The first 15 minutes or so of The Witcher III Wild Hunt has been released courtesy of IGN First. Keep in mind that the opening cinematic has been removed from the video, in case you were wondering.

In it, we see protagonist Geralt of Rivia awake from a dream which he would “rather not discuss” with his compatriot as the pair of them sit prior to sunrise. The duo then make haste for their next destination via horseback before pursuing their remaining endeavors. It’s fair to say that the game looks beautiful.

That’s not surprising given the talent at CD Projekt Red, but what is surprising is just how good it’s looking when running on an Xbox One. The footage in the video is captured from an Xbox One console and it would actually appear to be running at 1080p after there were claims – and the developers admitted – that they were struggling to make it so prior to release. PS4 and PC versions had reportedly been nailed on at 1080p, whereas the Xbox One version was set to run at 900p, but the developers promised that they would do all they could to make the Xbox version on par with the others.

Well, it looks like they’ve done it. Not only does the video run at 1080p (I know that 720p footage can be captured and uploaded as 1080p for the record), but it simply looks astounding. Telling the difference between 900p and 1080p is difficult, but I’d be surprised to see a better version of this product on the market.

Let us know what you think – will The Witcher III run at 1080p on Xbox One after all? To get yourself hyped up for release check out the gameplay video below and stay tuned to Gamespresso for more coverage on The Witcher III.


  • David

    Well that’s a surprise

  • David

    Is it proven that it runs at 1080 or does it just look like it?

  • william

    Nice if it’s true but I’m buying it on XB1 regardless of it’s resolution.

  • jayz0ned

    IGN was playing on PC.

    • Hailey

      Yup, the others here are dumb…it’s obviously PC with xbox controller.

      • Carl Randall

        Im a pc gamer as i know it looks like a pc port but take in consideration that developers have put in hard work to make the game look stunning whether its on Pc, xbox or ps4 …. i believe its on pc aswell but same time we will never know until the game is fully released and we have seen it and compared it with our own eyes across all platforms.

        • Hailey

          I know for a fact it is shown on PC with an Xbox One controller.
          The IGN commentator of the video on YouTube stated that at the beginning of the video.

          That said, I’ll be playing this on PC as well and I agree that it will still look fantastic on the consoles as well, particularly PS4 due to the higher res. Everybody is in for a major treat regardless of platform.

  • gotham6

    Who cares ? They look the same either way. You people are really wierd.

    • Hailey

      You’re weird… It doesn’t look the same.

      • sacjet

        Nah…hes correct…you are one of the wierd ones. Looked at your comment history. Go count pixels wierdo…they do look the same….and you freaks are causing developers to put out trash games with poor frame rates so you can brag in comment section…Fing idiots.

        • Hailey

          No he wasn’t correct and neither are you. You’re as weird as he is lol. To anyone who isn’t blind the difference between 1080p and 900p is immediately obvious; it jumps off the screen at you.
          Btw you cannot look at my comment history, so that’s a lie I have it set to private. Perhaps you got nosy and saw my other comments on this same article though.

          • rrobbie

            I say he is correct and i say you are wierd as hell for counting pixels. And quite a few people agree that you pixel counters are frickin wierd. So f you…you are wierd and it looks the same.

            • Hailey

              I don’t count the pixels. To me 1080p looks sharper than 900p. I can tell the difference without counting pixels.

            • Hailey

              How many times do I need to explain myself….
              I can see the difference in resolutions just at a fairly quick glance, WITHOUT COUNTING A SINGLE PIXEL. Higher resolution looks sharper and clearer than lower resolution EVERY TIME. It is obvious af.
              So go fuck yourself, you’re just a jealous xbot that can’t stand that Witcher 3 will look better on PS4 than Xbox One. It’s simple, it’s a fact, get over it.
              Even PS4 will look like shit too anyways compared to gaming PC so stop your whining.

              *Plays GTA5 on PC at 60fps and 4k resolution…also chuckles with a big smile on her face.* 🙂

            • justerthought

              You don’t need to count the actual pixels to see that the image is ragged with flickering fine details. Digital artefacts give the game away and amplify the issue, without counting any actual pixels. You are using the counting pixels thing as a way to make someone look ‘weird’ who can recognise digital artefacts and does not like them.

            • Hailey

              this is coming really late but i don’t have to count the pixels to see the difference. one looks sharper and it’s noticeable by taking a quick glance…no pixel counting required. go f yourself you weirdo.

          • justerthought

            Nice job. You just proved they are fanboys. A ‘fan’ gives praise when something is worthy of praise, a ‘fanboy’ tells lies and exaggerates the truth to justify his misplaced loyalty.

        • justerthought

          You xbots make me laugh. How do you know they look the same. Have you seen The Witcher 3 running on a PS4 direct into a HD TV via HDMI. No you haven’t. You have watched Youtube HD comparison videos and come to the conclusion they look identical.

          The quality you’re seeing in a compressed Youtube video is not the PS4 quality. Youtube video is the same quality you get when you upscale pixels, so the PS4 visuals are downgraded via the compression to match the XB1 upscaled visuals. Hence they look identical, giving comfort and peace of mind to XB1 gamers.

          But PS4 gamers are in a totally different reality when playing on their console because they have the extra clarity you cannot see in your comparison videos.

          If you watch the comparison video on a black and white TV, they will look identically black and white as well. But the game is really in colour. Reducing them to the lowest common denominator, then calling them identical is just deluding yourself.

    • rollingmol

      Huh how are they weird? The fact that they are correcting the writer of the article with actual facts ?

  • ScepticMatt

    I pixelcounted it to 1080p.

    > The footage in the video is captured from an Xbox One

    bullshit. (It’s captured on PC)

  • Jeremy Freeman

    No it doesn’t, they already confirmed what it runs at, from the Developers. I don’t think they are stupid, or wrong. I love my Xbox One, and I don’t care that games run at 900p. So be it. Resolution isn’t everything, but it does make me angry that MS can’t except this and just stick with 900p. They have tried and failed in most cases with upscaling and even a few native titles. That run horrible in some areas. No need for that this gen. Stick with what you do best!!! Doesn’t matter.

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