I recently wrote this article on whether or not the new Rise of the Tomb Raider was doomed for being an Xbox-exclusive game. Sure enough, the exclusivity was only timed as it was confirmed today that the game will be releasing on PS4 and PC in early 2016. But is it too little too late?

It’s great that the new Tomb Raider game will be reaching as many gamers as possible, but has the damage already been done? Tomb Raider – a franchise once renowned for having its iconic iterations on PlayStation – was recently thrown into turmoil when Microsoft confirmed that the new game would be releasing first on Xbox One. As you can imagine, many hardcore Tomb Raider fans are also PlayStation loyalists, and so the news wasn’t exactly welcome to a large number of people.

With Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End also delayed into 2016, it looked set to be a torrid time for PlayStation owners. So if you’re a comittied PlayStation gamer who once had a passion for the Tomb Raider series, are you okay with the turn of events? Does it feel as though Crystal Dynamics has betrayed your crowd somewhat, or are you able to see the deal as the nature of the industry in this day and age? If Microsoft offered the studio more money to have the game on Xbox first, it would obviously be foolish, at least financially, to refuse that offer.

Are you willing to forgive the developers and look forward to what should be a great game regardless? After all, the game is ultimately coming out on all the major platforms at some point in the near future, so should we squabble over who’s getting it first? Should we consider ourselves lucky that Microsoft didn’t buy the IP outright? That would have caused a real outrage.

Personally, I see the whole fiasco as being a simple business decision. I can understand why PlayStation gamers would be upset, but ultimately I don’t think they should be too bitter over the whole situation because the game will end up on their console eventually anyway. Plus, knowing the state in which video games are released nowadays, the game will probably be fully patched up and glitch-free by the time it makes its way to PS4, having stumbled on day one on the Xbox One. It’s a possibility. Just saying.

  • Ash

    “If Microsoft offered the studio more money to have the game on Xbox first, it would obviously be foolish, at least financially, to refuse that offer”

    Which is exactly why I wont be buying the game. I hate this trend of buying exclusivity. X-box players don’t get any benefit, they would’ve been able to play it anyway, so all it does is hurt gamers on other platforms. The amount of people who will actually buy an xbox just to play tomb raider is surely next to nothing, so the only reason they could be doing it is to give the illusion of value. ‘Look how many exclusives we have’. Rather than invest money to create a new IP (beneficial for gamers) they throw money at devs to hinder the competition (bad for gamers) If there is no financial downside to this practice then it will continue, and more and more devs will be bought. If less people buy timed exclusives, then in the future devs will ask for more money to make these exclusive deals financially viable, meaning that less of them will happen. So if you care about the future of the games industry, then any game that’s a timed exclusive you should wait to buy second-hand. That way you’re voting against this bull**** with your money, and still get to play the game.

    • Fweds

      And Sony are doing exactly the same thing.

      • Ash

        Yep, timed exclusivity sucks no matter who’s behind it. So when tomb raider comes out on ps4 i’ll be picking it up second-hand.

  • TurtleColonel

    I think the real reason people are upset by this, at least the Playstation crowd, is that it won’t be coming out on PS4 until Holiday 2016. A full year later! I have both systems so it really doesn’t bother me, but I was planning on playing it on PS4 because it is the console I use and like the most.

  • jacksjus

    Let the game release and garner review scores first. Only then is this question even relevant.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    Q: Some of us at Gameondaily are a bit bewildered by the strong reaction and are wondering what the big deal is?

    A: Well, since your in the gaming industry I would expect you to known what the big deal is but as you asked the question I’m guessing you don’t so let me explain it to you.

    Tomb raider was created by Sega Saturn at the behest of Sony in 1996. It launched on Nov 10,1996 to Sega, PS and PC it has been nurtured and played through decades by the PlayStation Nation. In fact the ONLY reason it got a reboot was because of the interest in the game created by PS players consequently it was the PlayStation Nation who bought the most copies of the reboot or it would NOT have been the smashing success it was. SO when Microsoft announced they were highjacking TR as a X1 Exclusive naturally it was big news and to us the PlayStation Nation it was as if someone had stolen one of our children we were frantic as well we should be.

