I’ve loved Nintendo ever since I was a little girl. I never came across a Gameboy or Gameboy Advanced game that I didn’t like. My love for Nintendo grew more and more throughout the years as the Gamecube, DS, and Wii came out with new amazing games and gameplay mechanics that blew my mind, but nowadays it seems like Nintendo is slowly turning into everything I never wanted it to be.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with free-to-play games on my phone. Some were fine, but some seemed like you needed to pour in money in order to continue. I remember hoping and praying that Nintendo would never produce free-to-play games. A few months later Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball came out. To this day I still don’t know what compelled me to even download that game let alone try it, but the game left me disappointed when I saw that the only way to ‘progress’ was to use real money. I hoped that Nintendo wouldn’t attempt this again but then Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Rumble World came out and they were both repetitive and relied on microtransactions to profit. When I heard that Stretchmo was a free-to-start game, my concerns grew even more. I just hope that Nintendo doesn’t continue to make these free-to-play games, but I have a feeling that they will, especially with the rise of the Nintendo mobile era.

I never understood why some people disliked the Gamecube and the Wii so much. Both were consoles; especially the Gamecube, were key factors in making me the gamer I am today. But now I know how they feel when I think about the Wii U. When the Wii U came out I was disappointed because I knew that Nintendo would stop producing Wii games. But for Christmas I received a Wii U, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Wind Waker HD. Both games blew me away, but the Wii U gamepad and some of the games (both indie and AAA) just didn’t fit with the gamepad mechanic. While I have no issues with the 3DS, the Wii U has to be the worst console I’ve ever owned. I just hope that the NX will be better.

Once the new Nintendo YouTube policy hit I was really disappointed. So many YouTubers that I personally love stopped producing Nintendo content. The people who make Nintendo videos spent hundreds of dollars on games and systems and now Nintendo takes money from that video as well. It makes me sad and I know that Nintendo won’t get rid of this policy and so much potential free advertisement is going down the drain.

Splatoon came out recently. I don’t have the game but I did play the demo and it was very entertaining, but two days after the game was released Nintendo began to add DLC. Yes, it was free DLC, but I believe that DLC shouldn’t come out so soon after a game is released. What is the point? Why not just add the content onto the game before you release it? Nintendo should have waited a little while before they began cranking out the extra content.

When the Amiibo first came out I thought it was a very stupid idea, now I’m addicted to them and yet I only have two. This is because Nintendo just keeps on bringing out waves of Amiibo that last about a month and when they restock it’s barely enough. I know Nintendo won’t stop with their Amiibo producing ways. They’ll continue pumping out wave after wave, leaving fans out of luck and pissed off.

I’ve always loved Nintendo and hopefully I always will, but the way they have been functioning lately makes me question the company a lot. All we can do is hope that they change their ways for the better.

  • Nintendo has been flip flopping on doing good and bad things for a long while now. I really think Nintendo just kind of does things that sound good to them and they don’t think about it anymore. If it works cool but maybe they never do it again anyway.

  • Sheldon Jones

    It’s a curious thing. With their comments about entering the mobile market and their NX project being talked about the way it is, they might look to enter the mobile market by creating their own phone. A video game-centered phone made by Nintendo could prove to open up the F2P market by distributing their regular games (new and old mario, link, metroid games) on a phone device.

  • bortly

    Nintendo is awesome. They are much better then the competition. Especially because they make games that are actually FUN.

  • Gene Creemers

    Whoa, the Wii U is amazing. Maybe get Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, etc. and you’ll change your mind.

  • Chemical Trails

    I love Nintendo, but gone are the good old days of gaming I am afraid :/
    The only way we will ever get gaming back to how it was would be to kill the internet until it is dead.

    • Jake Well

      Geez…that would be terrible if the internet was suddenly killed and
      I doubt that would help bring back gaming to the good ol’ days of

      But that doesn’t matter as they’re plenty of good to great games
      that are coming out these days from indie devs, awesome companies (Nintendo being one of them) and more!

      That and the internet has given plenty of benefits that helped gaming
      grow for the better…while providing some doing bad things with it.

      Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t go down that deep, dark hole that wanders
      the mobile marketplace…I’m talking about clones and unqualified games.

      Gaming has only grown more from the internet and a lot has happen in these past recent years. The times of before were indeed the golden years, but even if it’s gone today…that doesn’t mean it’s all gone down as they’re still great games coming out today. Yup!

      • Chemical Trails

        Wow, you have optimism in the modern/future gaming market that baffles me.
        Games nowadays are:
        1. Far too easy 99.9% of the time
        2. Ruined by walkthroughs – sometimes even built INTO the game!!!
        3. Being infiltrated by modern day feminists
        4. Being infiltrated by the New World Order agenda
        5. Over developed and over commercialised. Super Mario World – the best
        game ever made – was made by a small team over many years. Modern games
        now are shat out like shit flavoured candy from a pez dispenser.
        6. The games are not even finished nowadays, you buy a game and have to spend more money to play it fully. This is a joke – period.
        7. Modern consoles are basically just low end PCs – Nintendo are the only ones who seem to steer clear of all that.

  • Jake Well

    They’re many concerns that this article made…some I disagree with but some I do see and understand. I haven’t given up on them as they haven’t taken the deep deep plunge for the worst but had some mishaps along the way…

    I will say that the WiiU isn’t the worst with the amount of quality games it has and all. But it surely is the least selling console they’ve made and the third parties being scarce (not supporting the system), that I can say.

