Author's note: I love Destiny. I love playing it, and I love talking about it. As players point out, Bungie certainly has areas in which they can improve, and they're working on them.

Just to clarify, the problem this article discusses isn't about expressing negativity towards Destiny, but it's about those expressing their opinion with hate and abuse. This is a small, yet unfortunately vocal, minority in the community, and doesn't reflect on the community as a whole, nor Bungie itself.

Thank you for participating in the discussion and offering your opinion: there is no right or wrong answer.

Original story follows...

Destiny is a game that’s simultaneously full of exciting promise and crushing disappointment for an equal amount of people. Because of reasons including a misleading hype-up before launch, an under-delivered story, the unpopular loot system, and many others cited since launch, players have taken to actively attacking and abusing Bungie and their community manager, DeeJ. This is disgusting behaviour, and it has to stop.

The Bungie community has always been incredibly vocal, especially when it comes to feedback about their developer of choice. This took a turn for the worse when Destiny launched and the forums filled with gamers spewing hatred and bitterness at the developer because they didn’t like the end result. DeeJ, as Bungie’s public face, cops the brunt of the abuse.

Bungie updates their website, cops abuse; updates Destiny, cops abuse; rides with Guardian Radio, cops abuse; updates the game again, cops abuse. It seems that no matter what Bungie do, they can’t escape the wave of hatred that gamers fling at them in droves.

The main reasons for such abuse vary from complaints about the story to not getting the gear they wanted in a random drop, followed by pleading Bungie to gift it to them.

I you browse Bungie’s Weekly Updates and you’ll find players accusing Bungie of bad game design and just being poor developers (admittedly, amid others who are legitimately trying to help improve the game), and if you browse forums you’ll generally find more bad than good, but among any of those posts, you’re almost guaranteed to find someone attacking DeeJ.

Some people go out of their way to accuse DeeJ of doing too much talking and not enough changing the game (even though all he can do is relay the feedback to the developers at Bungie, and it takes time to implement change), and then they flip the coin and accuse Bungie of not being transparent enough. So they take out their frustration on the face that they can see.

One user in a Reddit forum put it best:

“Honestly people here are treating him like ‘those’ customers do in retail. The ones who think that because they don’t like the decisions or policies of a company, they’re entitled to yell, scream and abuse the cashier. Those people are scum, don’t be those people.”

Those who complain about the ‘lack of transparency’ or that DeeJ doesn’t give enough answers also fail to realise that the world of Public Relations is full of comments you are and aren’t allowed to make – if you were to say mention something you weren’t supposed to, there goes your job.

Is Destiny a great game? I think so. Does it need improvement? Absolutely. Does it call for people to personally threaten and abuse a company and a man? No. Never.

There’s an old adage where if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything; and yet, no one is saying anything nice.

  • OURock24

    I agree they shouldn’t attack but some of the complaints have merit. Instead of fixing the bugs that plague the Crota raid they instead focus on removing the cheese and adding unnecessary stuff that none of the players even want (who cares about checking rep? and who cares about shotguns and pulse rifles?). The loot system is broke also, if someone already has something they are more likely to get it than the people that don’t have it yet. For example, one of my buddies have Gallahorn already. I have played Nightfall with him quite a few times and he has said that he has gotten 5 of them while the rest of us are still waiting for our first one. I on the other hand had 2 Icebreakers (before Xur’s recent sale) and it dropped for me 6 times in the Nightfall and Raids.

    • JP

      No, they have multiple teams working on multiple projects, some of which take longer and are more complex. To think they are just working on one thing is naive.

  • fhe1079 .

    Its a part of life. No matter how hard you try to help others, dirt is still tossed at your feet. I suggest, keep doing what your doing regardless of what they say or do. Some people will be greatly appreciated, others will not. Dealing with customers is what i do… and listening to the bad and good is the way you learn from what you can make better. Never stop learning and keep up the good work is what you should do. Keep your chin up and make us proud.

  • Hooligantuan

    Bungie manipulates and abuses its playerbase daily. They get what they give.

  • Sheroz

    Hmm i dont think anyone has a right to do that, Deej has brought us great content without him Destiny would be a little more shit, pls fix the drop rate 🙁 i cri evry tiem

    • Alex Connellan

      It’s definitely a problem, especially considering that DeeJ is just the public face, and doesn’t necessarily have control over a lot of decisions that the gaming community want Bungie to make

      • MindFever

        EXACTLY,DeeJ represents Bungie and their interests. The flak he gets is justified in my opinion

  • WranglerVinny

    Ummmm… no offense, but most of the crap being flung around is from player to player in the Bungie’s forums. It’s a mad house there. I rarely see Deej get the blunt of things, and if he does the community majority sticks up for him. As for Bungie, I fully support most negativity I read there, because most of it is true. Sure there are a few crackheads, but the truth is Bungie failed hard and lied to their fans. They deserve many of the comments they get. Sorry, but I think your story should focus more on the Destiny players abusing other Destiny players. It’s far more harsh than anything Bungie or Deej have been subjected too.

