Over the past two months, a flood of information has engulfed the web claiming to have details on the next Call of Duty game coming later this year. While Treyarch has been quiet about their upcoming installment in the series, which they will officially unveil next month, the common theme that has been in every alleged leak has been the next game will push the series to even bolder heights with a futuristic feel.

In a video posted by Tmartn, the following list of rumors was put together on everything that has been leaked so far:

  • Next-gen only (different source)
  • campaign looks gorgeous, better than Advanced Warfare
  • campaign to be open-world but still linear
  • “Jetpacks and/or Exos”
  • Switch to different characters in singleplayer (like GTAV)
  • Exo-suits will have a wall running ability
  • Zombies to have stand alone map packs, Raven to assist
  • Custom map editor for private lobbies only and ability to share
  • Pick 13 returning but no upgradable scorestreaks
  • Dynamic weather and elements on all maps this time
  • Raid and Nuketown remakes
  • maps are larger than Advanced Warfare
  • 16vs16 and 32vs32

With all of that said, which rumored feature to be would you be most excited to see in the upcoming Call of Duty game? Larger matches, a map editor, upgraded Exo-suits? Let us know in the comments below.

  • NL37

    32vs32 😮
    the black ops storylines hsve always been good,
    hope 2 see msson, rezniv and woods 🙂

    • ctate1995

      I would love to see 32vs32! I’m so tired of the stupid, little 6vs6 matches..

      • Jeremy

        If you want 32v32 go to Battlefield. You’ll never see this in a CoD game and that’s guaranteed. 32vs32 is the most boring thing in the world because you have to use a huge map and makes encounters few and far between. I mean seriously, you can play a entire game in Battlefield that takes 30 minutes and have 20 kills, who the hell wants that? They would have to at least quadruple the size of the maps, just look at how hectic ground war’s were with just spawn killing constantly due to the 9v9.

      • reda zaher

        say you want a BATTLEFIELD game then
        its practiclty impossible for cod to have 32 v32

    • Shane

      More excited for Halo 5’s story

  • AnXeL

    I hope to see custom zombies game…that would be awesome (like world at war but with better graphics)

    • gamespresso

      It would be neat to see a standalone zombies game. The mode’s always fun and they’re always innovating it from game to game.

  • dapaintrain

    For me it’s a ww2 cod or Vietnam cod again I’m so over this futuristic crap that’s bo2, ghosts and advanced warfare all future based varying degrees sure but still

    • ctate1995

      I’m hoping for a ww2 cod as well, it’s been so long since a shooter has come out for that era..

      • Alex Gunn

        Zombie Army Trilogy?

  • Josiah Duff

    UHG! Screw exo suits! I love the idea of everything here, but please not another game with jetpacks, I can say after playing the crap out of AW I miss games like Black Ops 2. (sold my 360) The jetpacks get annoying, the elite guns are bullshit. I want character customization and stuff, but no elite guns, it gave the lucky kids the advantage while you got hammered by OP BS!

  • Shane

    Halo 5: Guardians will have a better campaign by far.

    • Jeremy

      Halo hasn’t had a good campaign since Halo 3 so good luck with that. Not to mention, who plays these games for the campaign? Playing the campaign in these game’s is a waste of time.

      • awesomejim123

        halo has had 1 game since halo 3

        • Altaire

          1 main game*

        • THANATOSXR

          Reach and ODST were fine

      • Altaire

        But… Halo: Reach had an amazing Campaign…
        Also, ignoring a whole part of the game just to play multiplayer is also a waste of time, respect the gaming roots, please.

      • Shane

        Most FPS games like COD and Battlefield you are right, Campaign is a waste of time. But Halo is another story, the soundtrack, story, and gameplay in single player is great. Same with Metroid Prime.

  • josh

    Oh god I really hope its true

  • soloassassin

    The exo suits have become insanely stale. Zombies needs a standalone game, with possibly a campaign. Match editors would be great for zombies. I always thought the idea of a loadout for zombies would be awesome when you go and pack a punch, you get the sights and attachments on the weapon you want and each pack a punch you grab adds to recoil, power, etc.

    • soloassassin

      also, not a big fan of raven taking over the zombies maps

  • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

    I really hope that 3arc has learned from their mistakes. I’m willing to give them another chance after their past 2 failures. The two biggest issues that made Black Ops 1 and 2 garbage were the terrible netcode and hit detection, and the one that really got on my nerves was the terribly weak, useless weapon damage. Virtually all of the guns were near useless and underpowered, and to top it off they nerfed some of them in patches. There’s no intelligent logic in that. It’s BS. That’s why I quit playing BO1 and 2 and stuck to Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, and Modern Warfare series smh

  • YoungMurf

    If the 16vs16 and 32vs32 is true I would be excited for that but I would prefer that Treyarch go back to the World War 2 era again over any of these rumours. Make it happen Treyarch!

  • Trevor m

    Does it include the wii u?????

  • BobBently

    Exo suits breathes new life into this franchise. It’s an important addition to the game. I would like to see it in all upcoming COD’s. The 32 v 32, I can already see spawning issues here. The second you spawn & take one step forward, an enemy will spawn right were you spawned from a second ago & shoot you in the back. No thanks. No fun.

  • Rufus Page

    All I really want is the original engine and maps from BO1, but expanded and improved, with maybe some extra perks etc. BO2 Zombies was SHIT and far too hard to play. Same playablity and enjoyment as BO1 please, anything else just don’t BOTHER

  • jtay

    Get rid of the fucking exo suits plz they need to kepp us on the ground what is cod becoming halo?

  • chad lee

    Get Call of Duty out of the FUTURE!!!!!!!!

  • Ry0n

    Jet packs / exos’ – looks like a potential futuristic title…dammnn. not thrilled with the idea, but will keep fingers crossed. they are after all the best developers in the CoD franchise.

  • tylor

    seprate zombie map packs how will that work i hope i dont need to pay for 2 sprate season passes

  • reda zaher


  • Zoe Butcher

    Yay. Can’t wait for new zombee mapz!


    AW was awesome but I was kinda looking to go back to the cold war(BO1) or WW2(WaW)

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