Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime has said that the company are well aware of the demand for a straight up Metroid game, and new installment to the series, by the community.

Speaking to Kotaku, Reggie said that Nintendo knew the best way to announce such a game.

“Look, we know that the fans want a straight Samus Aran game. We also know that the best way to launch a game like that is to surprise and delight them, to give them a launch date, in an environment like this let them play it vs. what other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years.” Reggie said in an interview with the site.

“It’s just not the way we do things. We know the community wants to see a straight-up Metroid game. We know it.”

This comes after the announcement at E3 of a new Metroid game, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, coming to the 3DS.  While it is refreshing to see a new Metroid title from Nintendo it left fans disappointed.  They were quick to point out the lack of Samus shown in the video and the exploration based gameplay that the series is well known for.

Do you want to see another Metroid game with Samus taking center stage?  What were your thoughts on the Federation Force announcement?  Let us know in the comments below.


  • Draco491Central .

    This isn’t Metroid, the game may be good, but it’ll be a god-awful excuse for a Metroid game

  • Monkeycooties

    Shots fired at The Last Guardian. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

  • Robert Lyle

    There are Alien movies without Ellen Ripley, not very good movies IMHO, angering any fans of the original Alien film series, I bet Nintendo was hoping the fans wouldn’t care especially if the game was well developed.
    Honestly, Samus has been through the wringer multiple times fighting off Metroids. Howe many times can she do this in her life? I agree there’s some potential problems with developing new Samus stories. Never played Other M, don’t plan on it either. But if they really had to dig, i suggest looking at SR3888 again. Maybe redoing the GB title from the 90s. Hasn’t been touched since then and there’s an awful lot of potentially cool stuff to deal with. I do have to admin, the bad ass stories for Samus Aran are getting stretched thin. Hard to envision a new and fresh ideas, but they’ll think of something.

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