    • Alex Connellan

      I agree, there is a lot of animosity between Destiny players in those forums, and that’s also an issue that needs addressing. I imagine that if it continues at the rate it is, I’ll be writing about it soon enough…

      • MindFever

        or you know….edit your article

        • anthony ortiz

          Haha this friggin guy

        • Alex Connellan

          Or you know… Perhaps it deserves it’s own article?

          I don’t mean to offend you, but how the community treats Bungie – the developer of the game they’re trashing – is an entirely different subject to how they treat each other.

          By the same token, I wouldn’t write an article discussing how much the Xbox One sold in a given month and then change it to “well it doesn’t really matter, because the PS4 sold more”. The latter would become it’s own topic and article.

          • MindFever

            I dont find what you wrote offensive. You should speak your mind. If I did ,it is only fair you also tell me what you think. And you did. That’s fair 🙂

            • Alex Connellan

              No worries, I was worried I might have been a bit too forward. Thanks for also Sharon your opinion 🙂


      Failed and lied? What did they lie about? How did they fail? Since when were they even close to done? These early conclusions are so irritating I almost wish half the destiny fan base hung themselves. Almost.

      • WranglerVinny

        You obviously haven’t kept up with Bungie/Destiny news.

        • JLNINJA

          That does not answer my question. Perhaps you’re looking at a terrible source or simply have bad interpretation? Honestly what news wouldn’t I know about?

  • L the Master Otaku

    I think people cry too much these days and get over sensitive. Mainly over the opinions of others against something they’re fans of. I don’t think it’s right for anyone to verbally assault a PR person, but when you’re a public face and the only means of venting, these things happen. I’m not condoling hostility towards anyone, but if a company doesn’t give a desired service, a consumer has the right to complain to any means that they’re provided with. The age old saying is for verbal assault or saying something to cause drama with someone else. Saying you don’t like someone or think someone is whatever is the point of the old saying, not justifiable criticism and review, which some people seem to forget. Just like the morality behind journalism going to shit, and how the internet is filled with opinion columns on news related sites which is supposed to be completely unbiased to be taken seriously, and yet these people who call themselves journalists feed the fuel towards making internet arguments, or—in-general—flame wars in comment sections, because they didn’t do their job properly.

    • Alex Connellan

      If your last comment was aimed at me, I can assure you I didn’t write this piece as a ‘flame bait’ article geared towards starting arguments; instead, I wrote it as a commentary on what I have noticed happening in the Destiny community since launch, so everyone can weigh in their opinions. Thank you for sharing yours, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

      I absolutely agree though, as a PR manager, DeeJ is absolutely qualified to take that level of criticism, and ultimately most of these gamers are expressing justifiable concerns, especially when you look at how Destiny was presented before launch versus what it is now.

      That being said, the article is just looking at the abuse in the situation – there is a group among that particular community that is dealing out unwarranted and uncalled for abuse, and that’s what this article aims to highlight and discuss. There are no right and wrong opinions here, especially when there are some grey areas on both sides of the argument, but that’s the point of a discussion.

      • L the Master Otaku

        I didn’t think what you said was flame bait, I was kinda just emphasizing journalism as a whole these days and if you took offense, I apologize. I just see a lot of articles generally are opinion based or have something either at the beginning or end to excite those kinds of individuals that are easily baited.

        Stating your opinion isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it creates an unequal piece of writing in my opinion, because you did state facts, but then your own opinion. How you did it wasn’t wrong per say, but can be misconstrued in a variety of ways. Almost kinda like SJW-ish tactics, because you like the game in question. Although, being abusive in any form isn’t how people should be conducting themselves and it’s not an intelligent way to get your point across or motivate change, because all they (Bungie) would see is the ramblings of a random idiot.

        So, in the end, I agreed with you, because of the facts. I disagreed because it is logical what you’re saying, but a piece of writing can loose credibility if it becomes riddled with bias. However, I am not going to tell you to write differently, that’s not my purpose and what works for you and let’s you write isn’t really my place to comment. Writing in general can be pretty tough and requires a bit of motivation to do. I don’t think I needed to elaborate much, because I wasn’t pointing fingers at you to begin with, and actually enjoyed reading what you had to say, but thanks for listening.

