Dust off those guitars and drum pads, a new Rock Band game could be headed to PS4 and Xbox One according to a report.

The game’s developers Harmonix are apparently developing the next game in the series that turns you and your friends into a band through guitar, bass, drums, and a microphone.

Along with Guitar Hero, Rock Band reached massive popularity during the last console generation, before all but disappearing the last few years. Harmonix sent out a survey to consumers earlier this year regarding player interest in a possible new Rock Band game.

The last Rock Band game released was “Rock Band Blitz” in 2012 on Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

Are you excited?

  • Its only a matter of time. Nope not excited. I still see people Rock Banding…. well I should say Guitar Heroing. I’ve never actually been at a party or place and seen Rock Band. Its always been Guitar Hero. Maybe this is the time to strike, since there’s no competition.

    • Good point. I’m excited in that I hope they attempt to do something new with it. If it’s the same thing as before, I don’t know how quick I’ll jump in, if at all.

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