The popular YouTube personality Joe Vargas, or “Angry Joe,” has taken to Twitter and YouTube to express his contempt for the company Nintendo and their policies in regards to online videos containing footage of their IPs.

A recent video uploaded by Vargas featuring himself and friends playing Mario Party 10 was flagged by Nintendo claiming to contain copyrighted content.  Though the video was left online and viewable by YouTube, Vargas decided that he had had enough and removed the video himself.

Taking to his Twitter, Vargas criticized Nintendo for flagging his video saying, “I hope [Nintendo] enjoyed the free ad revenue & coverage I generated for em. It will be my last Nintendo video.” Vargas went on to Tweet out that he has personally spent around $900 on Nintendo consoles, games, etc. in order to make Nintendo related content, and criticized the company’s constant release of new Amiibos, which he referred to as “Ultra-beeniebabies.”

Joe Tweet OneJoe Tweet TwoJoe Tweet Three

Speaking to Polygon, Vargas said “I feel their policies are anti-YouTuber in a world where so many other companies are embracing the YouTube community.”

He has since released a video on his YouTube channel called, ‘Final Nintendo Angry Rant! – Anti-YouTuber Policies,” and claims, “I have not seen this kind of behavior from any other modern, web 3.0 company or gamer-friendly company out there.” Check out the video below (NSFW language).

What are your thoughts about Angry Joe’s stance against Nintendo? We want to hear your opinions in the comment section below.


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  • Kaihaku

    I actually enjoy watching Angry Joe from time to time but I usually watch his Nintendo videos so… Seems like a bigger loss for him than Nintendo to be honest.

    • Blake Hester

      I think what may end up happening is that other content creators will notice what Joe is doing and take similar measures. Whether or not this will effect Nintendo is yet to be seen.

      • Kaihaku

        If PewDiePie’s public dissent didn’t stop people from signing up for Nintendo’s partnership program I don’t think that Angry Joe will make a huge difference. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo’s youtube policy needs a major revision but it’s not like Youtube is suddenly going to be devoid of videos featuring Nintendo IP. We saw this a few years ago with Sega going all draconian but it didn’t put an end to Sega IP getting featured. The difference here is that Nintendo, in their own stumbling fumbling way, is trying to make it work instead of just shutting everything down.

    • Watch_it

      not exactly a “loss” for him though, since he couldn’t make any money off any videos he made with nintendo games anyway. Spending time doing a job that makes you no money makes no sense, right?

      • Kaihaku

        Except that he could have made money off of videos featuring Nintendo IP if he bothered to follow the rules…so yeah. Nintendo’s rules may be needlessly complicated and old fashion but considering the amount of money the youtubers stand to make on their content it’s worth the effort.

        Also, it’s not like featuring Nintendo content didn’t act as publicity for him. I’ve only ever looked up Angry Joe to watch Nintendo and Sega videos but I’ve certainly watched the next videos of his that came up recommended.

        • Watch_it

          Nope! Nintendo’s Content Creators program hasn’t launched yet, not till May, so for now Joe would make $0 off any video with Nintendo IP. Also, Mario Party 10 isn’t on their white list of games they would allow under the program, so once again no money to be made.

  • Diego Jones

    Why not an single page mentions that the Wii U was donated to him.

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