        • Alex Connellan

          Don’t apologise that’s quite alright, I didn’t take offence at all. I agree: in an age of digital journalism based on how many clicks you can get, there is a flood of flame bait sprouting all over the place.

          And I absolutely see what you’re saying with facts-versus-opinion, and where the bias comes in. I actually quite like Game Informer’s approach, where they have ‘Our Take’ below the news, so they can strip out the analysis and present the facts, so you can leave their opinion out of the equation if you want to.

          Thanks for chatting civilly, it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t jump up in arms over their opinion, but can still present some strong arguments and stand by them. Thank you for reading, and thank you for commenting, I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the topic.

          P.S. Writing will always be a learning curve no matter how experienced one is, so I’m always willing to take criticism on board. Thank you for yours.

  • anthony ortiz

    Look I love destiny, I have had a thousand amazing adventures with friends and random guardians trekking the wilds. My issue is solely with the fact that they did, in fact, lie to gain sales. They didn’t imbelish or stretch the truth they blatantly showed us content that they had no intention of implementing. And with the 500 million dollar budget they have gained from the aforementioned lie they have done nothing in the way of adding any of that content. Instead they toss around piece meal patches and fixes that are supposed to be representative of their hard work? I’ll call bs until they actually make an announcement that doesn’t brag about a ~blam!~ing heavy ammo fix as their flagship for a new large update. They have the funds, they assuredly have the manpower, just make good on your promises, give us some semblance of the masterpiece you depicted in your trillion trailers and many of our cries will be quelled. Aside from that, honestly?, get a little more efficient with the releases of your dlc bc we are hungry for a challenge and honestly we just don’t want to become tired of this beautiful world called Destiny, a world in which most of us happily call home.

    • MindFever


      the article’s argument is beyond retarded… dissent is a big no no even online now ? people are not yelling at him. Bungie is doing a lousy job. End of story

    • David Myers

      500 million dollar budget over the course of their entire contract, across however many base, DLC, sequels, and updates that the parent company decides to have them make. They weren’t paid 500 million upfront, so why do people keep citing the budget as if it’s any more relevant to this than a fish on the shores of Bangladesh?

      • anthony ortiz

        Do you forget that they are also PS+ and Xbox live required? They collect their dividends from that as well. Please don’t try to defend them like its a bunch of broke mommas boys working on a basement project. They have the resources, as a few like minded friends have stated, they can fix the crota, atheon, and Templar cheeses in a matter of weeks yet they can’t seem to idk expand vault space(I use that as an example and not a proprietary issue)? We have already seen that pretty much all of their content is already existant in the game, so it stands to reason that half of the crap they promised us at release is easily able to be implemented.

        • David Myers

          Have you ever worked on the coding aspect of a game? Do you realize exactly how much time and effort is required to make content additions and bug fixes nowadays? Do you understand from experience exactly how many lines of code are required to pour through to find the lines that cause even the smallest of bugs? Are you able to fathom that a standard bug is potentially caused by an interplay of multiple lines interfering with one another, which are sometimes miles apart in the code, and sometimes even with little to do with one another? Do you comprehend that they’re not collecting much, if anything, from the fees collected by Microsoft and Sony when they charge players for access to the Live/PS+ servers (if Bungie charged players for access to Destiny, then your argument there would be valid)?

          Please don’t try to defend the attackers by pretending that Bungie is making bank from anything that the system creators charge us, and don’t fall into the same trap that others have by thinking that placeholders and flags that exist on a disc in preparation for new content somehow means that the content exists in a stable, playable form upon release. It undermines the integrity of the community for people to immediately jump to those conclusions, and shows a general lack of understanding of the industry as a whole.

          If you understood anything about game development and storybuilding/storyboarding, then you’d understand that it’s much easier to plan months, if not years, in advance for potential content. You would also understand how much easier it is to include simple content placeholders and level designs (which are subject to change at any time prior to legitimate release) to keep future development not only looking towards the future of the IP, but also to allow the developers to sneak said content in as they finalize it. This in turn reduces the account of time that entitled individuals are required to wait upon release (in other words, they sneak in levels and additions over time so that instead of waiting half an hour for content to download when an expansion is released, you instead get to wait mere moments for the updated map to have the doors removed in a zone). Have you ever had to wait on expansion content to download for World of Warcraft or Everquest, even if you never purchased the expansion itself, all because certain features and across-the, board (weapons, armor, etc.)? Imagine that in spades in Destiny and similar online-enabled games, because of the way that the consoles and game servers deal with data management (you can’t opt-out of content downloads in Destiny, because when you download an X-pack, you’re simply downloading a character flag that grants access to the content. That content is there, on your system, whether you want it to be or not.)

