British retailer ASDA (owned by Walmart) has announced that they will no longer be selling Wii U consoles, games, or peripherals.

This is not the first time ASDA has said they’d stop stocking the Wii U. They made a similar announcement last year, only to not follow up.

While ASDA has not provided an official reason for the decision, it can be inferred that it is the result of the Wii U’s poor sales in the UK. However, ASDA has also said they would still occasionally stock Wii U games, specifically large first party releases.

The American owned retailer will continue to stock Nintendo 3DS systems and games.

Wii U systems and games will still be available, at discounted price. as they try to clean out their stock. Afterwards, they will no longer be ordering any additional units.

  • GamerWho

    Never seen a Wii U in ASDA so how would you tell? Supermarkets aren’t really a good place to buy games from. The Tesco near my work have had the same four Xbox and PS4 games sat on the shelf for a year.

  • GoliothOnline66

    Not for anything, but why would we as gamers WANT to spend on average 6-12 dollars more at their retail stores when our local gaming stores are cheaper and provide less hassle for returns? Being a massive supermarket chain means you’re competing in lines with thousands of other people for completely different products. No thanks, Im sure the Wii Us themselves were happy to hear this.

  • MutantMonkey14 .

    I bought most of my Wii games from our local Asda as they were oft cheaper and available midnight for release but they never stocked Wii U or anythng for it… they’ve cut right back on video games as a whole. They also no longer have a photo dept, instead the room is taken by opticians dept…. you can SEE where the easy money is!!

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