As we are all aware by now I’m sure, The Legend of Zelda for Wii U has been delayed. To make matters worse, Nintendo announced to follow suit that there will not be any game footage at all at E3. What does that mean for Nintendo? It means bad.

Without a blockbuster announced so far, Nintendo is going to have to pull something remarkable at E3 to attempt a replacement of arguably their most popular and loved franchise in Zelda. The Wii U already lacks in games, and in terms of console market sales, heading down a path of failure. The next console for Nintendo, code named the NX has already been announced as the future replacement and is supposedly going to revolutionize the video game industry.

So, what can replace Zelda at E3? Short of a revolutionary Mario game (Galaxy 3?), or perhaps an amazing looking Metroid game, nothing. Even then, we probably would not see those titles this year. The fall lineup for Nintendo was centered around the release of Zelda, with Starfox as the main supporter. Starfox cannot possibly stand on its own to support the already failing Wii U while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have amazing AAA fall lineups competing with them.

Let’s not misunderstand here. This delay is a great thing for the Zelda title itself. Every major Zelda console game has been delayed at least once and all of those games are very highly rated and are usually considered masterpieces. I have no doubt in my mind that Nintendo will tweak the game and that it will blow us out of the water. What I am concerned about, as previously stated, is the hole at the end of 2015. Normally, consoles sell the most of their hardware and software during the holidays. Without a huge title during the holiday season, the Wii U will almost certainly suffer.

The biggest problem to me is the no show at E3 for the Zelda title. If Nintendo would at least be showing some footage, I think it would whet fan’s appetites enough to hold them until the release. But without even any footage at all, people like myself, are anxious. Nintendo has always been one for great surprises, but I do not foresee any surprise that can make up for the emptiness this Fall.

Nintendo has always been great for long lasting software, producing hits on the Wii U that have sustained player’s interests for long periods of time, such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, etc…Unless maybe upcoming multiplayer game Splatoon is a blockbuster, I cannot imagine any title holding players over into 2016. Sure, people will be playing games like Smash Bros. for years I am sure, but that does not mean they do not want variety to add to their brawling. This was supposed to be The Legend of Zelda Wii U.

Nintendo was so insistent on the Fall 2015 release and people were skeptical at first due to the previous delays of former titles. Nintendo kept on hammering out that Zelda would be a 2015 release and fans finally started to believe. As soon as the majority finally believed, Nintendo broke our hearts that we would not be getting it. As I have stated earlier, this is good for Zelda, but bad for business.

My biggest question is this: What will sell new consoles for the Wii U? What is the next big game to really push the boundary for Nintendo? I have stated concerns that I believe Nintendo has put more of a focus on their handheld market, and with the announce of mobile gaming, I am even more afraid. They have said they have not abandoned Wii U, but it is so hard to see the console as their primary focus with the sparse lineup, announcement of mobile gaming, the NX, and the lack of quality advertising for the Wii U.

Without Zelda, the Wii U will more than likely be dominated come Holiday 2015 in the console sales war. Even if Nintendo lied and shows something at E3, there still is nothing to fill the hole in the Fall and for that Nintendo has lost many potential sales until at least 2016. What are your thoughts about no Zelda at E3 or just Nintendo in general? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Jorden Dixon

    So I am also sad about the lack of Zelda footage at E3, but I think a lot of people forget about Nintendo Directs. Nintendo now does a pretty good job at releasing footage of their upcoming games on a regular basis. Maybe we’ll see some in late summer or early fall if we’re lucky.
    I do agree that this will hurt Nintendo, as they are lacking in system seller type games, but they still have quite a few games coming out that I think will satiate the hardcore gamers at least (Devils Third, Star Fox, Shin Megami/Fire Emblem mash up, and Xenoblade X) and I think it will do better than people expect.

  • Joshua Cagle

    It is bad when the indie games like Elliot Quest, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Lone Survivor, and Shovel Knight are better game than anything Nintendo is releasing nowadays. They need to get back to their roots. How hard would it be to make a top down modern Zelda game? I mean we really don’t need the 3d crap to have a good time. 2.5d is great. How about a new Mario Land? Or another New Super Mario Bros game? The big problem is that the Wii U is a bit underpowered. Also, not having a GTA title is a big problem. They missed out on GTAV. I don’t see any problems with having ports of 360 games on the Wii U. I mean they even missed out on the Dead Space franchise and that would have been really cool with the Wii U controller. They also missed out on the Bioshock franchise as well. It is sad to see Nintendo make so many mistakes. Those mistakes increases game sales Xbox 360/One PS3/PS4, Steam, Android, and iOS platforms, when Nintendo could be raking in plenty of money on those titles. If Nintendo sticks with their staples (Zelda/Mario/Kirby) and also uses ports of really good games that are also available on the Xbox360/PS3 games, I think they could make it. Unfortunately, it may be too late for this generation. I don’t even think the Wii U will ever be as popular as the GameCube was, which is sad.