          I don’t think it’s proper to compare a necessary bug fix (fixing the cheeses do that the fights work as intended) to an unnecessary feature (an increase in vault space. [If you yourself admit it’s not a proprietary issue, then I would honestly like to hear an issue that you do think is proprietary]). Sure, there’s the potential there for it to be a “quick fix”, but you have to realize that there are priorities for games nowadays to stave off stagnation, and given the choice between working on an increased vault and working on brand new content, the latter will almost always win out. I, for one, would much rather see new areas to explore than see more space to store stuff that will, almost guaranteed, hardly ever see the light of day (Sure, there’s someone out there reading this and yelling “But I -need- to be able to store this gun/armor/item, in case I go do this, that, or the other thing. Different stuff for different situations. Rar rar rar.” and while their opinion is just as valid, it’s still not really staving off the potential collective stagnation that delays in content can cause, which, honestly, is statistically much more important in the long term for keeping players interested.).

          • anthony ortiz

            Did you not read my original post? You’re arguing a moot point the content has already been coded, its IN the game. I have never once defended the attackers mind you, and quote me if I have and I will be glad to retract the statement because I know they work hard. It is much more than just the guys doing the coding and its more than I care to type here. I love the game I have only requested what was already promised.

            • David Myers

              Your entire first post seems heavy on the attackers’ side. If your intent wasn’t to condone the attackers, then I apologize for reading it as such, as that was my misunderstanding of your intent.

              So far, I haven’t seen any content that was in the game, at release, that was fully polished and capable of being played immediately. There simply isn’t any proof to support your statement that all the content is in the game and pre-polished. Conversely, there’s no proof for my claim beyond recent game development habits to improve the lives of both the developers and the gamers. So technically, no, it’s not a moot point. Again: It’s a valid developer tactic to include flags, placeholders, rough maps, and sometimes even systems, long before content is even coded, so that time isn’t taken away to rewrite something to allow said content top exist in the first place. For example, Borderlands Pre-Sequel had placeholders for their extra characters long before they had the characters’ built. They knew where they wanted to go, so built the base system around it.

              Promises are fine to make, but every promise of content made by a game developer, prior to the content being finished, should be taken as a potential plan of action, not as a word of law. Sometimes things get promised that, for varying reasons, cannot be delivered on. Maybe the person with the expertise left the company (or got fired) before teaching anyone how to do it; maybe the underlying code wasn’t built to support it; maybe the underlying code would have to be rewritten to allow a promise to happen; maybe someone higher-up decided it wasn’t worth it; maybe something broke that couldn’t be fixed without writing the content competently differently. Ultimately, a promise by a developer should NEVER be taken at face value until the content is -actually- finished. Chances are, they’ll release House of Wolves, but there’s always the chance that somewhere along the lines they could run into a problem that forces the project to be scrapped.

  • Daniel

    They need to fix the sword disappearing it will be good. I like the game but hate the glitches.

    • Alex Connellan

      There are definitely a lot of glitches, ad I trust Bungie is busy trying to patch up the ones they’re aware of 🙂

      • Gavin Alexander

        The slight concern from a lot of people I think is you have situations like Skyrim had. A bunch of glitches from Day 1 which combined with such a large world and big Dlc packs, meant difficulty with prioritising. Years down the line and still a great handful of those issues were never looked at in which is effectively now abandonware. Now whether that was because they never picked up on it or felt it wasn’t worth individual attention I don’t know, and this is the problem with such a big fanbase, at least on the earlier periods, you may never know.

        A situation even worse that I’ve observed that I hope Bungie do not go down is less or crippled support for an older gen version of a game. If you’re going to release it on the older gen at the same time or even before the new gen, absolutely do not give it any less priority when it comes to the customer support levels. As an example, having being an active member at one time, this pretty much was a goodbye from a large number of Diablo 3 fans when they decided (by that I mean they didn’t actually make a big deal about it, hundreds of people had to ask first) that the new updates were coming to the new gen but it basically wasn’t worth their time to recode for the previous one. (paraphrasing) I’ve seen all the main arguments for this, they all invalid. I hope they don’t add this to their backlogged support threads.

