Turtle Rock Studios’ highly anticipated title Evolve is about to release, but will require a hefty update before you can get started.

According to the developer’s website, the 3GB update will fix bugs and balancing issues (from data gathered during the Big Alpha and Open Beta), improve matchmaking time, character skin improvements, and connectivity to the Evolve Hunters Quest app.

Because it recently went Gold, these fixes are largely polish for the final game, which is a welcome sight in this day and age, where games release buggy, messy, and generally unfit for launch. While the size of the update is hefty for those on limited downloads, it’s ultimately worth it (and doesn’t come close to other huge Day-One patches, like that found in Halo: The Master Chief Collection).


Evolve releases on February 10th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

  • Alex Gamer

    Hey guys, if you want u can find Evolve for a very good price on g2a, i’ve already bought it ^^ https://www.g2a.com/r/html5

  • I hated the PS3 for the firmware updates that were required for games when you first got them. I’m also hating the Xbox One for the same reason.

    The console is great, and its not like space is limited(you can easily get a 3tb external hard drive for relatively cheap) but its more about the fact that I want to play my game the minute I get it out of the cellophone packaging. Nintendo is my only console that hasn’t sat around updating for ages on a launch day game lol

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