We all know that Bethesda can craft some pretty huge games, so it will come as no surprise that their next big title Fallout 4 will have a large amount of replay value. People have likely told you stories of how they have played Skyrim for hundreds of hours and continue to find new things to see and do.

But 400 hours without seeing everything? That’s almost unheard of, but according to Bethesda’s lead producer Jeff Gardiner it is true of Fallout 4. Speaking to OXM, Jeff had this to say.

“I’ve played the game for probably 400 hours, and I’m still finding stuff that I haven’t seen.”

This is apparently in no small part thanks to the game’s extensive crafting system. Previous Bethesda games have had lots to see and do, but none have offered the endless opportunities for creativity like Fallout 4 will with its ability to customize specific sections of the Wasteland as well as weapons and body armor. Pete Hines discussed the system in a bit more detail.

“For the larger building stuff it’s not stored in your inventory, it’s in the workbench that you’re using in that area. I de-constructed this and it’s all stored over her and then when I go to build it’s pulling from that inventory of stuff I have.”

Electronics can also be installed in buildings but will require generators.

“It’s all common sense visual stuff. If it doesn’t connect to the generator, the power doesn’t work. You can actually flag stuff to say ‘I’m looking for this stuff because I want to make this’ which means that when you’re scavenging anything that fulfils the requirement gets flagged in the world. When you connect stuff to the computer terminal you have a lot of control and sort of fine tuning. If you’ve got something that plays music, you can actually define how it’s playing music.”

All very exciting stuff. Which aspect of Fallout 4 has you most giddy with anticipation?

  • spideynut71

    That’s pretty much true of every openworld game they’ve ever made.

  • Fartmaster69

    Word per word what they said for Skyrim, Todd “Liar for Hire” Howard is at it again.

    • Tapani Leskelä

      Well it took me more than 400 hours to see everything in Skyrim too.

      • Fartmaster69

        And it took one strong woman to melt this frost giant’s heart
        This Winter…

      • kevin

        Really because I did every faction quest line, every little fetch quest sidequest, got every dragon priest mask, cleared every cave and dungeon and beat the main story all in 103 hours and that was with exploring and finding all caves and dungeons. Now if you just wondered around aimlessly and killing things for hours upon hours yeah you could get that amount of time but no way does it take 400 hours to see and do everything in skyrim. I also promise that in no way will fallout 4 take 400 hours unless you have to see every crafted mod or weapon or spend a ridiculous amount of time building a settlement. If you just do every sidequest, dungeon, main story missions and explore every inch of the wasteland you’ll probably get at least 100 hours then again I did absolutely everything in fallout 3 because I loved it and it only took me 70 hours.

        • Fusion_Pirate

          Yeah…and you’re probably the type of person that treats these games like a grocery list; skimming (or skipping) through conversations, fast traveling at every single opportunity, consulting forums and wikis for quest/item information without properly exploring for yourself, obsessing over your trophies/achievements more than the actual narrative & emotive content…players like you suck the life out of open world games.

          The point of the journey isn’t the destination; the point IS the journey. If you approach Bethesda’s games more like life and less like a grocery list, they can easily keep an individual engaged for hundreds of hours.

          • kevin

            Dude I read every book I came across because i love reading and listened to every conversation because story is the number one reason I love to game and the only time I fast traveled was when I find every last fast travel point and if a quest marker was way on the other side of the map I fast traveled instead of artificially inflating my game time. I also never look up help on the internet and why ephod I for skyrim nothing in that game was aged to complete and like I said I explored every dungeon there was so why would I need help. The only thing your right about is I don’t obsesse over trophy/achievements because that’s pointless to me but other then that I love open world games and Def don’t rush through them. For example I just beat Witcher 3 and it took me 170 hours to beat and that was doing everything from listening to every conversation I could, playing everyone I could in gwent, fo8ng all monster contracts, uncovering every question mark on the map even in skellige where all the ones out in the ocean were the exact same thing which was gear that I was way over leveled for but I’m a completionist and love doing everything in a game even though after the first 5 and there was like 50 or something it was kind of pointless and took forever to reach because there was no fast travel and boats don’t go that fast not to mention having to fight harpies every time I did it because I loved the world. So no i don’t rush or suck the fun out of open world games As you put it I just don’t over exaggerate the time a game takes to beat or see everything there is to do.

