Fans who are dying to know more details about Horizon Zero Dawn may have to wait until the game is in their hands to find out more.

Senior Producer of the game, Mark Norris, recently revealed that Guerrilla Games does not plan to make announcements anytime soon regarding Horizon Zero Dawn’s story or details in general, stating that holding back information on the title will allow people the chance to speculate for themselves.

“You will know everything about the Old Ones and you will also find out where the machines are and why. You will also learn about the relationship between Aloy and the machine. But I’m not going to say anything about it in advance. Players should experience it all themselves and find out,” Norris said.

Norris also added that he believes sharing too much about a game can actually do more harm than good in the end, citing Fallout 4’s big reveal prior to E3.

“There isn’t a greater Fallout fan than me, I always talk a lot about Vault-111 and I even have a Vault 111-Hoodie. And they have showed in the trailer when the bomb struck. And I said, no, why did you do that? You ruined the whole mystery for me that Fallout always had,” he said.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be released exclusively for PS4 sometime in 2016.

  • Soda Popinski

    Good. More of this please. In this day when 60+ minute gameplay vids are being released before game even launches, less is definitely more.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Right. Right now I can’t access my ps4 (holidays) and will soon be back, and will finally buy and play metal gear solid 5.
      But it’s been really tough to not come across any spoilers, even ultra mild. That’s why I automatically skip any mgs5 article.
      There are so so many many stupid people out there, just because they prefer, say, the Witcher 3 game, they will do anything to bash mgs5, and ruin people’s experience, with massive spoils.

      Also, websites tend to say a little too much about the games, and often reveal core features, options, etc, from some particular games, without even realizing they are spoiling them.

      Ex, an innocent article where the journalist says ‘the game has 11 levels’, isn’t it a massive spoil, playing a game at level 9 or 10, while knowing the end is near?

  • PachterStation

    The PS4 is doing pretty well with the range of games that are out there at the moment. Including the Xbox One and Wii U, this gen has been pretty poor for quality games. Lack of quality games and games being delayed, the PS4 will still keep selling. Sony can get away with it, but not so much Microsoft and Nintendo.

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