A YouTuber going by the username of Open World Games has recently published his review of upcoming PS4-exclusive, Bloodborne. In it, he states that the game takes around “40 to 45 hours to complete”, but this will naturally depend on a player’s skill level as well as, perhaps, their experience with the Souls games.

Compared to the majority of games that are released these days, a 40 hour game sounds like incredible value for money, however it is worth noting that the average time it has taken gamers to complete the main story plus extras of the Dark Souls games is around 65 hours according to this source so the likelihood is that Bloodborne should last at least up to 50 hours in length if you’re interested in playing through more than just the main questline.

Does 40 hours seem like a reasonable length of time to complete Bloodborne in, or could it be argued that this is perhaps too long?

  • dolphinmania

    Whoever wrote this is missing a lot. Replay-ability with Dark souls 1 and 2 games come from PVP and NG+. This 40 hours of gameplay is WITHOUT the NG+, PVP, co-op, or the Chalice Dungeons. So assume 40+ minimum.

    • I think they are just talking about story being 40 hours. It took me 60 for dark souls 1 and dark souls 2 was around 50. Personally will take my time with the game and give a nod to completion time as an afterthought.

      • dolphinmania

        I’m sure they’re talking about the campaign only, but the title makes it sound like blood is 40 hours only. That is definitely never the case with souls game. I put in 120+ hours into DS1 with NG+. Way too much fun 😀

        • I am just happy I have something exciting to play 🙂

  • Guest

    We’ve heard that before with Sony. Someone will finish it in under 6 hours the first week after release.

    • SynKronized901 .

      Little xbot sounds jealous. Get back to your kiddy games on your xbone.

      • Nelson Frew

        lol you’re an asshole

        • SynKronized901 .


      • Tom Clancy

        kiddy games?But thats on the indiestation4

        • SynKronized901 .

          Indiestation? Theres alot more games coming out for ps4 than there is for the xbox.

          • Tom Clancy

            you mean indies and f2p’s

          • Leibfarce

            I have a PS4 but if your identity revolves around you feeling better than others because they own Xbox ones, there’s something deeply wrong with you, and you should probably seek help for such extreme narcissism.

            • SynKronized901 .

              Another little baby gamer overreacting. Pull your panties up, dry your tears, and go cry somewhere else.

              • Leibfarce

                No one does, and you’re not really the person to do it. Troll away, but damn, dude.

                You sound slightly off kilter.

                • SynKronized901 .

                  That’s your opinion. Your entitled to it, just as im entitled to mine. people on the internet, i.e game sites are far to sensitive. Like a bunch of overgrown babies.

                  • Leibfarce

                    People are also way too full of themselves. I/E You.

                    Grown man acting like he’s something special because of the console he uses.

                    Mildly pathetic, to be honest.

                    • SynKronized901 .

                      I own a ps4. But, honestly im not that impressed with either console. MS and Sony cheaped out and now we have weak consoles for the next 5-10yrs.

                      I find people that stick there nose into other peoples business to be pathetic also. just out of curiosity, what do you game on?

                    • Leibfarce

                      When you’re on a public forum, there’s no sticking your nose into other people’s business. It’s all fair game.

                      I said before I have a PS4.

                      And yes, the consoles this generation are pretty disappointing so far.

                      Needing PS+ to play multiplayer on PS4 because of features I won’t ever fucking use.

                      And it still isn’t as good a network as Xbox Live.

                    • SynKronized901 .

                      I agree with you about psn, i use the multiplayer on a regular basis, and its a lagfest. Sony are taking the piss in my book.

                      Pretty disappointing is the understatement of the year. The hardware’s garbage, in both consoles.

                    • Al

                      Yes, having to pay a subscription to use asynchronus features or to get help from another player in a game that you ALREADY SPENT $65 on is absolute bullshit. They have balls pulling that stunt. Only a weak minded moron would not see that, or some spoiled kid who has mommy and daddy pay for everything anyway. Its not even true multiplayer or PVP. I’m not paying even more money so I can watch someone die or wave at someone

                    • SynKronized901 .

                      Hilarious! Now you go quiet. I wonder why? I make those type of comments, because im sick of the whiney x1 owners talking outta there ass.

                      I/E YOU!

                    • Leibfarce

                      I go quiet because I have a life outside of Disqus comments.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Lies hahah 200 plus hours. Say how is that shitty titan fall you are still playing. To say that Xbox one has zero games still is a sad understatement. I am not talking mortal kombat or games on other consoles I am talking new exclusives. Not halo or gears of war. New. You keep that bs console. I bought it and just laughed because it broke with the ring of death again in 2 weeks. Why does microsoft make poor consoles that don’t last long. It happened to my friend also. I went through 2 360 consoles. You keep that garbage.

  • Cerny’s Super Slim Cunty Cock

    LOL. GriBBBLEGRUNGER can g.t.f.o.

    Bloodyboring will be around 84 *overall* Metascore, not gonna go above 90s. Not really an innovation, *been there done that* type of game. Just a new Souls game in different skin and setting. Not bad, just not too good.

    Another ps4 exclusive is getting anused by a casual game called Ori and TBF.

    Incoming: tasty pony tears below….. Mmmm

    • Savsky819

      As a troll, I can see the hard work you’re doing here coming to fruit. Fantastic job by the way, love what you’ve done with the place. Nice Microsoft underwear laying out on the couch there.

