Love it or hate it, Destiny is absolutely huge. Even those who claim to dislike the game will often be found discussing it with others and the hype for the game simply hasn’t died down since launch. Rightly so, since Bungie’s project is planned to last for 10 years. So what happens now?

Well, updates will continue to roll out for Destiny, but more importantly a sequel to the game is undoubtedly on the way, potentially sooner than you might think. Not only have Bungie signed a multi-title contract with Activision that will see them agree a 10 year lockdown exclusivity, but hints at Destiny 2 can be found in a plethora of other places.

For instance, in December 2014 DeeJ – the community manager at Bungie – stated that…

“For ‘Destiny 2,’ the idea is that the Guardian that you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure. If you take a look at the way people have played other games for a long period of time, they’ve had a relationship with the same character for a very long time.

It’s a lot of fun to walk around the studio because there’s always somebody thinking about visions for the future. The next place you’ll go, the next enemy that you’ll fight, the next thing you’ll earn for doing those things.”

When, not if, Destiny 2 comes around, do you expect it to welcome a better reception than the original did back in September 2014? What would you like to see in the next Destiny game? Smash those keyboards in the comments section below.

  • jasonshaneb

    I’ve been wondering for a while why we would even need a Destiny 2. Why can’t Destiny be “Destiny” for 10 years with a horde of options by the end? WoW doesn’t have a sequel, so maybe it’s a console mentality they’re going with? I’m hoping that everything connects several years down the line, as in five years from now someone who has just bought Destiny 1 could meet up with someone in Destiny 3 in the same world/server space. I’ll still play it no matter what, though, but I wonder if it’s even necessary.

    • BlueLineSlapper

      I agree 100%. We do not need a sequel. The format you describe is exactly the direction I hope they take it.

    • Anton rebbe

      Id agree with you except for one reason; Destiny ended up being constrained in its development due to the fact that they had to make it for previous gen consoles as well as current gen. Im hoping that Destiny 2 will only be current gen thus making it the best it can be and THEN they cant just update it without anymore sequels.

    • BD

      Because they can’t get 59.99 out of DLC but will sure as hell try to for a “new game”. What’ll be funnier yet is when “Destiny 2” comes out someone will learn that some of its content has been sitting on your console for over a year now.

    • Gerhard Rollinger

      Right now Destiny is also on ps3 and 360. That might work now. But with every expansion they have to make it work on that old hardware too.

      I think it would hold them back.

  • Phillip McDougall

    Where does 2016 come into the picture? Did I miss something

  • Alex

    you should add destiny 2 as an addition to the first destiny so that we don’t have to start over getting our guns, gear and light

  • Michael RoschenWimmer

    I sincerely doubt that Destiny 2 will be out in 2016. You should have changed the title to “Destiny 2 is Guaranteed to Release, As Early as 2016.”

    The thing about large titles like this, as long as they aren’t just an expansion, is that they take A LOT of time to develop, fine tune, and get into working order. 2016 hardly gives time for even a legitimate ALPHA and BETA process to work through. Bungie doesn’t even have Destiny in a place where it needs to be to have the players happy. The fact that you think Destiny 2 is so close to release is laughable at best.

  • Chris Munn

    I would love to see a larger universe then just 3 planets and the moon why could they not have used our whole solar system for the first one, Destiny 2 should at lest have a galaxy to explore a large level cap of like 100 and a ton of differnt types of enemys the first game is getting boring after you do everything over and over it becomes vary liner for a open world game. What about adding space battles in make use of our jump ships. Right now they ate really just for looks. Take a look at mass effect you have a fairly good size universe to explore and do things in Destiny took 5 years to make the 2nd game should take just as long they should do it right. Just for the 10 years of the game just add on to it make it better don’t make a 2nd one add to what is there. Solo you can build up something amazing. I what to keep my character going. I might not want to pay 60+ $ for a new game if I have to start everything all over.

  • Amy Caldwell

    Why not just put a massive expansion out instead so you keep you characters and and a new solar system with new enermies and planets and higher levels to achieve, being an already online based game it would make more sense to me

  • Luke Gorman

    This game NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS a co-op / split screen feature for PvP and the likes. Me and my brother loved playing The Halo series together and such an addition to Destiny would make it a much better experience I believe.

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Are you able to begin the sequel with a new character, i dont plan on playing destiny unti next year

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Are you able to begin the sequel with a new character, i dont plan on playing destiny unti next year

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