Considering it’s not going to be a massive open-world RPG in the vein of The Witcher 3, these comments from id Software’s executive producer Marty Stratton are fairly surprising. Speaking to OXM, Stratton has recently claimed that the new Doom game – out in 2016 – could last years with gamers. Here’s what he had to say in full.

“Anybody who spends their money on the game is getting something that, literally, you could spend years with”.

He claims that this is due to the three separate modes in the game – single-player, multiplayer, and SnapMap (a level creation tool) each being worth £50 alone.

“We really are approaching the game as three pillars. Equally important to us as the single-player campaign experience, is the multiplayer and SnapMap. None of these should feel lacking to the player. I would hope that people sit down and play all of them and enjoy all of them, but if they just choose to play one, that’s £50 worth of entertainment”.

He can certainly talk the talk, but will Doom walk the walk? We should find out next year.

  • Jor’El Jones

    You could say that for any game that has a custom creation tool. For example Halo’s Forge gametype.

  • Jean-Marc

    It’s called marketing and it’s part of the game. Let’s hope they deliver.


    No it won’t. It will not support pc modding so no new textures or models, weapons. It has a limited counter for making maps and will so on pc as maps made will be multi platform ‘console limitations’. It’s favouring consoles and doing a big F U for the PC community who still make mods for the Doom games.

    • Jonathan Dowland

      It may well end up “supporting” modding about as much as the original games did: they didn’t have explicit mod support (they were designed with it in mind, however) and yet look what happened. If the game is good enough, the players will come, and the modders will do.

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