2015 is going to be an exciting year for video games in terms of those that are released as well as what might be announced at E3 and at other points throughout the year. By “what might be announced at E3” I think you know what I mean. Don’t make me spell it out to you. Fallout 4.

So which game has the potential to be your game of the year? Perhaps the game that will end up being your favorite over the 12 months is already out such as Bloodborne or GTA V on the PC. But what of the games that are yet to release? There’s plenty to be excited about for game releases in 2015 and beyond, but for me the two heavy-hitters are the soon-to-be released The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Batman Arkham Knight.

If you haven’t seen Gamespot’s recent feature series on The Witcher 3, I highly suggest that you check it out. In it, Danny O’ Dwyer and CD Projekt RED provided us with a deeper insight into the world of The Witcher 3 and what the game will be like to play. If you don’t feel like watching the videos, mark my word that this game is worth being excited about.

Not only is it refreshing to see a big game studio like CD Projekt RED going with some exciting philosophies such as putting the consumer first by offering 16 pieces of free DLC because they “wouldn’t expect to pay for it”, but it’s also extremely exciting to take a glance at the game world that they have built in the game. The Witcher 3 boasts a huge world full of color, vibrancy and intrigue. One of the key selling points is that the game is set to boast zero fetch quests, meaning that every side quest should be interesting and time-consuming, helping you to get sidetracked and enjoy the game at your own leisure – an aspect which needs to be apparent in any open world game. Moreover, it has been said that some of these side quests (with their own branching story lines) will actually impact the main quest in some way, so we can’t wait to get our hands on Geralt once more, riding horseback across the environment and exploring locales of intrigue; locations which house plenty of jobs for you to complete. All in all, The Witcher 3 should keep us occupied for a good long time.

But perhaps a linear experience is more your thing. Maybe you’re into superheroes. If this all sounds good to you then Batman Arkham Knight could be your game of the year. Since Rocksteady came out of nowhere and launched Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009 to wide critical acclaim, the franchise has produced some stellar experiences, even winning a number of GOTY awards with Arkham City. Whilst the latest outing in the series – Arkham Origins – did not live up to the heights of its predecessors, keep in mind that it was not developed by Rocksteady like the first two games were. So, Rocksteady are keen to conclude their trilogy of Batman games with something truly special, and we have reason to believe that Arkham Knight will be just that. We can’t wait to see what the developers can do on the new systems for the first time and the thought of driving the Batmobile around Gotham and hopping out on your own accord is a truly mouthwatering prospect.

Ultimately, these are the two games that I feel have the most potential to be this years best game. Both have been delayed on a number of occasions, but I genuinely believe that it was for the greater good; to make the game everything it can be and to provide fans of both series with a stellar experience at the end of it all. The Witcher 3 launches on 19th May, whilst Batman Arkham Knight is out on 23rd July. Are there any other games that you think will be your favorite?

  • Mike G

    You left our Metal Gear Solid V. Going by the success of Ground Zeroes, and the following that Kojima has, MGSV will potentially see more sales than either The Witcher 3 or Batman Arkham Knight – If only becasue it will release on 5 platforms. This means that more people will be playing it, therefore it will potentially garner more GOTY votes.

    • Steve Wright

      Good suggestion. Being honest, I haven’t heard much about it of late despite the whole Kojima thing so it kind of slipped my mind, but it should definitely be a great game.

  • ThePokeMaster

    Personally, MGSV, Persona 5 and Batman have priority over Witcher III for me. Bloodborne was great and I’m looking forward to Xenoblade X and Mario Maker as well.

  • Matc123

    I think batman has more of a chance to win GOTY and get higher review scores than the witcher does looking at the previous titles in both of the series. I also believe MGS V will be a bigger contender than the wither 3 and will likely win at least one GOTY consider all of the previous main MGS games have got at least 1 GOTY award and have a minimum of 94 on metacrtic. My doubt for the witcher wining GOTY is not because it won’t be a great game but I think the series is under rated by critics but then again it has been receiving a lot of publicity from gaming sites so maybe I could be wrong here.

  • Erik Juberget

    I don’t get how you could be more excited for the batman game. The series already have, what, 3-4 games that are already very simillar?

  • Midori Inaba


  • Alana Fearnall

    You didn’t go in depth about these arguments. I know that these are two different games, but i would love to hear more of an opinion on both of the games besides what we already know. What are you expecting? how high is the chance you’re going to be disappointed? should they keep making batman games? do you think that the open world concept of ‘no fetch quests’ is going to work?!

  • Serket Hamo

    Batman it is !


    Yeah, It’s between The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight for me. MGS V will have to put on a hell of a strong showing…

  • TheBeard

    Just as we think Witcher 3 brings home the goty award, here comes Metal gear Solid 5, raising the bar even higher dayum! We have seen the footage and read the feedback of the various journalists who played MGSV and were reluctant to let go of the controller when asked to leave the gameroom.

    No shame in losing to MGSV, it’s truly the masterpiece of masterpieces now and for years to come.

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