    • Kaihaku

      I’m confused… Were you trying to be sarcastic?

      “How hard would it be to make a top down modern Zelda game?”
      A Link Between Worlds

      “How about a new Mario Land?”
      Super Mario 3D Land

      “Or another New Super Mario Bros game?”

      New Super Mario Brothers U and New Super Luigi Brothers U and New Super Mario Brothers 2…and the upcoming Mario Maker which has a New Super Mario Brothers mode.

      • Joshua Cagle

        A Link Between Worlds = 3DS/2DS (not Wii U)
        Super Mario 3D Land = 3DS/2DS (not Wii U)
        New Super Mario Bros U = New Super Luigi Brothers U (Nearly same game)
        Mario Maker = Meh… They already have this for PC. It is called SMBX.
        Nintendo needs to get their act together or they are going to become the next SEGA.

        Also they should give the 3DS/2DS video out capability. Or make a device that allows people to play 3DS/2DS games on their Wii U.

  • Dr.Ghettoblaster

    Agreed. Zelda delay was expected, take your time on this masterpiece in the making Nintendo. Just at least show us a new trailer at the biggest game show of the year…it’s only the biggest game you’ll likely ever release for the WiiU…

  • Soda Popinski

    All I know is they DEFINITELY need Metroid at this years E3 to help balance the no show of Zelda.

    • josh

      That would be great, but I feel like xenoblade chronicles x is going to steal the show. But I’m a little biased because I loved the first xenoblade. 😛

  • miyamoto

    Don’t waste your time trying to have a sensible discussion with the commenters here. They are so out of touch with the times like Nintendo Corp. Like Nintendo Kyoto, they don’t know what is good for themselves.
    They are so blinded by the Mario brand they can not see true potential.
    Where is Iwata’s promise of keeping up with the hardcore hobby gamers?
    Its 2015 and where is a full production AAA sci-fi Metroid Prime FPS?
    Where is that kick ass Zelda tech demo they showed last E3 2011?
    Where? Nowhere in the horizon. Not even a hint.
    Instead they say “we are not targeting children enough”.
    So they make a cartoony shooter Splatoon and a cartoony Zelda game.

    Nintendo has abandoned the NES, SNES, N64, era gamers to make a quick buck from the casuals and soccer moms still.
    What a disappointment.

    • komrath

      “hardcore hobby gamers”? Like what, eating embrios while gaming from time to time?

    • josh

      What are you talking about? They said Zelda will be released next year. Plus if all you see is Mario then you are more blind than what you say Nintendo is. Plus, the majority of people think that splatoon is a great change from the stereotypical, and unimaginative, shooters that are being released. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way.

      You’re just another example of how you can’t take these Nintendo haters seriously because they only spout the same things over and over, even when they have been proven wrong. 😉

  • mistertc73

    admirable to take time to make a better zelda game but at what cost for nintendo, the future shall of course show it, although i think it will hurt them much more than they anticipate themselves at Nintendo

  • komrath

    There is going to be plenty other Wii U games this year: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World and possibly Xenoblade Chronicles X — Zelda has plenty of time to get ready for prime time, we don’t want another Ubisoft-like scheme of pushing unfinished products to gamers

  • josh

    I just don’t get these gaming journalists. First they say Nintendo needs to get into mobile gaming, and then when they do the journalists say its the wrong thing for Nintendo. Then they complain about there not being any games for the system, but decide to not even look at the many other games being released on the system, where a good amount of them are games for mature gamers. This is just another “article” from someone who has jumped on the bash Nintendo bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, there are things that I don’t agree with on how Nintendo has done things, but there is no point in having blind ignorance towards them because you don’t take the time to see what else is being released besides Zelda.
    Just another example of piss poor journalism.

    • If you actually read the article, I never stated there were not games for the Wii U. From a business perspective, Nintendo will lose money for 2015 by not having Zelda. You could put 5 games there including Starfox and they would be lucky to make a third of what Zelda will bring. When Zelda comes out, I have no doubt it will be amazing, but this is about the now. Before you insult certain journalists, you should not generalize them as a whole, especially when I have not written any articles about mobile gaming or that the Wii U has no games. This is not even a bash Nintendo post, but just an opinion on the matter of Zelda not making an appearance over the remainder of the year anywhere. So, sure there are games, but if you think they could make even close to Zelda would make them from a business viewpoint, you are mistaken Josh.

