Bethesda recently outlined the performance figures for Fallout 4. The game will run at 1080p/30fps on PC, Xbox One and PS4, so neither system has an advantage over the other.

Many games will run at 60fps to be considered truly next-gen, but does it matter to you? Bethesda has previously stated that it could have made Fallout 4 look much nicer, but it would have to sacrifice certain gameplay mechanics such as crafting.

Personally, this is not a big deal for me. Fallout games have never been known for their pretty visuals or outstanding performance, but rather, for their entertaining gameplay and creative quests. But does it bother you? Were you hoping to be roaming the Wasteland at 60fps? Let me know your feelings in the comments below. Fallout 4 is out on November 10th.

  • Joshie Fearster

    Hey there, in your article you mention that fallout 4 is locked to 30 fps on PC.

    I’m not sure where you regurgitated this information from but that’s just incorrect, furthermore the idea that a next-gen title would be locked to a certain aspect ratio or frame rate on PC is just absurd. Quake III wasn’t locked to one aspect ratio on PC and that game came out in 1999.

    You might also want to look into games on the PS4 and Xbox one, there are many games that run 1080p 30fps already, and people aren’t really complaining about them.

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