The internet’s gaming community is no stranger to sad stories – from people who have their lives destroyed by trolls, to others who play with the in-game ghost car of their late family members, you don’t have to look to hard for a feel-hit. A few days ago, however, one Reddit user posted up a story about their best friend, who lived in another country, suddenly passing away. The story is heartbreaking, and absolutely worth sharing.

Posted by ‘Captaincanuck89’, in r/gaming, “My best friend was a gamer” details how Captain had gamed with their best friend for over four years without ever having met him. They changed clans, consoles, and games together, and played daily. “He was the best friend I have ever had in my adult life,” Captain said. The kicker is in the rest of the story.

The original post has been deleted from its Reddit thread, but someone managed to screenshot it first. I won’t paraphrase it for fear of losing its full weight, but the story is tear-jerkingly strong in its message – friends are friends, no matter where in the world you are, and whether you’ve ever met them or not.

my best friend was a gamer


Our thoughts go out to anyone who has lost someone in their life, no matter how close they are.

  • ariessiren

    I know the feeling. Lost my good friend also recently. Sorry for your loss

  • HgGamer

    I am so sorry bud and may you friend #RIP people take lots of things for granted but you both proved to us all how valuable Friendships really are God bless you both

  • Kamille

    I can relate somehow. On PS3 for years I had this group of 8 friends. We only knew each other online and we played every fighting game together. Because you know, fighting games are hard and people you encounter online tend to play them for a few weeks and then move on to call of duty or something. But my group, we were hardcore. We played SFIV, MvC3, etc. for years.

    But then one day during this past summer some asshat decided to steal my account. I regained it back with Sony’s help but then it got stolen again. By the 3rd time Sony didn’t want to help again because they found the whole thing suspicious. They just couldn’t believe my account would be hacked this many times in less than a week and thus I lost all my friends (their ID’s had numbers and stuff, so is not like I remember them exactly to add them to a new account). I have not touched a console game since then, I’ve only been pirating PC games.

  • x Platinum

    Man, seems to me like so many people have been dying lately… My grandma just passed away a few hours ago.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Damn it everybody seems to be losing somebody lately. 2015 is turning out to be sadder as the moments go by. may his best friend R.I.P.

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