        • jkflipflop98

          I call complete bullshit. You’re lying out your ass.

          • kevin

            Why would I lie it’s not like in saying the game sucked. I loved the game which is why I read every more book, did every faction quest line and other sidequests, explored all dungeons, collected all dragon priest masks, explored every dungeon fully and completed the main story because I was so into the game and yes I did it in 103 hours on normal mode if that matters.

            • Skyrim4Ever

              He most likely consulted the game manual. Or what most younger achievement gamers prefer to do these days–watch a Youtube playthrough with all the cheats.

        • Letalis Metalis Omier

          Now what game mode did you play skyrim at? If you went easy, or normal I can see that you spent little time. The next question is did you play every aspect of the game? You think you did but did you? Did you play as a mage and then fist fighter brawler? Did you experience the game in every aspect? That’s what I normally do when I play bethesda games. Their games usually have so much replay value so there is no way you can just beast it in less then a week with no life. If you beat the game in just one aspect, then quite simply you did not experience everything the game had to offer.

        • Skyrim4Ever

          That’s just it though. I think Todd/Beth is basing that time on the more Minecraft/sandbox and immersion RPG minded gamers like me. Before even considering to begin the MQ, I personally plan on spending the first 60+ game hours or so establishing a Brahmin trading empire with as many settlements I can build in the world. I may do a couple random side quests here and there, but foraging and building will be my focal point. This is also for strategic purposes for playing the MQ and other side quests. Because depending on what part of the world/what settlements the MQ takes you adventuring to, it’s always nice to have–or at least know–you have a safe haven within the vicinity that you can call home. Like within 1-3 days or so of foot travel if you’re badly wounded, need medical help, are starving etc. Todd also said enemy AI and health scale with a rubber band effect instead of the traditional leveling. So if you get to a desolate and deadly place like the Glowing Sea, and you and/or dog meat or some other companion contracts radiation sickness, it’s nice to know you may have a settlement nearby to rest up and heal.

          But I suppose the more achievement minded gamers (who don’t care for gameplay challenges or realism like Hardcore needs mode) would likely find all of this boring. They’re more likely to burn through all the new content in normal difficulty mode. And ignore all side and favor NPC quests by doing so. And will probably accomplish all that in a Saints Row 3 record of under 10 real life hours or less….

          Then bragg (or complain) to the universe about how they “beat” the game and how much it sucks. Such is the charmed life of an infamous member of the PC Master Race. lol.

        • Skyrim4Ever

          You’re 100% wrong on Skyrim. I’m at 1550+ hours now (thanks to a maxed 254 mod stack) and basically have YET TO COMPLETE THE MQ. Why? Because I don’t care for battling giant, flying lizards. My PC who is a Stormcloak sympathizing Nord –who is a 4 hold Thane/DB Master/ TG Master and Vamp Lord — kills, slashes, and shouts them to death whenever they dare troll him when he’s tending the crops on his farms. Or flame broil his livestock at any of his dozens of custom mansions around Skyrim. He’s also got a wife and kids to raise while trying to save the world from rogue Aedra and Daedra. Lol.

          And on top of that, my PC also has a thriving merchantile trading business thanks to several economic mods which make the Skyrim economy a real challenge to barter and trade in. Which can be a challenge because he’s an avid blacksmith and aspiring chef. Also enjoys hunting and camping out in the wilderness, thanks to wildlife critter mods like Hunterborn, Animallica, Frostfall and RWS.

          On top of all that, he’s got a wife and 6 kids to raise in the height of a civil war that ravages his homeland. So thanks to immersion mods like Civil War Overhaul, Immersive Patrols, and Battlefield Injury PC mods, he typically ends up with one foot in the grave on a daily basis. That usually has an inconvenient way of interfering with whatever vanilla side quests I try to have him complete in a game day. Because he’s got to sleep, cook and eat proper nutritious meals, have regular bowl movements #1 and #2, get constipated at random times, bathe when dirty (or when he pees/craps himself when close to dying in battle), and YES–have sex with his wife (an adult sex mod I installed) and ultimately heal from the many battle wounds he gets when he steps outside the house. So that trivial side quest for the Riften Arkay priest to Markarth can literally take him a game MONTH if not more. Despite the fact he travels on horseback most the time. Because it will likely get bumped by the dozens of side quest mods like Fight the Thalmor, Moon Path to Elyswr, and epic new worlds like Faalstar in my game. So the odds of me EVER finishing the vanilla quest before FO4 ships is very unlikely…….


