This would perhaps explain the apparent lack of any noticeable improvements in Gears of War 4. Speaking to OXM, former creative director on Gears of War, Adrien Chmielarz, recently suggested that whilst people will claim that they want something different in a game, what they really want is more of the same.

“[Speaking of how he wanted boss battles to work in Gears of War Judgment] But I don’t know if my version was better. It was just different. People say they want innovation, but what they often really want is the same, just with a fresh wrapper. So maybe Epic was right to change Judgment to be more likes Gears 3.5. Who Knows?”

What do you make of Chmielarz’s comments? As gamers we are always looking for innovation and innovative new game mechanics, but are we happier to play with what we’re already familiar with only with minor incremental upgrades? Let me know your thoughts.

  • drjonesjnr

    Well what a stupid comments of course people want innovation.
    This guys opinion sounds like a very lazy game developers opinion.
    Thank god the industry is full of developers who try and push innovation

    • KeeseToast

      Maybe you should play Vanishing of Ethan Carter before you judge Adrian Chmielarz

      • drjonesjnr

        I have its a terrible game a rip off of dear easter

    • Luc Drak

      He said before that he wants to innovate, he’s just stating that usually when a franchise innovate’s/change often fans it’s not what they wanted, and they destroyed the franchise etc, that’s why he’s stating that he’s not saying that it’s his vision for the future

  • Force edge 88

    1) This would perhaps explain the apparent lack of any noticeable improvements in Gears of War 4. Based off a five minute demo, really?
    2) this guy is not creative director of Gears of war but the creative director of ” the vanishing of Ethan Carter” and co-owner of the development team “The astronauts”, He’s not working on Gears 4

    • Zarbor

      It’s so idiotic the articles now posted as gaming news. These clowns need to go learn about the gaming community first before theyou post these stupid comments.

    • Edonus

      And with that quote Gamespresso has turned in to a dumb a$$ site that all information that comes from it or is referenced to in any civilized gaming conversation is immediately cutoff and proceed to insult and berate the user of this skewed, damaged and tainted information.

  • Fayxz

    We all want innovation, the problem is most devs can’t make a decent one. So if you can’t then keep it how we like it. Gears of war fell off because you devs suck at innovation, keep listening to us and we will tell you how to innovate.please note this community managers at gears of war.

    • Edonus

      Gears fell off?


      Gears has 4 games with each one sporting as much innovation as the last one. Even Judgemnt had some good innovations…. They just put a lot of effort in the wrong place.

      Gears is a genre defining game….. There is no game doing what it does better.

  • KeeseToast

    Sure everyone is searching for new and innovative games that’s why CoD, AC, FIFA & co are selling so good. Adrian Chmielarz is right. You always have to remember that that the biggest part of all gamers aren’t core gamer.

  • Rafael Monteiro

    He’s right, people don’t want stupid game mechanics shoved on them just because others label them innovation

    Oftenly “innovation” becomes a free pass to do just whatever the heck you want and call it original, so no one can say it’s “bad”, because it wasn’t supposed to be “good”, it was supposed to be “new”

    Then you end up with a very original game that sucks

  • angh

    We want innovations, but not necessarily those innovations developers want’s to make.
    Sometimes people works on a game and things about it differently than the gamers. They try to do something differently for sake of innovation only, and when players are saying it was stupid developers don’t acknowledge it was their problem and bad decision, just pushing it back to gamers saying what this guy is saying.
    We want smart innovations which enhancing our immersion or enhancing our interactions, or showing us more deep side of the game. We don’t wan’t innovations which changes whole genre into something it never was – quickevent based strategy game or turn based FPS might be innovative, but, as well, gamer’s won’t buy it. (except some people who wants to be sooo different than any other. But I don’t care about those hipsters).

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