As Arkham Knight’s release beckons, Batman fans have taken inspiration from the hero and have gone all detective-like by rummaging through new media pieces for any hidden secrets.

Rocksteady often hides all sorts of secrets or easter eggs in its trailers, and the latest did not disappoint. Among a plethora of other secrets, Batman Arkham Videos uncovered that in the latest trailer – titled All Who Follow You – there’s a hint that the Joker (who we believe to be dead) may return after all.

At the end of Batman Arkham City we saw the Joker finished by Batman, presumably for good this time. He returned in Arkham Origins but that was a prequel so it made sense. Nevertheless, the Joker is no stranger to coming back from the dead in Batman canon, and the aforementioned trailer analysis provides reason to believe that it might be happening again. After all, he is the super villain we all love to hate.

Pause the video about 40 seconds in and you’ll see a theater, advertising what appears to be a show called Johnny Charisma: Live. We don’t know much about this Johnny Charisma, but that particular name is certainly a nudge in the direction of the Joker. In the phrase, Johnny Charisma: Live, you can spell “Jocha is alive”. The spelling clearly doesn’t quite match, but I highly doubt that this has happened by accident. Will this simply be a reference to an icon in the series, or is this a hint at something more? Is the Joker alive after all?

We won’t have to wait long to find out, as Batman Arkham Knight launches on 23rd June. Let us know if you think the Joker is returning and voice your theories below.

  • GotNews4Ya

    Seriously.. Don’t you think if they wanted to put a subliminal message in the Theatre text, that they would atleast Spell it so that Joker ended up being Joka or even Joker is Alive. I mean… common.. its not like Johnny Charisma is some famous guy or something.. they could have easily made it Johnny Kerisma : Live!

    • Isashi

      in the crowd, it seems to be joker (the obviously showy purple guy in the middle)

      • Steve Wright

        Good spot. Maybe that could be him.

        • John Richards

          That was a person in the crowd…Come on man.

    • Allah Akbar

      that would be too obvious

  • Conner Edward Kenway

    I think Joker is allive because the Lazuarus Pit could bring him back to life

    • John Richards

      And…why would Ra’s want to bring him back?

      • Conner Edward Kenway

        Ra’s is dead but someone such as Harley could throw Joker into the Lazuraus Pit. (and yes harley would want to bring joker back to life)

        • John Richards

          You do realize that Joker didn’t tell Harley about the Lazarus Pit and the one in Arkham City was destroyed? Also, the latest trailer shows that Joker’s body was cremated. So…

          • Keaton

            That doesn’t mean anything…I could kidnap someone and cremate someone else and say bam he’s dead ?

  • Conner Edward Kenway

    I mean Lazarus Pit

  • Mysterious Gamer Dude

    At the end of Arkham City, when batman defeated Clayface leaving him in the Lazarus Pit, there was an explosion, leaving batman knocked out, in the time that it took Batman to wake up, Clayface could have easily formed into The Joker, while the real Joker escaped. There is actually a hint at this in the DLC Harley Quinn’s Revenge where you walk up on some henchmen talking and one of them says.”Oh, I just got a thought! What if it was Clayface Batman carried out of the theater that night?” I don’t think Rocksteady would put that in the game for no reason.

  • John Richards

    That makes no sense. If you’re talking about Clayface, first off he was dragged into the Lazarus Pit and it’s very doubtful that he would’ve been in a position to cover for Joker and Secondly, his original intent was to kill Batman so if his original plan failed, why would he continue working with the Joker and why would he be willing to wait an entire year for “Joker’s Plan”?
    PS, the new trailer kind of disagrees with you…

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