Xbox One boss Phil Spencer has been out and talking about the future of Microsoft’s Xbox again, saying that they’re coming up with some ‘real great, unique ideas.’ In an interview with Polygon, Spencer stated that their strategy has to ‘move beyond fixing things’ and although he expects some people not to like where Microsoft is going with the Xbox One, he seems confident that majority of their user base will be impressed.

‘This is where you’ve got to come up with some real great, unique ideas… There’ll be certain people who’ll throw eggs at certain parts of it and people embrace other parts of it. But I’m really happy around the foundation that we’ve been able to put in place over the last whatever it’s been, 15, 16 months.’

Since Spencer took over as Xbox Boss in 2014, and really inherited the mess of the Xbox One in it’s broken glory, he’s managed to bring the console back from E3 purgatory to the potential it originally had. Now, when you look at the Xbox One sales (which are still behind the PS4, somehow) and hear the Xbox games line up, you can at least appreciate that Microsoft have turned their focus back to gaming.

And it’s not going to stop there.

Expect to associate Xbox One and gaming with Windows, because that’s the ultimate goal for Microsoft.

‘OK, the foundation is in place, now let’s go surprise and delight people in some ways that aren’t just fixing some backward looking things.’

2015 brings with it the plans for convergence, using the Xbox One to stream to your PC using Windows 10, essentially sowing the gaming seeds for Microsoft in the upcoming years. This tease of something new and unique looks like a phase three, which will probably happen at some point in 2016.

  • Living While Alive

    Can’t wait. More than likely, MS has a studio dedicated to making PC/X1 cross-platform games.

    With also the possibility of Steam/Origin/UPlay or a PC store of there own. Directly integrated into the Xbox store.

    Or Windows store and Xbox store coming together with Win10.

    That and possibly of PC to Xbox One streaming.

    Just know Xbox One, 2016 and beyond will become the ‘Holy Grail’ of gaming.

    • Logan9

      Absolutely agree. The Xbox one is the best gaming experience available, and I have played plenty on all consoles. And it looks to continue to innovate. Crackdown 3…true next Gen and only on Xbox one.

      • XbotMK1

        Crackdown 3 has nothing to do with Xbox. Crackdown 3 is just a game that uses dedicated servers. Xbox One isn’t really innovative which is why Microsoft has only been mimicing competitors.

        New Xbox One UI looks like a rip off of the PS4 UI.
        Game Hubs ripped off from the PS4.
        Real Names ripped off from the PS4.
        Achievement rarity ripped off from the PS4.
        Forza Rain effects copying Gran Turismo and Driveclub.
        Activity feeds ripped off from the PS4.
        Xbox Live ripped off PlayStation Plus.

        Countless other examples. Xbox One is losing which is why Microsoft dropped the price twice and backtracked countless times by upclocking their CPU and freeing up Kinect resources.

        • Joey RUSS

          I have sat reading countless articles that debate the Xbox brand and the Playstation brand, conjuring endless rants and side romping as if two sport teams were in the picture. I personally own both; why, because the fact is “only on games”. Though true the Playstation has a more powerful hardware combo, the fact of copying as above, specially with regards to (well all of this idiots ideas of copy) xbox live, 2001ish , btw, I can’t help but retort. I do like my Playstation 4 ( bloodborne anyone) , but I shall not call myself a gamer without standing tall on the success of the Xbox only titles, in fact I feel so far I have played more on my xbox, but barely. I do want to make a solid example of technology or software abilities that have had a head start on the Xbox brand. The ability to stream server movies, pictures, and music have been around for, well, basically launch, where as the Playstation just did so a couple months ago. Example and true, and to say Windows 10 copies PS4 is like saying The windows eco system (90’s) copied playstation, even before playstation existed, you goon. But alas I guess opinions are just that, but facts are far and few. I owe nothing to either company nor would I bet my life to either, but games exists to play, so play on and build a library of both, you’ll be thankful you did. Or just sit back and back one brand as though a paycheck will arrive. Competition is good I guess.

          • Joebuda

            Well said!

    • NXAnthony

      Thanks for the laugh

  • XbotMK1

    Basically there is no point in owning an Xbox One when you have a Windows 10 PC. Xbox Live is free on PC and Xbox One is a joke. The only reason why Microsoft made Xbox to begin with was because they didn’t want PlayStation to take over the living room. They just want you on Windows. All Microsoft does is copy competitors. Microsoft just tried to use crossplay and streaming to other rooms as a selling point but the PS4 already did that way before Xbox.

    It’s funny how Xbox fanboys defend Xbox consoles when Microsoft themselves don’t care about Xbox. It only exists to keep sheeple on Windows.

    • NXAnthony

      The only thing that would help Xbox is more games. I’m not buying an Xbox because most of it’s exclusives are on PC. Just no point. I don’t want to fight against PC players when I’m stuck with a controller.

      • XbotMK1

        Microsoft is doing the right thing by focusing on first party exclusives and their first party exclusive line up is stronger than it’s been. But putting them on PC and creating unfair competitive gameplay with crossplay just kills off the point of owning an Xbox One. For every one step forward Microsoft takes, it takes two steps backwards.

    • Mena Samuel

      They keep saying in the future there will be stuff.. Well, I think my PS4 gives me more than enough NOW 😀
      It was a strange choice to go for a less powerful hardware..

      • XbotMK1

        People who defended and bought the Xbox One for $500 at launch must feel incredibly stupid now.

  • archfiendx

    Hopefully this isn’t just more gimmicks, smoke & mirrors(Kinect), and false promises(exclusives that end up on PC) just to get the fanboys pumped up. Hopefully they focus on new games because it’s getting boring just watching them try to create a PlayStation clone.

  • NXAnthony

    OMG! 😀

  • Phil Balliet

    The PlagueStation fanboys need to get the hell off these Xbox articles and shut the f* up.

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