  • Felipe Teodósio Lobo

    First of all, sorry about my terrible english 🙂

    I agree 100% with Anthony, and i have something to add: put yourself in the skin of a child who lives in the outskirts of a big city, and have parents who do not have so much money to spare, but bought a 10x (or more) parceled last-gen console for their son to play a game that he has dreamt about since it was announced.

    And then, this child bought the game with some saved money since the announcement – and boy probably this kid paid a lot in the game (a very expensive price in my country) – And then, after 2 months, comes a paid expansion… And then another… It’s really sad for some people, and just frustrating for others.

    I can buy the expansions but i’ve played with pretty competent and younger players who could not play with me in the “Dark Below” adventures because their parents just was getting some extra money in the next christmas. Think about it.

    I just thought our beloved – yes, beloved – Bungie could learn a thing or two with Rockstar and Blizzard and make Destiny become something like GTAV or the original World of Warcraft (i mean released this beautiful and complex game with tons of things to do) and then, only then yes… Since a year of the launch, release a great and true expansion pack.

    I love Destiny, and really think i will still loving it for a long time, but man… They gotta respond for the almost criminal fact to lie to us announcing – and showing – things that in the reality do not work in the way they shown to everyone.

    Anyway, i still loving it… But my hope goes to the less fortunate players. I just wish they could join me again in the wilds.

    Safe travels,

  • Doc Williams

    Um…. have you ever seen an MMO forum? Not that I’m directly labeling Destiny as an MMO, but I would argue that it shares a lot of qualities with traditional MMORPGs. That being said, hop on the forums for games like WOW, FFXIV, SWTOR, and LoL and you’ll see a large amount of toxic, negative posts bashing the gameplay, loot system, as well as the other players. Granted, those forms were/are most negative shortly after the game’s launch or after an expansion.

    The reason for that is due to the natural “weeding out “process that occurs over time. When a game first launches, you have a large player base and many of those people will be upset with some aspect of the game. They’re going to complain. A lot. However, over time, the people who are complaining will eventually stop playing which means they stop posting on the forums. After a while, all that is left is people who are dedicated and enjoy the game. That’s not to say that there aren’t still people who attack some part of the game through their post, but it becomes much less frequent.

    That, coupled with the fact that a large portion of Destiny’s player base is coming from the FPS world, means that you’re going to see these types of posts for a long while. Not to over generalize, but the FPS genre is pretty well known for its critical, trash-talking players which is adding to the fact that Destiny is still a new game. These two things area big part of why you see so many volatile, critical, and outright spiteful posts on the Bungie forums.

    Give it time. This large wave of hatred will pass but know that with each installment and expansion it will rear it’s ugly head once again. On one last note, Bungie and DeeJ are used to seeing these types of posts and I seriously doubt anyone’s feelings have been hurt. Bungie and Activision set the expectations high with Destiny so the backlash from the community is going to be much larger than usual. They make games and those games get criticized no matter how great or disappointing they are. That’s the industry.

  • timmy z

    Ppl just need to stop crying…period…enjoy the game, that’s why you bought it! To play and have fun. Unfortunately ppl aren’t happy unless they get gjallahorn or VEX every raid or drop…they want a game where you shoot a lvl 3 dregg and he drops six exotic engrams that turn into everything they’ve been wanting or need to level up. Instead try playing for the fun of the game and then when you finally get that drop you’ve waited so long for you’ll actually have something to be excited about..that’s the point of the game, to keep you coming back for more and giving you a reason to…not here’s all the exotics in one day, now go to gamestop and trade in the game for a new one…one in which you’ll find some other reason to complain about (probably like Madden..and say why don’t you score a touchdown every play??? EA!…you’re game sucks! I threw 2 passes and the receiver didn’t catch it both times! Ugh! This game is broken!…) Lmao I find the controversy ppl create about Destiny hilarious. They just don’t get it…why they bought it to begin with…problem is, two of their buddy’s got a gjallahorn and they didn’t after reaching lvl 20 so they curse the game and the creator…it’s real sad. I think the games great, enjoy the grind, and of course there can be improvements but if you don’t like the game…Stop playing!

  • Honey Badger

    DeeJ gets flack because his writing style is condescending; and he never seems to give us information we’re interested in. His updates are always crap, and about stuff nobody cares about. Just look at today’s Community one about a girls-only clan: WHO CARES?! He would get less complaints, if he ended each fluffdate with information on the things he has passed-on to Bungie and how the requests are going.