      But this game will be fine by me if it gets an 84. I don’t know how you think that is a bad score by any means.

    • KoolADBestRapper

      It is sort of sad when a “Been there done that” game is going to be the first game people give a damn about this generation. I can’t wait to play.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Someone’s obviously a fanboy…

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      You seem really upset, not sure why you’re looking for tears when it appears you’re spilling quite of few of your own xbot.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Ori.. lol You must be quite desperate to brag about a 2D SIDE SCROLLER.

      All 2D crap should stick to mobiles and handhelds.

    • Leibfarce

      I really do wish Ori and the Blind Forest was on PS4.

      But, I have it on Steam, meh.

    • SynKronized901 .

      You got it all wrong again.

  • jacksjus

    Considering the previous versions were longer, I’d love to see how the too long argument plays out.

    Gamers these days are never ever ever satisfied. Considering all things releasing in such a short window 40 hours is perfectly fine. I don’t have 4 months to spend playing just one game, as in most other gamers who’d rather move on to something else after a while.

  • KaseyMoore

    Sorry you’re complaining this it too long. The Order is too short. Where the fuck do you guys get off. What do you want it to be?

    • Steve Wright

      No complaints from me – I simply stated that it COULD BE ARGUED that the game is too long for some people. Personally, the more the merrier.

      • KaseyMoore

        You implied it.

        • Nelson Frew

          You gotta be joking me.
          “40 hour game sounds like incredible value for money”
          “Bloodborne should last at least up to 50 hours in length”
          Of the very little opinion in this piece, “incredible value for money” is all there is.
          You’re extrapolating from something that isn’t even there, man.
          Wright didn’t contend anything in the piece, really, though he did ask if people thought that it’s too long or not.

          Don’t be ridiculous.

          • cromthelaughinggod7

            They are lying. This game is harder than souls. 40 hours is a lie I want to see it. Just to level up to get past the first town took me two days at 16 hours. Not to mention finally beating the regular characters such as the executioner and brutes in first town. I had to get help on beating the first boss from two people in my game. I could see if they are getting help which they probably are but it is bs. I see 200 plus hours if not more. You have people jumping in your match as enemy hunters while you are fighting like i had today who was stronger than me. They kill you then you lose lets say 70 thousand echos while enemies are trying to kill me. Needless to say I was pissed until my friend jumped online and this guy I got revenge on. The forbidden forest was so huge we got lost. There are no maps to figure out where you are going or what you missed. If you have short term memory this game is not for you. So if you die and try to recover your echos in the forbidden forest you are shit out of luck trying to remember the paths to get there. That is just one area and not mentioning the labyrinth dungeons with 3 bosses that get harder for every boss. Some bosses you fight 3 at the same time. Anyone saying 40 hours has not completely leveled up for one and is getting help from 2 people to defeat bosses and they are not going through every single area. Lies.

            • CummonMe

              … it sounds like you suck ass.

  • Great!

  • Mats Leven

    Bloodborne IGN 2/10

    “Too much blood ”
    “40 hr is too short”
    “too hard”
    “good game should not be exclusive”

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Based on IGN’s history this seems pretty accurate.

    • Al

      Uhhh, except that IGN gave it a 9.1………… so wtf are you talking about

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    “or could it be argued that this is perhaps too long?”

    Seriously first The Order was to short and now this comment, tell you what Steve how about you just tell us how long a game should be and then we will all just buy games that are that length.

    • Steve Wright

      I have no qualms with game length. The only reason I asked this question is because I am well aware (in no small part due to The Order) that there are those who do enjoy debating game length.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Technically all D* Souls games have been beaten in less than an hour. Legit, not using cheats. The question is how long it will take to get the Platinum, which means a “soft” 100%. Which is what many aim for on RPGs.

  • Steve Wright

    Just saying, when you buy a book the number of pages are usually displayed prior to purchase, so what is the difference with stating a games longevity?

  • jov jov

    Too long? This is what a real game should be. I still play demon souls!

  • ZzZ85

    Why are you writing that its 40 hours long? edge magazines article said they are 40 hours in and theres no end in sight.

  • artrock

    ooh looking forward to this so unfair america get this before us

  • Popa2caps

    Does 40 hours seem like a reasonable length of time to complete Bloodborne in, or could it be argued that this is perhaps too long? Something is wrong with your DNA

  • Joshua Michael

    Do any of you know how to read or did y’all just skip to the end of this?

    No where in here did this guy complain about it being too long, y’all are just straight toxic

  • Al

    God I hate idiots like that… They have no clue what the point in a game like Bloodborne is. An RPG is NOT to be rushed through as quickly as possible, trying to set a record for how fast you can skim past everything. You are completely missing the intended experience.

    This is the same idiot you had in grammar school who always had to be the first one to turn in his paper during a test, and then he would get half the answers wrong

  • Kenny Lowry

    I’m at just over 40 hours now and I’m in Nightmare of Mensis, which seems like I’m getting close to the end. I love this game and all of the souls games too…but all I have to say is FUCK those little magician brainsucker guys, lol. I had 55 insight at one point and didn’t notice they were stealing it. All of the sudden, I realized I only had 27 insight…BASTARDS! lol.

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