Nintendo Japan just put out a notification of death that confirmed Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo has passed away on the 11th of July, 2015. According to the report, Iwata had passed away due to a bile duct growth.

President Iwata began his career in Nintendo in 1983 as part of the team at HAL Laboratory and went on to work on games like Kirby and Earthbound. Rising the ranks, he eventually became Director of Nintendo in 2000 and from there he began working on the bigger franchises such as Mario and Legend of Zelda. Eventually he was officially appointed the CEO of Nintendo of America in 2013, governing and taking care of both Japan and America’s division of the Nintendo brand.

The bile duct tumor was an issue back in 2014, forcing Iwata to not turn up at E3 due to needing an extensive surgery to remove it. Sadly the tumor clearly came back and the growth was left unattended, causing his passing at such a youthful age.

We wish nothing but the best for his family and friends, the man left behind an amazing legacy and the people who his games and philosophy on life and work who he had touched. Rest in Peace dear soul.

  • Monkeycooties

    This is really sad. Mr. Iwata was everything you expect Nintendo’s president (and other respected positions) to be. He was always friendly, passionate, and wanting to please his fans/employees. There are some great stories of his time at Nintendo, but what always impressed me is his refusal to lay off employees during Nintendo’s less profitable times. Job security is so rare in this day and age, and it speaks volumes about the company and Mr. Iwata to refuse the “easy way out” of financial restraints. RIP. 🙁

    • Sheldon Jones

      I think a year ago when the WiiU was causing them to take huge losses he took a pay cut of about 50%. He’s a man that cared about the industry he was a titan of. He will be missed by all.

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