    Bungie get flack because they continually patch things that don’t matter, while doing NOTHING to the problems that need fixing. They can patch a cheese almost instantly, but do nothing to fix the bugs that are ruining the raids. People have been complaining about stuff in the VoG since September, but they fixed the Crota kneel cheese within a week or so (while leaving all the other bugs in).

    Of all the things that people were asking for, a window in the options menu to check your factions rep must have been one of the least requested. Crap like this gives the impression that Bungie is f*cking with us.

    Remember the one where they said that leveling-up the Cryptarch would take longer but you’d be rewarded better? Yeah, right. Why do I always get a load of blue engrams that turn into stuff I neither want, or need? Why is there a higher chance that a legendary engram will decode into shards than armor or a weapon? Why are shards so much more abundant than energy? Why do we have so many different currencies? Everything feels like it is that way so we have to grind. I don’t mind grinding, and I am only still playing because I enjoy playing with my friends, but when a game makes you feel like you’re being f*cked with, that’s a problem. And that is why people complain about Bungie, and DeeJ.

    • 1whiteguy

      He can post all the lame ass updates AFTER HE POST FIXES AND VAULT SPACE UPDATE!!

      Why isn’t that the priority over there at bungie!?! Keep us updated on all the fixes and upgrade to the laggy network connection

      • David Myers

        “after he post fixes and vault space update”

        If you’re running out of vault space, then you’re doing something wrong. I honestly prefer the “lame ass updates” over something utterly dense like storage increase.
        Because everyone absolutely -needs- every single gun available in the game.

        “Keep us updated on all the fixes and upgrade to the laggy network connection.”
        Are you certain it isn’t something on your end of things, or something along the way between you and them (which would make it out of their control)? I hadn’t experienced a single issue with either lag or dropped connection the last few times I’ve played. The game feels like it’s been running exponentially more smoothly than it had during even January.

        • Pearce Regan

          Given the shear amount of weapon types armor types and currency the vault space is massively inadequate, I scrap all the weapons I don’t use and move the ones I do through the vault (don’t forget we have 3 element types to worry about as well), my weapons slots aren’t really a problem since the companion update but trying to keep shard and the like is impossible.

          I have a 100 mbps connection and my ping never drops below 25 I still get network issues with the game and as I am an xbox one user this is multiplied because of the consoles limited connection, every other device in the house is fine except the Xbone so I think it’s a combination of Destiny’s shifty servers rushed coding and the rushed console it’s being played on.

          Games like Destiny should be called out the industry is heading for another crash because of all these cash grabs, and that’s all this game was given they’ve announced Destiny 2 for next year.

          • ridiculousness

            So you (well, not you, the guy dismissing the lack of vault space) are saying completionists shouldn’t play this game, because only a moron would collect every item. Well, those people have the right to play the game as they like, and they can’t, so they complain, and continue to do so, because they can’t play the game as they want, even though practically every RPG I’ve ever played has infinite storage because, again, you might want to keep a copy of every weapon you find, on the off-chance they might be useful in a certain situation. Telling them to stop complaining is NOT fixing the issue they’re complaining about, and frankly comes across as condescending and dismissive. Not saying that Bungie deserves abuse, but if people aren’t happy, they do deserve the criticism.

          • JLNINJA

            Network problems like that can be caused by other people’s shitty internet or the mass amounts of servers destiny is running for others to play on as well as their own maintenance when they work on the servers ( hence why they have areas not accessible yet in the game). Also, xbox isn’t really known for it’s shitty networking like ps is. xbox one does seem limiting but I’m not sure I’d point that matter out in this post.

  • jason

    If people got the game for free I would agree.

  • MildManneredReporter

    No it doesn’t. Bungie and company.deserve every bit of hate and vitol they get. They earned it. They are peter molyneux status and destiny is this gens fable.

  • Nym

    You clearly have a VERY biased opinion about people like Deej who are clearly incapable of doing their jobs. One person complained about receiving abuse from another user of forums which was a breach of the forum rules to which Deej instructed the user to ignore them so he wouldn’t have to deal with the issue.

    Bungie are making increadible poor decisions about their game updates are far more interested in patching ‘cheese methods’ than game errors. They insist players complete each aspect of the game in a single linear fashion whilst maintaining ‘there is more than one way to beat destiny’

    They included absolutely no lore or story in the game and definitely seem to not give a damn about what the community wants because they’d rather ‘make a game they want to play.’

    Just to clarify, despite their shockingly poor customer service I still enjoy the game in between crashes, glitches and broken game mechanics.

