With Bloodborne launching today in the US and on Friday in the rest of the world, the reviews have already been rolling in and it’s fair to say that they are extremely encouraging for the PS4-exclusive title and spiritual successor to the Dark Souls games. After the disappointment of The Order 1886, SONY must be rubbing its hands together at the hype that is building up around From Software’s latest product. So the big question is this – is Bloodborne the first system seller of this generation?

For the uninitiated, a system seller in regard to video game consoles is a game (exclusive to one console) that is of such a high standard and is so fresh and unique that gamers will go out in the masses to purchase the console that it is on, if only for that one experience. The benefit that this has on SONY is priceless, for not only will they see huge increases in their sales revenue, but also demand will increase for more products from the franchise, not to mention the fact that arch-rival Microsoft is yet to boast such an impressive new IP and/or exclusive title.

Don’t get me wrong, the Xbox One does have some great exclusives and fresh ideas such as Sunset Overdrive and potentially the upcoming Quantum Break, but it seems that the PS4 now has a stellar one. Given the pedigree of the Dark Souls games and developers From Software, it’s no surprise to see how well Bloodborne is doing and it has recently been reported that Bloodborne is the highest rated current-gen exclusive title on Metacritic, sitting at an average of 93 out of 100 at the time of writing; a remarkable achievement.

bloodborne metacritic -

So will Xbox One loyalists be converted to switching their console? It remains to be seen, and arguably one top-draw game is not enough and some will likely wait for a catalogue of high quality games before they make up their mind. Nevertheless, gamers such as myself who are without an Xbox One or PS4 at the time of writing are likely to veer more toward the PS4 at present, largely due to this one exclusive title that you can’t find anywhere else. In that sense, it is fair to say that Bloodborne is indeed the first system seller of this generation, and boy am I glad that it has finally arrived because if there was one thing that the hardware of the current consoles needed, it was the software to set them apart.

Personally, this feels like the first major win in this console generation, thus putting the PS4 1-0 up on the Xbox One, because at the end of the day you can have all the cool and innovative indie games that you like, but it’s the huge and well put together triple-A titles that – even to this day – really get gamers interested. Your move, Microsoft.

  • Hvd

    here it comes Bloodborne is the savior of the ps4.the only good exclusive since infamous.

  • spideynut71

    I think Bloodborne might be a little too niche to be a true system seller…at least beyond the people who were waiting to buy a PS4 just for the next “Souls” game. I’m sure the game will sell very well, but the vast majority of people who buy it, likely already owned a PS4. If Uncharted 4 had released on time, or even early, I think it’s safe to say it would have been a true system seller.

  • jakdripr

    Only time will tell if this is the first system seller for the playstation, I definitely think it will end up like sunset overdrive, a really solid new ip for a new console but not the next halo or uncharted.

  • Tha Truth

    Personally I thought that Infamous: Second Son was the first true system seller of this generation. Thus putting the PS4 2-0 up over the Xbox DONE.

    No doubts about it though, Bloodborne is the best exclusive game of this generation so far and the best new IP as well. It’s really no wonder that the PS4 has been constantly outselling Microsoft’s last – gen flop of a console month after month because the PS4 just continues to release far better quality games month after month.

    Better graphics? Check. Better versions of multi – platform titles? Check. Higher – rated exclusive games? Check. More sales figures? Double check. The PS4 has been outperforming the Xbox DONE every single month of this generation and sales prove that. While Microsoft are busy releasing nothing but lies and overhyped, unfinished messes like the Halo: Multiplayer Not Working Collection Sony are offering top – quality games for real gamers which destroy the pathetic, last – gen offerings of the Xbone in both sales AND Review scores.

    • spideynut71

      LOL…meanwhile, in the REAL world….

      • GotNews4Ya

        He isn’t wrong.. He just isn’t 100% right either. He goes off the deep end by calling them Liars and “over hyped” Microsoft has some shady practices, but they have more than enough of a capable system to stay in the race for the long haul.. UNLESS VR becomes the next big thing.. and The odds of that happening seem to be rising. I think Microsoft needs to get itself on the VR Train and hopefully have an Answer for Morpheous at E3 this year. I would love to see a solid flow of VR Titles from all 3 platforms. The endless practical applications of VR technology will also help it take hold of the market. It all rests on the shoulders of Sony and Oculus to provide a decent entry point into the medium.. and we will be off to the biggest innovation in gaming history since 3D Models and the Nintendo 64 / Playstation 1.

    • jent

      Fanboy? Check.

    • StigmaTosis

      Yeah, have fun paying 40$ for God of War 3 when I can get the entire God of War collection on the PS3 for 10$, Playstation fans love getting milked by Sony

  • jacksjus

    This is a great game but it is not for the casual. Playing for 45 minutes only to die and start over is not for the non dedicated. Now if that doesn’t bother you then it’s a must grab.

    • Nathan Hiemenz

      To be fair, it’s an RPG, so you keep your “saved” progress and can even recover your lost experience. So you’re really not “starting over,” more like going back to a checkpoint.

  • Jecht_Sin

    It sure will be a system seller in at least one Country: Japan. But also in the west it can move quite a few consoles. Any serious RPG player wants to play this.

  • datdude

    I don’t really buy this “system seller” business, especially considering how well the ps4 and xbone are selling this gen, particularly the ps4.

  • Zarbor

    Every big game that gets a great review will be a system seller. Its because they are few and far between. This game looks to be the first one that’s not a rehashed or indie on either console. Normally, it would not be a system seller (From Software has never had one) since the game appeals to a niche crowd. That may change now since there is nothing else so far….many gamers are thirsty for a good game.

  • Timothy Riggs

    I am so tempted to go get this game RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately if I do I won’t finish any of this work I need to do over the weekend…..hoping I can find it somewhere come Monday…

  • Paul Wright

    Technically, Mario 3D world is rated higher and that is a current gen console exclusive.

    • Nathan Hiemenz

      I looks like they’re tied at 93. If you want to get super technical, Bloodborne has 100% positive reviews whereas SM3DW has 2% mixed reviews.

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