      • irlyhatedisqus

        This was a good retort logically speaking, but you should model your reply to negative criticism like a business replying to a bad review, super friendly and helpful, don’t tell him not to do stuff, don’t lower yourself to the level of negativity 🙂

        • Patrick Nguyen

          I like you 🙂 Good sense on your shoulders 😀

        • I really was not trying to be rude, but I just do not think that “piss poor journalism” was a fair thing to say. I just want to present facts to help enlighten Josh on what I was trying to get across. If I offended him, that was not my intention. But you are right. I did not act solely in the professional manner. Am I sorry? Eh… 🙂

      • josh

        Yet you bring up mobile gamining in this article. And if you think all Zelda games are cash cows then you are also wrong. There have been quite a few that didn’t reach the levels of sales that others have gotten. Some even considered as failures. Yes, this one looks great, but as we all know that doesn’t really matter. But in going with the idea that this will be the best Zelda ever, how do you think releasing an incomplete game would look towards Nintendo’s PR? It could even be more detrimental to Nintendo than delaying the game because of all the flack they have been receiving so far. So in looking at this angle, delaying it is the best option.
        As for other titles helping Nintendo make a profit, there are quite a few cult favorites that could help in replacing Zelda’s profits, one being xenoblade chronicles x, which has had very high, and positive, responses at the expos it has been at. So if we think of the cult followers from the first one, which is surprisingly high, and the other gamers new to it showing a lot of interest in it, we can conclude that it will most likely sell very well. Let’s not also forget the new yoshi game, starfox that you mentioned, which also has a strong cult fan base, splatoon, which has also had very high popularity among many people, and devil’s third, which will, and have, attracted many mature gamers. There are also others, but I don’t feel like going through a synopsis for them.

        • I merely brought it up in just more of a distraction away from Wii U standpoint. I actually don’t have much of an opinion on the mobile jump, only time will tell. You make solid points and I do not think you are wrong. And I’m not saying Zelda is a cash cow, but it will make a lot more money than anything else released. Xenoblade definitely has a cult following but is way bigger in Japan and hasn’t quite reached the levels here in the West. Honestly, Nintendo has enough money to take a loss this year and earn it back next year. And it is an opinionated article, but I did provide facts. I just don’t think it’s fair to call it piss pour journalism. I don’t hate Nintendo. I actually love it. I love the Wii U, I just wish it sold more and was being well marketed. But I guess being blasted for my opinion is journalism :). I love the debate Josh, cheers. I mean that genuinely 🙂

          • josh

            Thank you for the level headed reply, and I respect you for it. Its a rare thing to see now a days, and I hope you keep up the good work. To be honest, a part of me was poking the bear to see how things would go because I have seen way too many articles like this bashing Nintendo and have grown tired of all the senseless hate and negativity towards them, and in seeing your response I better understand your view point and what your true stance is on the subject. Now, I still think there were more viewpoints you could have considered when writing this, but that’s just me and my opinion. (I tend to be over critical and look at an awful lot of angles on topics.) So again, think you for your collectiveness, and respectful response.

            • Honestly, I knew this post would generate a lot of attention for the site, which is always good. (Bad press is still good press kind of thing). Nintendo still makes the best software for sure, that’s why they don’t have as many games, which I’m fine with. That’s also why you do not hear anything about glitches and broken games when it comes to them. I just think their marketing is weak in areas and Amiibo is a bit of a crisis. But that is another post for another time 🙂

  • Dan

    I think we can all agree Nintendo has LOST their mojo and need some new blood brought in to help guide them in the right direction in all aspects. They need to execute the next console in the same brilliant fashion Sony did with the PS4 debut. As much as the delay of the upcoming Zelda title hurts, bringing it out with the new system (if this is the route they choose) alongside a handful of their Killer apps will be the fresh start the company needs. This combined with some actual marketing and an exciting console name (Like Revolution or Nintendo Ultra, for goodness sake steer clear of anything Wii) could make Nintendo the king of gaming once again.

    Drop the gimmicks, provide backwards compatibility and focus on having several amazing first party titles at launch with some serious power under the hood. This way they get the 3rd party devs back, the hardcore gamers are stoked and it would earn its place back in the living rooms as the “must have” console next gen.

  • Jordan

    Yes, the Zelda delay is bad for the Wii U.
    But anyone who says “not showing Zelda at E3 is a bad idea” is a bloody idiot.
    Yeah, that’s what’s going to make the Wii U sell this holiday season. A game that won’t be out in time for this holiday season. Brilliant!
    They’re obviously using E3 to hype up everything else, and get the games that WILL be out to sell the Wii U during the holidays.

  • Kaihaku

    “So, what can replace Zelda at E3? Short of a revolutionary Mario game
    (Galaxy 3?), or perhaps an amazing looking Metroid game, nothing.”

    I’d be willing to wager that Pokemon could do it. Or a revolutionary new IP.

    • Pokemon could probably come close. As for a new IP, I don’t think it would quite get that much money that quickly.

  • irlyhatedisqus

    I concur maybe from a business perspective, but yoshi’s woolly world with 2 player coop looks pretty fun 🙂

  • Winston_from_the_Ministry

    Nintendo is dead again? Aw man. Lol. Nearly as funny as “professional amateur bloodeborne player.

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