We recently pointed out that Project CARS has been hailed as the highest rated racing game available on the PS4. It’s true! We had statistics to back it up and everything!

Admittedly, it doesn’t have much competition as racing games are not common on the PS4 and few of them have been any good. Nevertheless, Driveclub is SONY’s exclusive IP that many people have enjoyed and claimed to be the best looking racing game of all time, if not the best looking game of all time full stop.

There’s no two ways about it; Driveclub does look absolutely immense and the way it looks when the dynamic weather system kicks in is hugely impressive. I’ve seen little else that can match Driveclub when playing in the cockpit and in the rain with the windscreen wipers active at full speed. But has Project CARS knocked it off its graphical perch?

After all, Project CARS too, is a wonderful game to look at and despite it being visually inferior to Driveclub in some ways such as the occasional pop-in textures, it is superior in others – for instance I personally feel that the lighting in Project CARS is actually better than Driveclub’s in the rain, even if the actual effect itself is somewhat to be desired.

But I want you to decide. Is Project CARS a better looking game than Driveclub? Which would you show off to your friends to prove your console’s value? Watch the handy graphics comparison video (courtesy of MotoGamesTV) below and let me know.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyZo6cmtkwI]

  • Trim Dose
    • Steve Wright

      Debate over. Cats always have the final word.

  • xDantex
    • Demetrius Radford

      the vegetation and weather on dc kill project cars but everything else on project cars is better

      • Mr KT

        Nope, I’m 4k ultra and driveclub crushes it. Not even a comparison. Project Cars graphics is a huge let down for the required specs. It’s like forza 5 but clearer resolution, and few more added textures.

        • Demetrius Radford

          to me project cars has better car models but u may be right dc is a beautiful game

          • Mr KT

            Ya, Ill actually agree, the cars themselves look better in project cars with the correct lighting(not at night)

  • Jason

    I own both and I gotta still go with DriveClub. Both are fantastic looking – as well as being great games. Particle/atmospheric effects, lighting and textures all look better in DC. Environments and vegetation as well, especially when viewing replays. I have Project Cars on PC running at near max settings. Great sim.

    • AndrewLB

      So you’re saying the particle effects like the spray coming off vehicles is better in Driveclub? Have you lost your mind? The textures in Project cars are FAR superior on PC and come in 4k resolution. Project Car’s textures have 4x the level of detail that’s seen in DriveClub.,



      Another example:


      • Mr KT

        I run in 4k ultra dual titans and driveclub is better. Yes, it has 4k resolution, but everything else is better on driveclub. In fact without 4k, project cars is super jaggy looking, even with everything maxed to help it.
        Driveclub is just light years ahead in graphics. Can’t wait to see what driveclub looks like on a PS5 someday.

  • Tha Truth

    In terms of detail to the cars and the tracks i’d say they’re about equal. However the weather effects in Driveclub are 2 generations ahead of what Project Cars is capable of.

    • Bilal Prince- Ali


  • Phendranaguardian

    Driveclub seems to win on almost all angles for visual effects. The single feature that impressed me about PC over DC actually had to do with audio; in the final sequence with the surprisingly realistic-sounding rain patter.

  • AndrewLB

    The only thing DriveClub does better is the water effect on the windshield. Keep in mind I’m comparing my PC version to the PS4. But even with better looking water on the windshield effect, it’s definitely not perfect and has more of an Arcade vs Sim like feel. For example, I’ve never had anywhere near that much water on my windshield while driving at high speed. Rain just doesn’t pool up and get pushed around in big puddles while driving 60+ mph, especially in a sports car that has a very slanted windshield. Also, the way the rain is lit up well above the hood line, almost as if the car has lights mounted on the roof. What I don’t understand is how people keep comparing photo-mode shots from DriveClub to actual screenshots from PCars and think that’s valid.

    Project Cars Pro’s:
    – Better textures
    – Higher level of detail
    – Details stay sharp further away
    – Better shadows and lighting
    – Better sound
    – 60fps
    – 4k destroys all
    – Vastly superior Physics + Vehicle Damage

    DriveClub Pro’s:
    – Water, rain, and snow effects
    – Looks outstanding in Photo-Mode
    – Excellent reflections

    And if you were to compare both games as they were when they were released, it wouldn’t even be close. Keep in mind that development continued full speed on DriveClub in order to add the weather effects many months later.

    • Cristian Cornea

      No, everything looks better in DC. The geometry, the track detail, the lighting, the shaders… Everything! DC has tessellated roads and the car geometry has no limits. Goddammit, PC looks like a PS2 game compared with DC.

    • Mr KT

      I run on all ultra, driveclub better in every single way.
      And yes, water can get that bad. You must not travel much. Plenty times big storms rain so hard people on the highway had to all pull over. Maybe not in sunny southern California, but plenty other places it most certainly does. The only issue I have with rain races in these games, is it doesn’t effect the speed of the opponents. Im all for crazy rain if settings chose that, but opponets need to drive much slower, so you can as well. Making it much more realistic. You don’t run 100 mph+ in pouring rain storm. Lucky to get to 60 and still be able to see much of anything.

  • Bilal Prince- Ali

    let me just start by saying, how much more are we going to beat this dead horse…? to just wrap this up.. unless you’re blind and are genuinely just trying to act ignorant here, Driveclub looks better than Project cars.. from interiors, to the weather effects, to the level of detail on tracks to the real world tint the game has, Driveclub wins hands down, that is NOT to say Project Cars isn’t an absolutely gorgeous game because it CERTAINLY is. end of convo

  • Mr KT

    Driveclub beats my pc project cars on ultra settings.

  • ledger

    Dc looks way better .. there’s no comparison

  • Sea-HAWK fan

    For me driveclub eats up graphics in Pc period. If they both had reviews done now I’m sure DC would win

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