Today the latest in a long line of system updates has just rolled out for the PS4. The patch notes for the PS4 System Update 2.51 (coming in at 245 MB) are hardly anything to write home about.

PS4 Update 2.51 Patch Notes

  • – System software stability during use of some features has been improved.
  • – Operation quality during use of some applications has been improved.

As you can see, the mandatory update does very little in regard to your PS4’s performance. Who knows how many features or applications ‘some’ describes? Don’t get me wrong, naturally I welcome a constantly evolving and improving platform as much as the next person, but one of the regular problems that SONY has consistently had with its PlayStation consoles is in relation to the frequency of said updates; especially updates with only minor effects.

Back in the day, it seemed like whenever I switched my PS3 on I was asked to perform a system update that could last anywhere from 2 minutes up to 20+. This actually used to put me off playing my PS3 because I didn’t want to wait another 20 minutes when I wanted to use the system or play a game. It seems that the PS4 is plagued with the same thing. On the Xbox One, we see updates going up on a monthly basis; updates which often contain a plethora of new features that the community have been asking for. Can’t the PS4 do the same? So, are you sick of the PS4’s constant supply of meager stability updates? Does SONY need to better manage what goes in an update and when? Or perhaps it’s simply none of your concern. Regardless, you know where to voice your opinion.

  • benbenkr

    Just enable auto update then? Because I’m pretty sure you have PS+.

    Fucking first world problem people.

  • Dale

    Ah look, A article complaining about nothing.

    • Bramstons

      I agree with the article,

      • Dale

        It bothers you that there is a 200mb update every 1/2 months to fix, stabilize and improve the system performance of your console, to solve jittering issues when switching between applications, bugs that occur on the XMB like friends list not appearing? Behave… If Sony find a way to make their system faster with less bugs they are hardly going to ignore it and let things be.

  • John Nemesh

    Not at all. They are FAR fewer than what we saw on the PS3, and if you keep your PS4 in rest mode, they download while you are away with minimal interruption to your gaming. Considering that the OS is EXTREMELY stable, and I have yet to experience any issues whatsoever with the OS, I would say the guys at SCE are doing a great job!

    • andy

      And since PlayStation Plus in June 2010 (almost 5 years ago now), it also downloaded the System Update for you too INCLUDING patching all your games automatically.
      However I WOULD be really pissed off if there was a 2gb update for my console once every 3 weeks that only done something significant once every 5 months. But of course, Xbone is praised highly for such things. ^_^

      • You Are Flat Out Wrong

        “B-B-BUT XBONE”

        Just because the xbone is garbage doesn’t excuse the PS4.

        The PS4 is so spectacular awful you can’t even make arguments for it and blame the other awful console. How utterly pathetic Sony shills are.

        • Josh101

          HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, I can borrow games, sell games, I can remote-play all of my PS4 games, I can Shareplay my games. While you can buy a permission slip to download your games from a server. You’re utterly pathetic. :^)

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Doing a great job making a sub-30FPS garbage console filled with pay walls and DRM for sure.

      • Josh101

        With over $1300 worth of games included with the paywall in less than a year. You forgot that part. Over $7,000 in the past 5 years. Yeah, we are sooo worried about that. :^)

  • Michael Harlow

    I mean cmon man, you use dial up for your updates? Waaaah

  • asadachi

    And this week’s whiny non-informative clickbait crap award goes to this guy.

  • xboxmaster

    No. but i’m quite tired of xbox720pixels catch up to ps4 monthly updates

  • ShowanW

    Here we go… The Author (not sure if on purpose or not) has just started a Shark frenzy…

    Let the Fan-Wars continue on…

  • Doug Meyer

    No. Mine updated and installed in 20 seconds. Never even interuppted my gaming session. This article is full of lame.

  • albatrosMyster

    He must have been quick taking the progress bar screenshot because it barely flashes on the screen when you install one of those… but hey go on complain, you just might have a point there.

    The most bothersome thing about those updates is the fanboy wars around them… and the news they generate.

    Anyway, if they bug you so much, just use the XB1 or an old school console (anything before the PS360) there will be no patching at all!

  • jacksjus

    Not as sick as I’d be if they left it ignored.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Clickbaiting much? tell us how much you enjoy to wait half an hour to start to play the new games on the Xbone.

    • Bramstons

      Why would you wait half an hour doing nothing as the Xbox One multi tasks? you can be playing another game, streaming content DNLA, taking your USB 3 portable hard drive full of your games to a friends and play them instantly on their Xbox One, play all your own movies, music of just about any format from USB 3 hard drives up to 16 Terabyte etc etc.

      You clearly don’t have an Xbox One and are stuck with the PS4 limitations that you never mention.

      • Josh101

        “Use Smartglass to Xbox One which is hyper quick due to the Xbox One using WIFI DIRECT at 256mbps unlike the PS4 which uses last gen lagging Bluetooth at around 4mbps which makes any similar utility a lagfest.”

        You mean Microsofts half-assed attempt at remote-play? Which is nothing like the PS4-Vita Remote-play. It absolutely destroys Smartglass in every respect.

        “you can be playing another game, streaming content DNLA, taking your USB 3 portable hard drive full of your Xbox one games to a friends and play them instantly on their Xbox One,(No PS4 DRM here) play all your own movies, music of just about any format from USB 3 hard drives up to 16 Terabyte etc etc.”

        You can play music from any format on PS4 from USB hard-drives on PS4. You can also replace your internal hard-drive with any 2.5 sata hard drive, unlike Microsoft with the XboxOne. DLNA is coming for the PS4. Sony didn’t simply copy their code from PS3 and move it to the PS4. They are rebuilding from the ground up. You CANNOT be serious about DRM. If Microsoft had their way, you wouldn’t be playing ANY used games without having to pay them a fee. Always be connected to the internet with a always online camera attached to your console.

        You could start the discussion of DRM on the PS4. I’d love to hear it and prove you wrong.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      “B-B-BUT XBONE”

      Is that your excuse for Sony’s garbage console all the time?

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    What you call a “minor effect” might very well be an important fix that you’d otherwie be complaining about.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      What about that sub-60FPS problem

      Oh wait it just has garbage hardware.

      Where’s GTA V in 60FPS on PS4 then? Where’s da power of muh 8GB GDDR5?

      • Josh101

        The power of 8GB of GDDR5 is in the first party titles. Killzone Shadowfall says hello. Infamous Second Son waves. I could keep going :^)

        • You Are Flat Out Wrong

          THE POWER OF 8GB GDDR 5 (And tablet grade APU)

  • ExplodingJuice

    Here is another no-name site publishing a “story” based on nothing. Whatever you need to do to get clicks I guess? Total bitching and moaning over nothing here. Jesus I want my 2 minutes back.

  • TraceSkipper

    I’m not sick, i’m more like ‘Hey cool! Another stability update making my game experience even better!’

  • Latency

    I own both consoles. Both are stupid. GET A PC!!

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