kadjar’s issue seems to be resolved! Sony was able to trace the IP his account is currently attatched to and it is somewhere in Europe (not specified). He stated on his Reddit post (view link below) ”Sony HQ had been made aware of my situation, and that they’ll be examining the details to see if there ought to be a change to their policies.”
This is good news for him and possibly others who might one day have the same fate. As for the other two mentioned below, hopefully there’s are resolved as well.

Yesterday, Reddit user kadjar made a post saying that his PlayStation Network account was hacked. He was charged over $600 and Sony is only willing to refund $150 of that. He is unable to authorize his account on his own PlayStation 4 for another 6 months because it has just been deactivated, as per Sony policy.

When speaking with customer service on the phone, he was told “but you only have the Last of Us and some of our free games, so it’s not a big deal”. If he disputes the charges with his bank to have the fees returned, it will end in a permanent ban for his account.

Now, where Sony has an exceptional reputation on making great games and consoles, their customer service in this particular case is just atrocious. But wait.. there were more cases than this one? The image below is of another PlayStation user who spoke with a ”representative” online to try and get an explanation of what had happened.


Something like this should be looked into on a higher level than just a robot on a chat line telling you when the console was deactivated. It didn’t help him whatsoever.  And then it happened to someone else:

sony again


From what is written in the Reddit post linked above, kadjar received very little help from Sony, but users are wanting to gift him copies of games he might enjoy. Unfortunately, he is still unable to use his account.

It is HIGHLY recommended that if you have your debit/credit card on file in your PSN account, unlink it. It’s not clear if this is the same person, or multiple people, but it would be wise to take all security measures possible.

  • gamespresso

    Test comment

    • DarthDiggler


      How about a test article that does some research into the issue instead of posting what random internet people claim is the truth. 🙂

      Was there any attempt at contacting these users?

      Never heard of this site before but I expect low quality click bait in the future. Good luck with all that.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Ironically, I find the “Test comment” to be far more insightful and articulate than most of the people who have commented so far.

    • John Nemesh

      well said! 🙂

  • Chandler Tate

    Test comment

  • Anders

    This type of “hack” is the same as when some hacks your Microsoft live/Hotmail or Gmail it isn’t the MS/Google servers or in this case Sony servers that were hacked. It is individual persons who get their passwords stolen via an infected computer, vulnerable network or other means.
    It is not something new you occasionally hear about hacked mail accounts, bank accounts, PSN accounts and blizzards battle.net account.

    • ParahSailin

      maybe, but even then $ony should try to fix the problem, they don’t care now! Stop being a fanboy, din rødpølse

      • Anders

        how would you fix it?
        I’m not the one who is trying to derail the discussion with “psn is always down” jokes.

        • ParahSailin

          hu? did I make any jokes about psn somewhere? To answer your question; I would take responsibility, and help my customers. And then I would add 2 step verification

      • Egla

        The only fanboy here is you. Anders is right.

        • ParahSailin

          nah, only a real fanboy would acutally defend sony not giving a fuck about their customer.

  • Fay_Z
  • – _ – GG Sony.

  • Kamille

    my account was stolen during last summer and I lost hundreds of dollars in digital games and my friend list. Sony helped me out to regain it 2 times but by the 3rd time they became suspicious of me and refused to help me.

    I told them that I did not give my password to anybody. In fact, I got hacked 3 times in one week and the 2 times that Sony was of use and returned the account to me I changed the passwords of my account and email for much stronger ones and it still got hacked again in a matter of a few hours!

    And to go even further, whoever hacked my account must have been an expert because he even changed my date of birth, so I couldn’t use the PSN’s password retrieval option. But the thing is that once you set a date of birth on PSN Sony told me that it was “impossible” for anybody to change it… Yeah, right.

    • Anders

      did you find the weak link?

      • DarthDiggler


        I would assume the weak link may be between the ears.

      • gatormatt80


    • DarthDiggler


      I believe the only time you can enter the DOB is during the account creation process. So you are saying that someone infiltrated Sony’s database and only changed your DOB?

      What hacker did you piss-off that they felt it a good use of their time to target you? You aren’t talking about a typical intrusion here. If you are saying your DOB got changed that means a much different thing than someone guessing your password a few times.

