It’s no secret that sometimes there can feel like there is a disconnect between the people who make the decisions that effect how a game is made, and those that actually play the game. Taking to twitter over the weekend, responding to a comment about level of class and respect shown between Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, and PlayStation Head, Shuhei Yoshida, Spencer wrote, “I think our industry is better when more people who [make] decisions on games play. Shuhei Yoshida is one of those people.”

Not being sarcastic, Spencer was referring to Yoshida’s displayed history of gaming. Back in April the PlayStation exec announced he had nabbed himself a platinum trophy in Bloodborne.

Taking over as the lead for Xbox in March of 2014, Spencer is the man largely responsible for the improvements and dramatic change in course the Xbox One has seen since its original announcement.

  • Jill Sandwich

    Anyone applying for a job in the games industry should have to fill out a list of the most critically acclaimed & critically panned games they can think of, at least 50 games total, to show that they know a thing or two about games. Or perhaps have them write an essay on what made at least 4 of those games a success or failure.

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