Update:  Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter, is coming October 31.

If you visit Scott Cawthon’s website right now, you will see the image that is shown above. I think its safe to say that Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is going to happen. It seems like the fourth game is going to be the last, due to the text in the picture that reads ‘The Final Chapter’.

It seems the pictures shows Springtrap, the main antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 holding Freddy Fazbear’s hat, which was shown in a picture on Scott’s site when many YouTubers were finishing up their let’s plays of the third game.

What are your thoughts? Are you freaking out? Or do you think Scott is beating a dead horse?

  • Allison Rachelle Schoel

    I always thought it was Freddy in the picture, not spring-trap. Hence the hat in his paws. The face structure looks a lot like Freddy and the “fur” color is Freddy’s “fur” color. I wonder how this game is going to go! Super excited!

    • Aaliyah Bandy

      It reminds me of when everyone thought Springtrap was Golden Freddy before the FNAF 3 trailer come out.

      • derpderpherp234

        if the first thing that popped into your head when thinking of this picture was springtrap your fucking retarded

    • derpderpherp234

      you thought that because IT IS FREDDY

  • r44h5h4u5h

    What Is Scott’s WebSite?

  • Rainbowfusion

    Oh my god there’s going to be a nightmare version of an animatronics!

  • Tailsprower

    Scott since your making FNAF 4 I have a animatronic you can add, its name is Lyra the mad Lemur Scientist. (Its a girl animatronic just to let you know) Can you add her to your game please? If you said yes then thank you 🙂

    • derpderpherp234

      are you fucking retarded its a horror game not a furry dating simulator

    • Dusksong

      Idiot hes not gonna listen

    • Juan “BackUpGamer” Reyes

      Scott isn’t even here, this is just an article, friggin furfag

  • derpderpherp234

    you fucking idiot its freddy

    • derpderpherp234

      how does it even vaguely resemble springtrap

  • Dusksong

    Really? ANOTHER game?! Scott this better be good! If its not than I call “Beating a dead horse”

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