      Not saying you are lying, but I just find this all very hard to believe.

    • disqus_DD0kW9ibnE

      That’s a very stupid thing for them to say. NOTHING is impossible with software.

      • DarthDiggler


        I believe when you set up a PSN account that is your only time to put a DOB into your profile. Perhaps someone who knew Kamille or knew them enough to be able to act like them was able to get that changed by Sony some how.

        IMHO it doesn’t sound that credible to be honest. Not saying anyone is lying, but it just doesn’t sound right to me.

    • Brad

      Sorry but there just comes a time when it’s worth it to kick a customer to the curb. With you, I would have done it after the first time.

    • ariessiren

      Your a liar

      • Fuck Africa


  • ariessiren

    This is complete bs. First of all this is just rumors. Any legit complaint would not result in a chat but a phone call. This person was game sharing and got busted. Plain and simple. A hack is not when someone gives away their info. Do your research. If this happened to me, the last thing i would do is chat. Id be on the phone with a supervisor. Not pasting a chat just to troll Sony

    • DarthDiggler


      Funny thing is, I have never game shared outside of my family and I have never had account issues.

      Go figure! 🙂

      • ariessiren

        Same here.

  • Guest


    Give it a rest you asshat. You are lower than WhaleShit.

  • DarthDiggler

    Have any of these guys tried calling Sony? Whenever I have a big issue I call them and I make sure I get someone on the phone that can assist with my issues. When someone starts telling me No, I ask for their boss or supervisor. If the boss or supervisor is not available I ask for the department director.

    I would suspect these “chat agents” aren’t even located in the USA. They likely just copy and pasting from a script likely they can’t do much via chat because there is little to confirm that the person in the chat is the person they claim to be. That is if we assume they aren’t just bots that are “trained” to help with simple issues.

    I wouldn’t take 2 chat sessions going no where as “Sony not caring”. If you have major issues going on with your account, don’t be lazy and email or chat. Get someone on the phone!

    • gatormatt80

      Yeah I agree. If you have a major issue like what is described here I highly recommend calling Sony instead. What I do find surprising from these two chat logs is that Sony didn’t recommend calling their customer care. I used the chat just recently because I needed to deactivate a ps3 console I no longer had and they gave me the 800 number to call because they couldn’t do it over the chat or the website.

      • DarthDiggler


        I will agree that it seems odd they never gave the phone number, but I am not convinced that someone isn’t just trying to make a story out of nothing. This author didn’t do any research and just posted the claims as Gospel. Who knows if the chat transcripts weren’t altered for maximum effect. I find it hard to believe that the final answer to this situation is “go screw yourself”. Sony’s customer service has always been top notch for me. I been dealing with them since PS1.

    • GotNews4Ya

      Everytime I have had anything wrong with a Sony product, I contact their customer support via Phone and I get excellent customer service and almost everything is fixed within days..

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    these companies with hundreds thousands employees..
    how many thousands people are hired, each month, at sony, microsoft, nintendo, for the security departments… and often, those people have access to plenty of things, like accounts, passwords, monitoring/audit tools, etc…
    when they finish their work, 6 or 12 months later, they still remember how this or that was done, which copy protections are in place, other employees names, emails, etc…

    it’s just soo easy, to have a guy that just got fired, to sell some data, etc, to some groups…

    just imagine you work somewhere, and 4 or 5 team mates are dicks, with you. the first thing you will do is type their emails, on some forums, porn websites, etc, and let them be flooded with spam and other shit.

  • Jamie Lawler

    They USED to make great games, haven’t seen any for a while.

    • DarthDiggler

      @Jamie Lawler:disqus

      LOL yeah I haven’t had any problems with great games on PS4. 🙂 Maybe you using the wrong platform. 🙂

      • Jamie Lawler

        Of course YOU wouldnt.

  • dapaintrain

    That’s just bloody disrespectful and shameful customer service. I love sony products I have every PlayStation console hand held included and run xperia z3 and have the z4 tablet in my sights but shame on sony for pulling this burotic crap

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Are the xbox fanboys really this upset that they have resorted to these kind of fake propaganda articles to try and keep people away from Playstation, how sad and pathetic these little kids have become that they feel they have to pull these kinds of shenanigans, no wonder xbox fanboys are the absolute worst of all gaming fans.