  • kilroy116

    People always get upset when they do not get what they were expecting. Is common with everything in life. If you take the game for what it is rather than what you expected, the game is amazing. I can honestly say this game is the most fun game i have played in the longest time. Even with the bugs in Vault of Glass, i still really really loved playing through it. The cooperation needed from the team and the game mechanics made it so much fun.

    I want to express that i was blown away with how fun, challenging, intense, and intricate this game is. People complain about the story line, and yes it does leave you wondering, but because of how intriguing it is, I find myself wanting more and reading the grimore cards. I like being given the oportunity to think about what things mean and this is what they have done. They haven’t spilled everything out. Heaven forbid that someone use their brain to think rather than everying be given to them on a sliver platter.

    One thing i love about games is seeing the many meanings and different things that could happen. The side story’s and the character development. This game does that for me and i’m very happy with my purchase and my experience so far.

    People need to stop going into things with their own perceptions and enjoy the game for what it is and look forward to what it can be. There is no situation in life that complaining about it won’t make it worse.

    • Guest

      I have loved destiny from the beggining but I just don’t understand why they can’t make the weekly and nightfall separate missions. Its not enough that we have to repeat missions in general but doing the same one 6 times a week cuz you have 3 characters is stupid and has made me not want to play the game anymore.

  • Jacob Watkins

    Played since week 3, honestly activision/bungie/And Deej have all let this launch get to their ego. They had no competition with release, so of course their numbers were inflated. I and many others left their game idle in orbit while taking a break, adding to their “time played”. Their commercials and in-depth convo’s on the game turned from informational, into a stoners bad joke with “braaah” references abundant.
    Seriously tho, how do more people Not see this massive collapsing-black-hole that is Destiny?
    Not to mention, by the last DLC release, everyone will have paid over $120 (US) for what would be a full-game release most everwhere else.
    Knowing is half the battle.

  • Adam Rivera

    If bungie, at the last minute (less than a year in gaming I dusty time), didn’t essentially rip creative control from their “alliance” with Activision, then perhaps we’d be playing an “MMOFPS” instead of just an FPS with MMO qualities.

    Tell everyone why Exo’s, Humans, and Awoken all start on the Cosmodrone. Tell everyone where the story content where The Traveller is accused of BRINGING the Darkness instead of running from it. Tell everyone why why The Reef has ZERO content besides a cut-scene. Tell everyone why when playing as an Awoken , your ghost has to explain to you who they are, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE AWOKEN. Tell everyone why Bungie “let go” the man behind all the beautiful content that will probably never see the light of day. Tell everyone why this game is now as broken, fragmented, and in shambles as the Traveller who, we can never enter, is floating around the TOWER we are confined to on Earth. Bungie took this game, gutted it, sliced it like fresh cow meat and is now feeding it’s conned consumers into buying little hamburgers (we have to add the “cheese”) called DLC’s that are really just fragmented re-altered chunks of what the original Destiny was supposed to be before Bungie minced it. Give the players what they were promised… you know, after you’re done settling on your lawsuit.

    DeeJ, You CHOSE to be the face of the company, no one slaved you into it, so yea, do your job and deal with the whackos. They’re everywhere in every industry. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    • Nicely done…. Awesome post.

      I literally laughed out loud when I made my Awoken hunter and I got to that part about the Awoken being explained to my character.

      I was like…”WTF???? YOU’RE AN AWOKEN, how is Bungie so fukking stupid??? Did they NOT think that people wouldn’t see this shit? Or did they expect us to be idiots and look over this?”


  • dalevir pannu

    I have played destiny since launch and have enjoyed it. I just wish they could make the weekly and nightfall mission s different, I’m sure it’s not a hard fix but it just seems they are lazy. Its not fun playing the same mission 6 times a week. PLEASE BUNGIE MAKE THEM DIFFERENT MISSIONS.

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  • Noah Christensen

    You’re fucked in the head if you think that it’s a small percentage of the community that feels a little fucked over their 100 dollars spent on a game that’s entirely bare. The so called “dlc” naming the dark below and the house of wolves is already on the disc. So fuck you buddy for giving sympathy to these ass hats who sold feces on a disc using solely their reputation to do so.

    • Alex Connellan

      I’d rather you not insult me for thinking that human beings don’t deserve to be treated like dirt. I realise it’s in fact quite a large portion who feel ripped off, but it’s a small percentage who are abusive about it. There’s a line between telling Bungie you feel ripped off and needlessly insulting them.

      Do I think they should be told their game needs to be fixed? Absolutely.

      Do I think that they should go about it just like you did when insulting me? Absolutely not.