    Q: Why the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity announcement elicited such strong reactions and calls to boycott the game but Street Fighter, a title that has never really home to a single platform and widely regarded by many as the best fighting game franchise, is greeted by comparatively little noise is somewhat confusing.

    A: Not really ! First there are more players who are part of the PlayStation Nation second the PSN is Strong and we react as one kinda like the borg wrong one of us and you’ve wronged ALL of us. Were like a flock of birds or school of fish we intuitively react as one body. Thats not something Xbots have or do they’re scattered about here and there but they don’t often agree or come together as one unit on any issue.

    Q: why the petitions calling for a boycott of the game if it didn’t matter in the first place?

    A: See answer to question one. It did and does matter because TR belongs to PS ! NO it’s not an exclusive its a thrid p[arty game but it was nutrured and grown by the PSN and as such it’s ours.

    Q: Is it just a case of fanboy rivalry in the never-ending console wars that fuels the fire or is there a genuine case to answer for this exclusivity deal?

    A: No this had NOTHING to do with Fanboydum or Fangirldum ! This deal between Square and Microsoft was a Crime and thats why the alarm bells went off thats why the PSN raised such Hell because a game that WE had nurtured and loved through out the years was being HighJacked by Snidely Whiplash ( aka Microsoft ) simple because they were to stupid or to lazy to create their own IP to challenge Uncharted 4and because Square was SELLING out their fanbase for a big bag of money that they threw away the loyalty of the millions of playstation gamers who have nurtured and loved this game and made it worth a reboot. That they threw our loyaity on the ground and pissed on it is what this was really all about. Iff anything good comes out of this whole debacle I hope the gaming industry learns that when you create a fanbase and they support your games you CAN’T just sell them out for money without expecting there to be consequences.

    I hope this helps you better understand what the Big Deal was as you put it, because it IS a Big Deal and gaming companies need to learn its NOT ALL about the money ! For without US the gamers they’re OUT OF BUSINESS ! I for one am NOT ready to forgive nor do I think I ever will be able to forgive the betrayal by Square, as for Tomb Raider If I get it it will be USED out of a bargin bin as I don’t want any of my money going to Square.

    • datdude

      You forgot to mention in addition that the ps4 definitive edition of Tomb Raider outsold the xbone version by a healthy margin. A very healthy margin.

      • Fweds

        And you both have no idea what you are talking about, Square Enix stated that the last Tomb Raider didn’t perform anywhere near their expectations and you won’t believe this but that includes the PS4 version SHOCK HORROR (What ! But ! but ! Etc)

        Square Enix made it perfectly clear that they were looking at investment from MS and Sony so as to cover their outlay for the next Tomb Raider Before launch, now Sony did NOT take the offer but MS DID and the result was investment and even a MS Dev team on the Project and the timed exclusivity is the final reward for doing it.

        Sony on the other hand clearly had their eye on other games and did exactly the same thing with Streetfighter and to a lesser extent with COD, Destiny, Batman etc and now their latest little game is making it as difficult as possible for other company’s to show the public that the next Star wars is actually multi format.

        • datdude

          Son, you’re so confused you’re taking a statement Square Enix made about Tomb Raider a month after it launched and trying to ascribe it to the sales figures of that game years after that statement by Square was first made. To date, Tomb Raider has sold more than 8.5 million copies across platforms. That meets expectations son, as it would for any game not named GTA or COD.

          If you’re going to make an argument one way or the other, try to stay up to date and have current relevant information. Otherwise, you just look clownish. Typical.

        • Sweetbrandigirl2004

          You are So misinformed its funny. Square made the statement they weren’t happy with the sales figures 6 weeks after TR launch. TR had only sold 1.5 million copies after 6 weeks they were expecting more like 3 million. TR ended up selling 6 million copies the majority of those on PS 3. It then sold another 1.5 million of PS4 as a Remaster at which point Square said the game had surpassed their expectations.

