Not only has Xur revealed his wares for this weekend; Megaman has also leaked next week's Nightfall Strike and Iron Banner gear.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen an unprecedented number of cases in which players have data-mined Destiny and managed to sneak a peak at Xur’s stock for the following week. Bungie has implemented countermeasures to this activity,by making everything in Xur’s stock appear as the primary Sniper Rifle ‘No Land Beyond’.

While Xur’s stock predictions were a widely publicise phenomena, they didn’t really benefit players aside from letting them know whether or not they should farm for Strange Coins in advance. Reddit user Megamanexe was known as the ‘go-to’ Destiny player when it came to data-mining for Xur’s stock.

Now that Bungie has had ample time to figure out how users find the stock, they’ve taken effective measures to prevent it from happening again.

One Destiny user logged in to data-mine the game, only to find out that Bungie had erected considerable road blocks. After finally finding Xur’s stock, he found the following:

No Land Beyond 999 Attack Kinectic Damage

No Land Beyond 488 Defense Warlock Chest Piece

No Land Beyond 366 Defense Hunter Gauntlets

No Land Beyond 447 Defense Titan Helmet

Every slot is ‘No Land Beyond’. Thanks Bungie.

The explanation for their roadblock is quite complex. Instead of there being one IP through which Xur transmits his data, there are now multiple. To save space and technical jargon, here’s a TL;DR:

“Bungie has employed 8 servers from their network, and 8 from Activision. They’ve employed a fail safe on 15/16. They constantly shuffle ports and IP’s that lead to nothing. The one IP that does lead to anything has the name No Land Beyond for every weapon, armor, and upgrade.”

Of all the weapons or armour pieces they could fill each slot with, Bungie is genius for making it No Land Beyond, one of the most hated weapons in the game. Looks like you’ll have to wait until the weekend to find out what the real stock is.

  • Ryan

    Whats the big deal did bungie really need to put man hours into preventing the predictions? Is there not many other things in the game that need to be fixed? Think this was a waste of time for bungie but that’s just my opinion.

  • David Cng Gathings

    my opinion is this, bungie doesn’t want someone to spoil the spoils of what is too come, and i know there is going to be people thats going to glitch the game, and not realy take it seriously, but come on, everyone wants to know the secrets of Destiny and the games future, if someone can data-mine xur, what makes the user think they going to do the same thing with the raids, they can, they own the game, they can do whatever, hey its just a game, and too many people complains about this and that, and want to get “THE CHEAP WAY” to get through the game, “sucks to be them”, I am a proud Destiny User and Gamer that Bungie has put out a game that they dont wont comprimised.

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