Gamespresso’s weekly Nintendo podcast uploaded each and every Tuesday. Hosts: Mike, Patrick, Aaliyah, and Luis. Topics covered: possible rides for the Nintendo theme park, the future of Nintendo mobile games, and the Splatoon beta.


    When it comes to how Nintendo is expanding outside of
    gaming, we have to take into consideration that their target audience which are
    kids aren’t being exposed to their games. From my experience, when kids find
    out that you play games the first thing they ask is if you play Call of Duty.
    Nintendo is losing the audiences that they want and are depending on people who
    grew up on the platform to support it.

    The theme park rides and Mobile games are a way to get
    people to rediscover and also draw new fans to Nintendo games. DeNA, the company that was brought on to
    develop these mobile games for Nintendo has a pretty good track record when it
    comes to making mobile games. These were the people who were behind Final Fantasy Record Keeper, which has
    been getting pretty good reviews.

    They are also developing an account system that will work
    across both Nintendo Consoles and Mobile devices as well. I also feel that
    Nintendo will be smart about which games they put on mobile simply because they
    wouldn’t dare threaten the 3DS’s sales.

    Overall I do think that Nintendo’s expansion outside of
    gaming makes sense. Their Target audience aren’t being exposed to Nintendo
    games, but big AAA games or mobile games at an early age. By making mobile
    games, Nintendo insures that their name and characters can reach a new
    generations of kids who parents have phones.

    As for rides that I would like to see, a Wind Waker log ride
    inspired by Splash Mountain would be really cool.

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