    As for your reasons on Splatoon…well I actually know what Nintendo is doing and you’ll know it too if you’ve experience playing a online-only/centric game.

    You’re well aware that Splatoon isn’t your typical unique game because it is Nintendo’s first major Online-Multiplayer game. With the game being centralized on online multiplayer and all…the content they’re releasing is basically like what TF2 (Team Fortress 2) and other Online Games/MMOs/etc do and there’s an article that explains why Nintendo is releasing Free DLC from NintendoLife.

    That and one of the modes, Ranked Battle, was unlocked when enough Lvl10 players came into passing so there’s that.

    That and the greatest thing I see this game becoming…is the community support behind it. Had you start up the game, you’ll see plenty of people in the plaza with miiverse posts everywhere and all. It gives me the feeling that this game will thrive with the whole community and maybe…just maybe…Nintendo doing what TF2 and other Online Games did with taking suggestions, producing content and more for the whole community! It could happen as it is for Smash Bros…and it’ll be amazing when this game grows more and more over the years…I hope.

    Other then that…I see your concerns over those Free-to-start games and I gotta say, for Strechmo, that game can be seen as a say…free demo of some sort until you have to pay up for the rest of games levels. It’s kinda nice as you can pay for any sort of level packs you want while playing the available free content.

    If you want the full game, just buy it all but if not or if you want some of it then you can purchase one of the level packs for them. Pretty cool and not bad unlike what usually comes out of mobile games these days.

    As for the other Free-to-start games…I actually see your concern on them like Pokemon Shuffle and all. I haven’t honestly played Shuffle but what I know of it…it’s doing on what other mobile games would do. As I’ve not experienced the game myself…I won’t say anything about it besides reading some people who either liked/disliked the game for it’s system.

    …Now about Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, I heard a lot of good things on how it handled it’s system on buying games with it’s haggle system and knowing that it’s a mini-game collection…it’s alright. Compared to other mobile games, this is basically a whole game with only one free demo available and all others being sold. It’s like you’re buying piece by piece the whole game just like Strechmo did and I appreciate how it does it unlike what I know about Pokemon Shuffle (I don’t know much about Rumble World though so I can’t say).

    Let’s just say that i’m not too concern about these games as they’re not all to bad and not major, huge games to worry about. Unless Nintendo does some terrible things to future games like a bunch of microtransactions/ads/etc…let’s just say i’m not worried about it all.

    In the deep end, I’m more concerned about Nintendo’s Youtube Policies with it being a mess and all. They’ve gotten a lot of fans/people who liked Nintendo mad at them which is bad for them…They really need to fix and work on those policies and fix up that “Nintendo Creator’s Program” or just end it to make it so many youtubers aren’t being “Content ID” for any Nintendo Game they play and upload. (That’ll be a miracle if they do it/figure out a way that is)

    Oh and Amiibos, as hugely successful they are, they need to get on stocking up a TON of them for they’re sellding out like CRAZY! Did you heard that recently, a GAME UK truck full of Splatoon Special Edition Copies that had the 3-Pack Splatoon Amiibo, was stolen? Yeah…it’s gone that far and something Nintendo has to fix.

    I hope this is resolved by the end of the year/next year…or things are gonna
    get worse and worse.

    All in all, the nightmare for Nintendo has not began as of yet but I see
    your concerns Aaliyah. I would say that not many things will change (reasons said above), but as long as Nintendo doesn’t go the deep end then all is alright for now.

    In the meantime, I recommend you go read some posts on Nintendo News (Did you know that, for Splatoon, they’re collaborating with the creator of the adorable Japanese Manga/Anime Squid Girl and bring DLC based on it to Splatoon? It’s gonna be awesome and it’s unknown if it’ll come out to the west…but with the severs being global, chances are it will come to the west hehe.) for some fun tidbits and interesting stuff to look out for…but I think you’re already on top of that haha.

    With E3 2015 coming, who know what’s Nintendo has in store for everyone and i can’t wait. Thanks for reading and stay awesome y’all! =D

    • Pedro Burset

      hey dude no one will take you seriously with that gay ass profile picture

      • Jake Well

        Hmm…I don’t know about needing for my comment to be
        taken “serious” as it’s just my thoughts and opinions on this
        post and all about Nintendo.

        That and my profile picture is indeed a “gay ass” pony as you described, nothing more then a gleeful, cute pic is all.

        To be honest with you…if people on this here site would judge someone’s comment just based on profile pictures…it speaks wonders about the person itself if you know what I mean.

        Anyways, I don’t mind if you’re not fond of my profile picture…just no need to be concern of my comment being taken serious as it’s nothing major/ground breaking but someone’s thoughts and opinions.

        I wouldn’t judge your comments just based on your profile picture, it would be rude to do so. (and you don’t have one so…there’s that). Anyways see ya dude, it’s best to ignore me like an invisible wall if you can’t read my comment because of my “gay ass” pony profile picture.

        • Pedro Burset

          but still a guy who likes my little pony is still super gay

  • disqus_izKB2mVZ9T

    I can’t say I agree. Nintendo looks to be getting a lot of things right at the moment, the blunder years appear to be over…That said, E3 next week is going to be a big test. We need to hear about a sizable range of new games. But 2015 so far has been very promising. Beyond the decent number of quality exclusive titles on both the Wii U and 3DS, the launch of the New 3DS more use and purpose for Amiibo, the announcement of theme parks deals with Universal and the DeNA deal Nintendo is on track. It’s simply time to hear about a buck load of new games!

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