Despite The Witcher 3 being pretty damn awesome in almost every conceivable way and receiving unanimous critical acclaim, people always find something to complain about, don’t they?

Anyway, the topic of conversation here is the apparent visual downgrade that The Witcher 3 suffered from its initial gameplay reveal to the product that gamers are getting in their hands today. For the record, I wouldn’t say that the the problem has been voiced by the masses, as many are enjoying the game regardless, but nevertheless CD Projekt RED has decided to make a statement regarding the situation.

Marcin Iwinski of CD Projekt RED recently pointed out that “If you’re looking at the development process, we do a certain build for a tradeshow and you pack it, it works, it looks amazing. And you are extremely far away from completing the game. Then you put in the open-world, regardless of the platform, and it’s like ‘oh shit, it doesn’t really work’. We’ve already showed it, now we have to make it work. And then we try to make it work on a huge scale. This is the nature of games development”.

Now, I’m no expert in making video games, but surely it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that if you show off the gameplay after you’ve got it all polished up, the problem is removed entirely. Obviously this would have its own implications i.e. it might take longer for studios to announce games or even make them, but ultimately, in the long-term it would be for the greater good.

What I’m saying is that this doesn’t have to be the ‘nature of games development’. What do you think?

  • So I think the lesson here is, don’t listen to your marketing departments demands. We would have supported this game in its current form and hoped for improvements here and there at best. Its a great looking game but has been compromised by 1080p marketing strategy on PS4. We need 60fps or a CONSISTENT 30fps, not the unstable product that I’m currently playing.

    • MrVux007

      im sure they stated they will fix it with patches…games as graphical demanding as the Witcher 3 is +with the huge scope of the world,tend to be unoptimized(look at Crysis at launch,which was fixed with patches)…also CDProjekt Red are not rly the best when it comes to console optimization(compared to developers like Rockstar,Naughty Dog and especially Koji Pro)….im also playing it on PS4,and besides few frame (down to 20 FPS) drops during cut-scenes,in gameplay its not noticeable(even tho a little fix is more then welcome)..another example of great optimization is MGSV,an outstanding game with brilliant visuals (that can rival Witcher 3 visuals IMO) runs at 1080p and 60fps…again optimization gets better,with developers better knowledge of the platform…ND developer stated that even tho he agrees on *the older the consoles get,the better the graphics* he doubts the games will look better then Uncharted 4 visuals,and if it does then we are talking about almost real life graphics…

      • Guest

        The game doesn’t even look that good and the animations are crap. And the game is choppy on the PS4, even choppier and blurry, with more aliasing on the X1. And just alright looking on the PC with all settings set at ultra.

      • If we go by your understanding, then developers should definitely pursue lower resolution targets, use innovative AA techniques without sacrificing/compromising performance and graphics. This gives them a chance to familiarise themselves with the platform, optimize their engines the 2nd time round for a bigger and better release @ 1080p 30/60 fps. To demand this of a game like the Witcher 3 so early in the PS4 life cycle was not a good move. The Order 1866 is a prime example of how a game can still look beautiful and run well @ 720p.

    • Guest

      What “1080p marketing campaign strategy” on the PS4? Sony doesn’t mandate 1080p on the PS4, the only morons who seem to think this stupid sh’t is the MS fanboys. Who we all know are nothing more than a bunch of f’ck dumb POS who actually bought the X1 knowing its an inferior systems, simply because they fanboys. And fanboyism will make you do stupid sh’t like that. Now show me some proof of this strategy.

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