The Sims are now hiring!

The Sims 4 is receiving its first full size expansion pack and it’s taking your Sims to work.

According to its announcement trailer, The Sims 4: Get To Work expansion is coming this April.

Players will be able to put their Sims in a variety of careers including scientists, doctors, and detectives, according to EA’s website. Sims can save lives, perform surgeries, solve for clues, and create inventions in the lab.

New skills for the Sims are also coming including photography and baking.

The new expansion will retail for $39.99.

  • While I do think its really interesting, the problem for me is that I always have households juggling 8 people so going to work with them just turns into longer game days for me with less payoff.

  • Ha and $40 no they can truck off. $20 yes, $40 no. Even if it is something new that they should have had years ago.

    • $40 is a lot for an expansion that requires you to own the original $60 game…hope it brings a good amount of content

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