Presented in the Nintendo Direct was the announcement for Koei Tecmo’s newest Fatal Frame game finally making its way to North America. It has already been released in Japan and is called “Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven”. The game is set to be released on the Wii U sometime at the end of 2015.

Fatal Frame will have you controlling 3 main characters who are investigating the haunted Mount Hikami. The game will utilise the gamepad as a camera, which is exactly what I thought the gamepad’s use in the game should be! The camera will be what the player will be using to fight off the hauntings and ghosts that come into to attack.

More western released Fatal Frames is always welcomed and I have enjoyed the spooky game in the past! Looking forward to it!

You can catch the trailer for Fatal Frame 5 here.

  • ゲーム語学園

    This is so exciting! In case anyone got impatient and bought the JP version like I did, check my Twitter @GameGogakuen for an advance English translation.

    • Patrick Nguyen

      +1 Follower! Awesome job man, I’m reading through it a little bit and it looks solid! Gosh if Nintendo wasn’t so region lock savy I know I’d be using your translation right now! 🙂

      • ゲーム語学園

        I’m glad to hear it. I hoped it would be useful whether or not the game ever officially came out.

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