          Next time try doing some research before running your mouth that way you won’t look like a stupid Fanboy running his mouth with no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Bryan King

    How do you think Xbox players would feel if Sony said…. “You know Rockstar owe us all that money for the Agent game”, “lets see if they will make the next Red dead or GTA fully exclusive as reciprocity for TR!” I think there would be a lot of Twitter campaigns and such in the aftermath of that. Lets hope it happens…

    • Fweds

      I wonder how Xbox owners would feel if the next Streetfighter, the series they have been able to play for years suddenly stops because another company paid to make that happen ? OH WHAT WAIT THEY HAVE.

      Sony cannot in any way afford to get into any sort of software buying war with MS they would simply lose and it would also spell the end of the PlayStation brand under the Sony name.

      • Bryan King

        Why couldn’t they, it’s not the same financially unhealthy beast it was a couple of years ago. Playstation wouldnt be buying against MS, it would be buying against Xbox division. Xbox division has a budget and has a very negative profile in the eyes of MS investors. It costs PS less to buy exclusivity due to them having an install base twice the size of xbox1 and as I mentioned companies such as Rockstar have relationships going back way further with PS. As i said Rockstar actually owe PS a whole game from back in the ps2 era. I think PS are far more shrewd in their investments regarding third parties and MS would not be long getting out of the console business …which would be great. Cause they are completely anti-consumer and poisonous to the industry bringing in such practices as timed exclusives, exclusive dlc, times exclusive dlc and money-hatting.

        • Fweds

          Do you mean the Xbox Division that just announced a 2.1 BILLION PROFIT ?, (let’s just hope Sony do as well as they have nothing left to sell now beyond the PlayStation brand name), and no the investors are more then happy with Xbox that is why it has become central to MS long term plans with Windows 10.

          Maybe Sony should try and see “How low priced can you go” against MS as it will be funny to watch Sony disappear.

          ” Cause they are completely anti-consumer and poisonous to the industry bringing in such practices as timed exclusives, exclusive dlc, times exclusive dlc and money-hatting.”

          Now that is funny, you have just described EXCTLY what Sony are doing right now even to the extent of even buying the advertising rights to try to make games like the new Star wars game “SEEM” like it’s an exclusive

          • Bryan King

            Are you a blind fool or something? Microsoft brought the exclusive dlc crap into the industry in generation 8… you thought it would go unanswered? You think Sony will just sit there and let MS use their underhanded techniques without doing anything.
            By the way I have a degree in accounting and my speciality is corporate governance… they had no such thing as 2.1 billion in profit, only and idiot would read a financial report that way. They have their accounts broken up into several different areas… they shipped 1.6M consoles and have a very small margin on them (this is a mix of X1s and 360s) the more x1s they sell the smaller the margin as opposed to 360s.
            They also hide promotional discounts (which they do a lot) under the entire MS marketing expenditure. In eight years of operation during generation 7, the division only made a small profit in one year. That generation they were doing much better relative to competition.
            If you want to discuss financials, I am more than willing to.
            Such as how Sony has increased their market value by almost 50% this year and how they are raising nearly 3 billion for some investments through a new stock offer. You are a very ignorant individual…. if ever the day came (and it wont) that sony went broke, Samsung would buy it and then MS would be crushed…

            • Nhiroz

              Damn! The guy got schooled! Good job Bryan!

  • datdude

    It’s really going to depend on what else is out in the time frame it will launch on ps4. If exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn, Dreams, The Last Guardian, GT7, etc. launch in it’s window, Lara will be facing the same onslaught she is facing this year from the likes of Halo, Fallout, Cod, Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars, etc. etc. And the game will have been out for a full year and forgotten by many people. Not to mention the multiplats that usually go heavy in the fall, with Mass Effect Andromeda being a big one next fall/winter.

  • bobbio

    These people (below) are really strange. Am i gonna get mad at all the timed games that sony showed at E3 ? No..cauze i dont give a f##k. These freaks need to STFU and go play the odor.

    • Fweds


  • HustyparmenCZ

    I will buy the new Tomb Raider on PS4, HOWEVER, I will NOT forgive what they have done. BAD MOVE trying to screw over us, gamers.

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