    • ???High By The Beach ???

      Oh, shut up. I sold Skyrim at 120 hrs and wasn’t even half way done.

  • psyrakan

    24h a day won’t be enough, we needs a patch for a couple more hours. C’mon God you can do it.

  • VenomSnake421

    Now we’re talking, Fallout 4 is most likely game of the year then, I will still love TPP though.

  • OC Guy

    400 hours? good, then I won’t need to purchase any DLC.

  • Arcade Gannon

    The first time I played FNV, it took me 68 hours to complete the story (that was just one quest line helping Yes Man and the NCR.)
    I completed each quest line for each faction and that brought me to well over 400 hours (especially when you include modding.)

  • Dynasty2021

    Good luck running script extenders and mod load order software etc consoles.

    Not that they’re required to run like…99% of the mods out there or anything.


    • Skyrim4Ever

      I seriously doubt if the new gen consoles will ever be able to run the higher complexity aka cpu and graphics card intensive mods. XB1 and PS4 will most likely run simpler script mods, probably a good number of weapons texture, clutter, modded interiors for custom homes, and food mods.

      But the consoles will unlikely be able to handle heavy duty global texture mods on the scale of NMC, Vurt’s Floral Overhaul, EVE, and FCO/NVR3 without signifcant stutter. Wonder what the RAM limitations are going to be on these and especially for PS4. And if RAM doesn’t kill them, the CPU/performance intensive mods the likes of AWOP, MMM, PN/IMCN will. Because they will be competing for RAM/CPU/GPU resources with the game’s new vanilla weather system.

      So console button mashers can pretty much forget about running a performance hog environmental/weather mod the scale of Chesko’s Frostfall for Skyrim. But that assumes the vanilla weather system doesn’t measure up to Frostfall’s performance standards.

      It’s almost as though Beth is setting up the console fan boys to fail miserably once mods start showing up on Nexus and Steam. Because after adding any vanilla DLC worlds to the base game, I seriously doubt if the new gen consoles could properly render custom worlds (the likes of Project Brazil) without self combusting from all that computing power heat. lol I see a lot of crying and bitching threads on modding forums come this fall. LMAO.

      • Aaron Griffith

        Personally I don’t care about modding at all, but wouldn’t you also say PC users are ‘mashing buttons’ and ‘fan boys’? Seems like there is some animosity there towards people who prefer to play games on their home consoles as opposed to playing on PC.

        • Skyrim4Ever

          “Personally I don’t care about modding at all…..”

          The inherent ignorance in this phrase basically summarizes the extent of my antagonism towards the console gaming community. And it doesn’t help that most of the console gamers I’ve had the misfortune to encounter online, are selfish, self-entitled, superficial achievement whores.

          Yes, animosity definitely exists in my cybertone. Given the fact that console gamers grossly outnumber PC gamers on the market, software devs increasingly accommodate this fickle lot with even more increasingly superficial game play. Because unfortunately, that’s where the $$$ is to be made in the gaming industry today. So quality game mechanics are on the decline.

          As a PC gamer, the worst mistake I ever made was buying X360 to play games. Really bought the console for Assassin’s Creed because the PC port was crappy. My enjoyment of the AC1 to AC Brotherhood title made a change in the way I viewed console gaming. That’s when I made the horrific mistake of buying GTA V when it came out for console. Which–as I unfortunately discovered–had permanently departed from the traditional R* single player game (and completely lacked the epic, immersive scope of GTA SA or GTA IV). That’s when I fully understood the true nature of console gamers. In the worst possible way from a franchise with one of the worst fan bases in the gaming community (second only to CoD). lol.

          The hand holding games written for a console platform is one thing because of the hardware limitations. But the trolling, misogyny, hate speech, vulgarity, and typical anti social behavior I encountered in GTAO on a daily basis was depressing. I became even more disgrunted by the fact R* cannibalized the single player game by reserving the best online DLC for GTAO. Just so they could populate their servers, regardless of dissimilar in gaming mindset their players were. As a sandbox/immersion PvE gamer, I prefer deeply immersive/sandbox games like TES and the Fallout franchise. I loved GTA because up to GTA IV, it was still very much a dedicated single player game. But then R* saw all the potential revenue MMOs like CoD/BF3 were making, and fundamentally changed the GTA franchise design. And in doing so, the GTA franchise by GTA V was transformed into a lobotomized, psuedo MMO for the consoles. What a complete turnoff. I never thought it possible that so many unimaginative and antisocial people–aka from 8th graders to legal adults over 35+yrs old–could actually exist in a single franchise. lol. So the mere thought of that Neanderthal element of younger, achievement whore gamers polluting the Fallout universe is abhorrent to me.

