Fans of Kingdom Hearts, you may have to wait a few more years before getting your hands on Kingdom Hearts III.

KHIII, the (probable) ending to the Square Enix and Disney franchise, was rumored to be released later this year. The actor who voices Goofy in the PlayStation and Nintendo-released game previously stated that the release would happen sometime this year. Square Enix, however, was quick to put a stop to the rumor.

Websites such as Best Buy and GameStop have no release date written, whereas and Canadian retailer, Futureshop, have it slated for December 31st 2015. It is only a placeholder date, but not everyone sees a date and thinks it’s not real.

In the Sony PlayStation blog, it is stated that a possible release could be in 2017. This will also be the very first Kingdom Hearts game that is set to come to XBOX One.


  • SquareEnix games always never come out this year 🙂 Its cool though. The longer people don’t play something the longer they have to enjoy it, before the disappointment of playing it 🙂 But SquareEnix fans are notoriously easy to please.

    • I’m kind of glad that they’re waiting. It’ll that more fun to play once its released, and I would much prefer playing it knowing that they took the time to perfect it.

  • George

    This article has no reason for existing. No one was under any illusion Kingdom Hearts III was going to release this year.

    Development on both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV changed hands about a year and a half ago. There is so much they are tweaking it isn’t even funny. There is zero chance Kingdom Hearts is coming out before XV. Kingdom Hearts III hasn’t been in development anywhere near as long.

    Unless you want a crappy quality rushed game then by all means hope against all hopes that it releases before XV.

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