    • ariessiren

      You should see the ps forums. It’s all bashers saying the same thing when it’s just trolling and stupid sites like this supporting it. Yet they never call or record the ACTUAL call like comcast customers do. . It’s ONLY paste chat because they know they are lying and gameshared. For all we know he wrote that chat himself.

  • Truthhurts24

    Hacking Awaits

  • ariessiren

    Shame on you gamespresso for bashing Sony without properly investigating what happened. So now any allegation made, this site automatically says Sony doesn’t care. Ridiculous. Notice Jessica changed it to “supposedly” this is the problem with these sites. Just spreading unproven bs to hurt a company.

    • Jess

      ? I didn’t change the title, it’s still the same.

    • Jess

      OH WAIT do you mean on N4G? That wasn’t me. Once an article is approved, a contributor can no longer make any edits to it. I noticed last night it was changed

  • ariessiren

    Guilty till proven innocent right Jessica Smith?

  • GamerZ Elite

    If my card is compromised then I will ask help from CC company not that retailer, complain to your card company they will return your money not Sony. No one knows you shared yours account info or not, its your card and keep ur credit info safe is your responsibility.

  • smashbrolink

    This is one big reason why I hate the idea of having my games tied to an online account that anyone can access from any machine if they have my password, or that are streamed from online servers and thus I have to be online to play them; the moment I can’t access that account or the internet goes kaputski, my games are no longer available to me.

    Games I spent good money on.

    I’m glad that I haven’t had to deal with this kind of thing with my PS3 yet, and I know for sure I’ll never have to worry about it on my Wii U or 3DS.

  • Clay Festervand

    Wow, this is unacceptable. What the hell is Sony thinking? MS would resolve this in seconds.


    Chargeback and buy a Wii U

  • djnforce9

    That support person is probably nothing more than a call centre worker with a script. Too bad that guy who got ripped off didn’t try and get to management (although good luck with that on a company like Sony).

    • Jess

      It has been resolved! Article is updated with good news 🙂 And possibly future changes in their policy 🙂

  • MuscledRMH

    And people say Microsoft is bad? I have never seen something like this from Xbox Support or Microsoft Support in my entire life and yet I read about how terrible Sony Support is almost every week. How can you call your mighty Sony so good when they do shit like this to you?

  • Aris Papadionisiou

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    What if i fuck them too!!!!
    you think they will stop with a piece of cum in their mouth

  • James Askins

    I understand you need a console deactivation, however you already deactivate a system, right?
    You: No i have not. Someone hacked my console and deactivated my console. So no i did not deactivate my console someone in Asia did.
    Josselyn: I see, I was checking the system and since there is a deactivation already you will need to wait 6 months in order to deactivate a different system.
    Josselyn: You can submit a request on the link below:

    You: I dont need a generic answer. I need this problem solved. I already have a case opened on this.
    You: It has been opened for a week and no response. I waz told it was going to be 24 hours. And hear we are a week later waiting still
    Josselyn: I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, unfortunately the only way to deactivate a system is requesting the deactivation, I understand you already done it, I am afraid you will need to wait 6 months.
    You: No im not going to wait six months. I need you to actually do your job and get something accomplished.
    You: What is going on with the case #06789337
    You: I have not received anything at all.
    Josselyn: I do apologize for this situation, James. Unfortunately I am not able to deactivate the system, you will need to wait six months, I know how important is for you to have the console activated as primary, you will be able to activate it after the 6 months. The case is in process, you will receive a respond once it is completed.
    You: So when is it going to be completed
    You: Why is there a policy where you have to wait 6 months especially if someone hacked your account
    Josselyn: It is for security reasons, I am not able to provide you with an exact period of time.
    You: How do i contact the people that are investigating my case
    Josselyn: Unfortunately I do not have a contact option to provide you. Do not worry, you will be notified once the case has been completed.
    Josselyn: Besides this issue, Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    You: No you havent helped me with anything.

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