Bungie’s sci-fi FPS game, Destiny, has been out for nearly a year now. Millions of players have graced the worlds within Destiny, shooting aliens and lusting after exotic-level gear for their Guardians. After two previous expansions, The Dark Below and the more recent House of Wolves, there’s a new, larger expansion on the horizon: The Taken King.

Set to release on September 15th, The Taken King will come about a year after Destiny initially launched. It’ll bring with it a butt-load of new content to Destiny, including a vast array of new weapons, armor, character subclasses and abilities, new enemies, a whole new in-game area, and story missions. There will also be an update for the game, dubbed Update 2.0; with this, there will be a number of changes to Destiny’s existing infrastructure, including weapon balances (hey, maybe some players won’t lean on the Thorn or Gjallarhorn as much…).

There’ll even be a few special editions of Destiny releasing when The Taken King comes out. The Legendary Edition of Destiny will get you the base game, The Dark Below, the House of Wolves, and The Taken King. Or, if you want to step your game up, there’s the Collector’s Edition, which comes with everything the Legendary Edition has plus a bunch of in game or physical goodies, depending on if you get the digital or physical copy (you can read up on some of the special editions here).

That all sounds nice, especially for a game like Destiny…but I can’t help but be a tad skeptical about this new expansion. Bungie promises that The Taken King will be like a whole new game, which would explain the $40 price tag. Despite all that’s promised, I don’t know how I feel about it.

One of the main things I have an issue with is the price. I know The Taken King is said to have quite a bit more content than the first two expansions, but I feel like $40 is quite a bit of money for DLC. The Dark Below and the House of Wolves were both $20 separately, or $35 together if you bought the Expansion Pass. When I see a $40 price tag, I think of fresh new PS2 games, or what Titanfall should have cost when it got released (sorry to any Titanfall fans out there). $40 for DLC for a year-old game just doesn’t sound right.

I’m also a bit concerned with the re-playability of The Taken King. It’s bringing a lot of new content to the game, but I worry it’ll follow in the footsteps of The Dark Below and the House of Wolves expansions. The Dark Below was a bit unpopular among some players who thought it wasn’t worth the $20 they paid for it, and while the House of Wolves had more content, it still felt repetitive. The Taken King seems to have a lot of new content in it, but how long will it keep players involved in the game?

With all the news and updates regarding The Taken King on Bungie’s website, what are your opinions on Destiny’s next expansion? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

  • Guy Montag

    All of the previous dlc has been so unimpressive. Things like ewsy multi-player group forming and communication are still unaddressed. Until bungle fixes those things, I won’t be interested in their dlc. So my reaction is “meh.”

    • Charlie Bourque

      Yeah group forming is what killed this game for me, I have a busy job & family, I don’t have time to screw around trying to make friends on PSN and get a raid group together. Just put matchmaking on everything… I would drop $40 and put some more time into Destiny for that. Otherwise I’ll pass.

  • victor

    Perhaps they should try selling the game at the correctly converted price in the UK instead of changing the currency symbol from $ to £ and hoping we don’t notice. You think 40 dollars is a lot for this then try 40 quid for a DLC. I’ll pass thanks bungie and wait until you do another add on and bundle everything together again.

  • brycly

    Too expensive for my tastes and with all the good games coming out I don’t know if or for how long I’d play. I can’t really commit hours of time without interruption so I still haven’t done a raid which is supposed to be the best part. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent game, but it’s mainly one I play when I don’t have anything else I want to play. I ditch it when I get sick of it or a better game comes out and I go back when I don’t have anything I feel compelled to play.

    Their DLC needs to get a lot better before I could commit to $40, even for one this size. I’d consider paying $20-25 but not 40. Maybe some day when I have the uninterrupted time to raid I’ll buy it.

  • Dusty

    First, I want Bungie to explain why Oryx is coming for me if I never killed Crota?

    Also, my friends don’t play Destiny and I absolutely loath having to find random people to play Raids/PoE/ToO with. Plus, me having to find random people to play with is essentially the same thing as matchmaking, except that it’s a pain in the ass. So, until Bungie just makes my life easier and includes more matchmaking, I’ll just find something else to play.

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