiny. Some of these have no impact on the players, some caused bugs, and some ruffled the wrong feathers. Once such fix is making sure players don’t drop Heavy Ammo when they die in the Crucible.

This fix is receiving a lot of flak from the community because of the issues that stem from the fix – if a lone player is the only person to pick up a crate of Heavy Ammo, and they immediately die, that ammo is lost forever. Many players thought of Heavy Ammo dropping as a reward for killing a player who held it, but Bungie thought differently. Read here for half a thread voicing their concerns over the fix.

Personally, I think this change will definitely help balance the Crucible, in that players can’t chain Heavy Ammo sprees just by killing other people with the ammo. That being said, I think some sort of reward for stopping someone who does have Heavy Ammo wouldn’t go astray.

Heavy Ammo in PvP is one of those odd concepts – on one hand it’s incredibly useful, and on the other it can be quite overpowered. So far, the community isn’t very impressed with the change.

Another change Bungie implemented is actually a glitch: they nerfed Fusion Rifles to have less starting ammo in PvP. This is all well and good, but Destiny thought the change applied to Vex Mythoclast as well, and now it spawns with less ammo. This glitch is more funny than anything, and only really frustrating to those who carry Vex in PvP. Bungie have promised to fix the glitch in a later update.

Overall, Update 1.1.1 introduces some solid, stable fixes – Shotguns are now useful in PvE, players don’t mysteriously lose Heavy Ammo, and so on. That being said, you can’t please everyone, and it seems Bungie have made a decision that not too many people approve of.

We’ll have to wait and see how the new Heavy Ammo fix (for PvP) affects gameplay over the next few weeks to effectively conclude its usefulness.

  • narcogen

    Vex Mythoclast is a fusion rifle, so how is that a glitch?

    • Lucas

      Because while it is a fusion rifle it occupies the primary weapon slot, so it’s both a primary weapon and a fusion rifle (which is complete bullshit). That’s not to say that I don’t agree that the decrease in starting ammo shouldn’t apply to it. I hate fusion rifles, they’re ridiculously overpowered in PvP especially the Vex Mythoclast, but maybe the fact that it’s a primary weapon configures a glitch for it to be affected by the decrease in ammo supply, at the start of a match, that was initially intended for fusion rifles occupying the special weapon slot. Either way, glitch or not, fusion rifles should have at least a decent decrease in range, in that aspect they could be more like shotguns, because as it is they seem a bit unbalanced and OP.

  • Nick

    This article is incorrect. What Bungie DID was introduce a new PvP gametype called “Inferno”, in which heavy ammo does not drop from killed players. In EVERY OTHER Crucible gametype, heavy ammo WILL STILL DROP from killed players.

  • Raul

    Yeah, this update was all right. You can do weekly strikes with other people, not solo and thats a feature that i really like, so you can get strange coins

  • Knights of the round table

    For Me The Bug still Exists, Its eating away on my ammo no matter what weapon i use, Main, Longrange or Heavy, you would think that if you stock up ammo and gear let say on the “MOON” and have yeverything maxed out, that will follow to the next map when you go online next time, but NO, Zero Heavy ammo, Zero Sniper ammo, and a lousy 150 for the pulse rifle, i Play SP Campaign and have no intention of playing the crucible as of now. But how are you supposed to fight with out ammo, and allmost no FUCKING GLIMMER?, Com on Bungie give us a fucking break, this is getting boring and if you want me to get the Dark below and house of wolfs, youd better fix this shit or i’ll jump ship!, this is a simple fix!

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