With Halo 5: Guardians right around the corner, Microsoft announced an update to the Halo Channel app which will bring mobile stat tracking to Halo 5.

The app will show a player’s full Service Record, the customized multiplayer Spartan, and the Commendations, Achievements, and Medals the player has achieved all from the profile tab.

Also, there will be detailed reports for the three different modes, Campaign, Arena, and the new 12vs12 multiplayer Warzone mode. The Warzone breakdown can be seen below and show off total kills, win percentage, games completed, total playtime, and more. Microsoft said there will be a “very similar experience” for the Arena and Campaign breakdowns as well. Each section will also include “Carnage Reports” which will give detailed stats of each match.


To match content already available on the Xbox One app, Microsoft is updating the Halo Channel mobile app to include the ability to watch Halo: Nightfall immediately and, when it becomes available, Halo: The Fall of Reach – The Animated Series.

The app will be updated October 26th and is available for free on the iOS, Android, and Windows stores. Halo 5 launches on Xbox One October 27th.

  • The Cipher

    Notice how games stopped including competitive ranks and don’t display your deaths? They want you to feel like you are making progress but also don’t want bad players to know they are bad. This is exactly why good players won’t touch this shit. Back in the day Halo 3 rank meant something. Halo Reach and Halo 4 though? Lol its a joke. I’m surprised COD even tracks K/D because some players might realize they suck and stop buying games.

    • BucksIn6

      I don’t know about the app, but you can see your deaths on the halo waypoint site. The ranking systems is kinda flawed. Halo 3 rank did mean something, but I would argue that Halo 2 meant even more. Part of Halo 3’s ranking systems depended on how much you played, while Halo 2’s was based off of skill alone.

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