      • Noah Christensen

        Who cares one bit about the abusive percentage? This article should read “Sucking on Deej’s Sensitive Balls” by A Hopeless Writer. Fuck you.

        • Alex Connellan

          I care about the abusive percentage, because I know how it feels to be on the receiving end. I’m not taking their side in an argument – I’m defending their rights as human beings to not be subjected to death threats and abuse.

          If you don’t like what I wrote, and you think that somehow I’m taking DeeJ’s side by telling people to not send death threats and the like, then why continue commenting? Are you going to insult me for my religious beliefs or my political opinions now, too?

          Clearly, me having an opinion different to yours upsets you, because you resort to childish behaviour, calling me names, insulting me, and swearing at me. If your capacity to have an intelligent conversation is so small that you can’t go a sentence without trying to insult me, then you should stop trying to talk altogether. It doesn’t agree with you.

          You can have an opinion, that’s your right. Just don’t go insulting others for theirs.

          • Noah Christensen

            Better to be a child than to suck Deej’s balls. I’m 15 I’m allowed to be a child.

            • Alex Connellan

              That explains everything then. We’re done talking

            • ridiculousness

              How dare you challenge his right to suck DeeJ’s balls! Also, I think you might have this guy wrong. I think this is more aimed at the “Die in a universe made of sandpaper and lemons” crowd than the people actually complaining about valid issues without attacking the people.

  • Jack B

    I love this game I’ve met great people in it….there’s no comparing…
    but this game didn’t deliver a galaxy it delivers a portion…
    it didn’t deliver three classes it gave you three kinds of jumps and different specials…
    It didn’t give competitive PvP it gave a broken system that’s pwnd by glitches and bad servers….
    It didn’t give story it gave what you call time consumption…
    It didn’t give good challenging yet rewarding raids…it is a chewed up fragment of glitches that have to disappear all at the same time for you to win…
    I paid for a game…I’m a consumer…i bought there product under the pretense that it was what they presented it as…and as gamer i play with said best…you can’t lure people into buying a car,it blows up after 1000 miles and you tell them there boned.Cause that company wouldn’t last…i didn’t buy modern warfare cause i know it’s repackaged junk but if they can’t show us as a community that they are trying then they will become a modern warfare tie game in my book which isn’t what destiny fans seek

  • Jack B

    I love this game I’ve met great people in it….there’s no comparing…
    but this game didn’t deliver a galaxy it delivers a portion…
    it didn’t deliver three classes it gave you three kinds of jumps and different specials…
    It didn’t give competitive PvP it gave a broken system that’s pwnd by glitches and bad servers….
    It didn’t give story it gave what you call time consumption…
    It didn’t give good challenging yet rewarding raids…it is a chewed up fragment of glitches that have to disappear all at the same time for you to win…
    I paid for a game…I’m a consumer…i bought there product under the pretense that it was what they presented it as…and as gamer i play with said best…you can’t lure people into buying a car,it blows up after 1000 miles and you tell them there boned.Cause that company wouldn’t last…i didn’t buy modern warfare cause i know it’s repackaged junk but if they can’t show us as a community that they are trying then they will become a modern warfare tie game in my book which isn’t what destiny fans seek

  • beachedas25

    Im sorry but this to me just sounds like deej and bungie have just gone running to their mommy saying the other kids are being so mean and mommy is biasly sticking up for her little boys cause in her eyes they can do no wrong. News flash they have done a terrible job on fixing the issues in destiny and communicating to the community.

    This article is simply not an accurate representation of the criticism bungie and deej are getting from the majority of players. It is overly focusing on a small minority of winny little bratts who really have no clue about the real issues. They are mad cause they dont get what they want everytime. Seriously bungie/deej harden up and just ignore those little bratts and listen too the majority who are screaming out what needs to be fixed. The majority are reasonable we just want acknowledgement that weve been heard. This is where deej is failing and this is why the community is feed up and calling for his resignation. That is all he needs to do and the majority would accept it and probably even get behind him and support him over the whinny little bratts. As i see it right now though he deserves all the criticism he gets.

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  • The one hit wonder

    Destiny is far surperior than call of duty

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  • Honey Badger

    “rides with Guardian Radio, cops abuse”

    Completely valid abuse.

    I can’t think of a more annoying group of sycophantic asshats than Guardian Radio.

    Especially that British middle-class PvP fanboy dickneck who likes to talk down to everyone; wank himself off over how great he is at PvP; and suck the turds out of Bungie’s ass about how amazing he thinks Crucible/Iron Banner are.

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  • aspacelot

    Just wondering how you feel about this now?

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