Call of Duty: Black ops 3 is on the way, and this time the DLC is going to Playstation 4 before PC or Xbox One. Gamespot got a chance to sit down and talk to Adam Boyes, PlayStation VP of Publisher & Developer Relations regarding the early DLC access.

Boyes explained that the DLC for Call of Duty: Black ops 3 hitting Playstation first was thanks to the strong relationship started through Destiny. Destiny content has always gone to Playstation first, and Sony has been treating the game like a first party title in many ways.

Playstation will also be getting the Call of Duty: Black ops 3 beta earlier then the PC and Xbox One, putting everything but the main game on the Playstation ahead of time. Sony is making a large push for timed exclusives, getting content to the Playstation 4 ahead of everyone else. Not a bad idea Sony, not a bad idea.

Call of Duty: Black ops 3 comes out November 6th, 2015.

  • Charlz

    Dude…Microsoft not wanting this is what helped sony get it. That and sonys stupidity. Its paying $ to get DLC first for a stale die/respawn due/respawn franchise. Its a complete waste of $. Great work sony ! Lolololo

    • Jordan Johnson

      How much money do you think Microsoft wasted on COD DLC They was paying for that shit for years!!!

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