          And now Bethesda appears to be leaning in this general direction by catering to the console masses. And in doing so, Beth may be dumbing down the game features in order to make it more compatible on the inferior XB1 and PS4 platforms. Especially now that they’re making it possible for console gamers to d/l mods. Which could technically limit us PC gamers. Because it means Beth may have to put some hard designer constraints on FO4’s creation kit, given the console hardware limitations. Just so they can standardize CK’s features for both console and PC….

          Past experience has consistently taught me that those console gamers (who also play regularly on PC) tend to be more of the immersion/sandbox gamer type. Whereas those who exclusively play console are not. They’re the least likely of a franchise’s fandom to accumulate hours of game play (i.e 1000+ hr), or complete the numerous side quests in an open world sandbox like Fallout. For this reason, they don’t see the value of features like mods–because gaming for them is all about the destination and not the journey.

          I’ve found console players to be typically impatient gamers who burn through a new game in records amount of time. And who are likely achievement whores with achievement completion lists. And tend to lack the patience and/or tech savvy to install complex features like mods. Because their achievement of the MQ does not require it. lol. So my guess is FO4 console gamers will expect FO4 mods can be instantly downloaded, will be 100% bug free, and playable perfect right out of the cyber box. And because of their vast ignorance of how mods can extend the shelf life of their gaming experience, will complain to Beth the loudest when the modding feature on FO4 isn’t up to their specs….

          And god forbid Beth devs seriously consider any of those superficial, console button mashing whiners. It’s bad enough the franchise was mongrelized into a FPS with FO3. So heaven forbid Beth dumb down the game play any further, with future consideration of social media/MMO elements the way the EA Borg destroyed SimCity 5. Because prominent industry devs like R* have begun to travel this dark road with the likes of GTAO. And in doing so, devs like R* are increasingly ruining franchises that once defined the standard of the single player, sandbox, open world action/rpg on the market.

          TL;DR no I don’t care for console gamers in general. I hold them single-handedly responsible as a group for influencing what quality content game devs release. This change in meaningful game play mechanics is for the worse. Because instead of designing deeply immersive, high replay value rpg/action sandbox games, a unique franchise like Fallout will ultimately devolve into a mindless button mashing FPS fest.

          • Joriaan

            So many words, yet you’re not saying anything beyond “I’m a pretentious twat that thinks logical fallacies and uninformed opinion constitutes fact, thus I will be an asshole towards those I deem lesser than me”. Sorry brother, you didn’t convince me otherwise, doubly so since you based this rant on a misinterpretation of someone’s rather innocent comment.

          • Aaron Griffith

            Well that was interesting. My point is that keyboards have buttons and you are mashing them when you play the games that you choose to play. Also what Joriaan said below.

          • emojisequence

            Your autism is showing

          • Kyber

            It’s sounds like change makes you unhappy. There are fragments of reality in your rant, allow me to point some out? Console gamers can be detestable, but no more so than the Dota community. The ideals of past games are discarded over time but not because of an imaginary and discriminatory social plague, but generation gaps. Your favorite genre doesn’t constitute any sort of benchmark or template for “good” games, just games “you” like. Finally, the mere audacity to claim a franchise has been destroyed, when all past games remain very much in tact, suggests you honestly have no concept of real pain, and are a pampered pretentious mule with a social disorder that surmounts anything you mentioned as “ignorant”. Feel free to respond with questions, this won’t be easy to take in.

  • Веталка Сап.

    I cant wait to play F4!!!!

  • Danny Lamb

    It will probably be repiditive gameplay.

    • chris9465

      guess you’ve never played a bethesda game?

  • Danny Lamb

    They will just downgrade the graphics to compensate 400hrs of gameplay.

  • FartMaster69

    Maybe if you turn it on and leave it running for 400 hours away you fucking liar

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