While Square Enix has been mum lately about any updates regarding Kingdom Hearts III, it’s collaborative game with Disney, it has been released that we will be getting new information from D23 Expo this November.

Since the team is shared in the production of Final Fantasy XV, KHIII was put on hold with the main focus on the Final Fantasy game. But now, with Nomura taken off the FF games, he is able to focus his attention on the development of the beloved series featuring our favourite keyblade master, Sora, and his Disney companions.


With no release date in sight, one can only hope that it will be unveiled at the D23 Expo, hosted by the Tokyo Disney Resort this November. So for now, we can content ourselves with the announcement trailer from 2013.


  • Wtf was the new news?

  • Crap

    “Announced”? Learn some grammar. D23 hasn’t happened yet. The FFXV team has nothing to do with the KH3 team. Cite your sources, write some real news. This ‘article’ is crap.

  • Joshua

    Misleading article title to get people to view it…. Jackasses

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