Have a character you’re dying to see in Super Smash Bros? Now is your chance.

Announced via the latest Nintendo Direct, president Saturo Iwata encouraged players to submit a vote in a new site designed to allow players to request what characters they’d like to see developed for Super Smash for Wii U and 3ds.

Players have until October 3 to submit a request, but Iwata noted that not all requests will be able to be accommodated.

The site, which will launch in the future, asks your gender, the name of the character you’d like to see appear, the game in which the character appears, and why you believe that character should be a fighter.

What character would you request to see in Smash? Here’s the site for your chance.

  • Shady


  • Sirmon

    Dual swords Kirito from Sword Art Online
    (Nintendo seems to like anime in the Nintendo direct so lets pickup a really good fighter)

    • Alexandra Pagan

      Good Idea!

    • Sanse

      yea and he even was in in a game herpderp

  • Macaulyn Martins


  • THyke

    Smash Bros NEEDS Castlevania characters and stages!

    • Mike Nitroy

      I’m officially voting for a Shovel Knight too 🙂

  • Muffin

    RECKLESS SILHOUETTE GUY ! Please vote for this character !

    • Mike Nitroy

      Haha, followed shortly by a silhouette guy amiibo 🙂

      • Mr. Doge

        Do you think Freddy Fazbear should be in this game?

        • Mike Nitroy

          It could be a unique character, but as far as if I think it WOULD happen is a totally different question. I don’t think he fits the atmosphere that Smash has going right now.

    • Mr. Doge

      Hey……. Great idea, bruh.

    • Sanse


  • Patrick Nguyen

    You fools! It’s ALL about Isaac or Felix from Golden Sun! It’s the only true answer!

    • Mike Nitroy


      • Patrick Nguyen

        This is a lot more perfect.God damn it.

  • Ethan

    Please please please make pichu return in smash brothers for wii U and 3DS it would be a dream come true!! Plz vote for Pichu.

  • thesillywhale

    lets get ice climbers back

  • Eric Dalhoff

    Sora deserves to be in Super Smash Bros 4​, since he didn’t make the cut to Super Smash Bros. Brawl​. His Final Smash should be either one of the Forms or Trinity Limit. In their Super Smash Bros Brawl list, IGN described Sora as “…the most active and evolved hero on this week’s list.” IGN listed him as a possible character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl; though he was not chosen as the “reader’s choice”.

  • McCloud

    Vote for Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, this game got GameFAQs message board topic titled “Still the best game of all time”. If you don’t know anything about this guy check about him, he deserves to be in Super Smash Bros 4 and I am sure if he gets in you will never regret to vote for him.

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  • Mr. Doge

    I think Freddy Fazbear needs a chance in this game.

    • Mr. Doge

      Also, should Steve join?

      • Mike Nitroy

        This could actually be kind of interesting!

  • Mr. Doge

    Who needs the site? https://cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/

  • Alexandra Pagan

    I need kirito in smash bros!!

  • GFNiklas

    MORE POKÉMON! Zoroark, Swampert, Sceptile, Blaziken, Diancie, Hoopa, Meloetta, Darkrai! :3

  • Anonymous

    Shovel knight!

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