In an effort to try and recover from their $86.6 million USD loss , Sega is attempting to restructure their future endeavors to online, mobile, and digital gaming only. Their fiscal report specifically cites poor physical game sales, which has created the push for Sega’s entertainment division to direct their focus on “digital only” releases.

Even though the second half of 2014 saw solid sales in games such as Alien: Isolation, Football Manager 2015, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Sega blames a “weak economic environment” for their net loss.

After they restructured the majority of their corporate structure, Sega announced the launch of 47 digital games. Surprisingly, only one of these games will be a free-to-play title. Sega predicts that this change will only bring an 8% decline in physical game sales, while increasing their digital games sales by 60%. Do you think the switch will help Sega stay afloat? Or will this cause Sega’s game quality to diminish? Sound off in the comments!

Source: DualShockers

  • Ronaldo Chambers

    when sega released the dreamcast in the west in 1999 they made more in 2-3 days than they lost in 2014 according to this article, releasing 47 digital games will most likely diminish the quality of the games and therefore sega’s revenue. If I was sega I would make a gaming tablet and or micro console since their digital and pc games are fairly successful and compete with the nvidia shield, they should also actually try making a good sonic game and that should make money rather than whatever sonic boom and the 3ds game was supposed to be

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