There’s no denying the huge impact that Halo has had on the video game industry since its inception way back in 2001. Heck, any franchise that warrants its own remastered collection and is considered a system-seller is likely to have a lot going for it, but is it the Star Wars equivalent of video games, as Aaron Greenberg – head of global marketing at Microsoft – recently suggested?

In a recent interview conducted by Gamespot, Greenberg had this to say on the matter…

“What’s really so special about Halo, and people will feel it the moment they start playing the campaign, is just the richness of the universe and the story and it’s very much like what Star Wars is to movies, Halo is to games. You have that special sauce–it’s unlike anything else.”

That’s certainly a bold claim considering the overwhelming success that Star Wars has achieved in the film industry. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to have both franchises back on the map, with Halo 5 Guardians hot off the shelves and Star Wars Episode VII releasing on December 18th.

But would you consider one to be bigger than the other? Let us know.

  • bigshynepo

    Halo does not have nearly the cultural significance that Star Wars does. Hell, 3rd party Halo merch barely exists when you can find Star Wars branded product in almost every store you walk into these days.
    (Thinking of you, Darth Vader toaster)

    • Steve Wright

      That’s true. In my eyes Halo is not as recognisable to an everyday Joe as Star Wars is. I mean, everyone knows of Star Wars even if they’ve never taken an interest in watching the movies. If I asked my grandparents what Halo is they’d likely suggest it’s something that an angel wears.

    • kreator

      Give it a few more years.

  • Tyler Davis

    Star Wars pioneered most of the spcieal effects industry.
    Halo has pioneered most of the shooters in the industry since launch.

  • andy

    They’re right, like Star Wars, the last 3 games were a huge disappointment to fans ^_^


    Meaning the series peaked with the first three installments? And the scores have been descending with each iteration?

    Yes, I can see that!

  • Tha-Truth

    I absolutely agree, Halo is indeed The Phantom Menace of videogames, it’s complete and utter trash in every way imaginable and is an embarassment to everything that came before it. It’s good to see Microsoft finally admitting some facts for a change, it’s about time their ignorant, delusional fanbase did the same.

    Cheap, garbage shovelware games like Gears, Halo and Forza are exactly the reason why the Xbone is getting completely DESTROYED by the PS4 in the sales charts. No self – respecting gamer would buy a console for the trash games that the Xbox offers, that’s why everybody is opting for a PS4 to play real games instead.

    At this point it’s only the desperate, brainwashed, brand – slave, Xboner – licking morons that are still trying to defend the Xbox, everybody else has realised that the console is utter trash and sales prove that.

    • Tha-Truth

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  • Tha-Truth

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