Developer Electronic Arts will consider “any and all opportunities” to support and create games for the upcoming Nintendo NX platform.

During a recent presentation, EA CEO Andrew Wilson was asked if the company has plans to support the NX console when it is released.

Wilson did not give a direct answer to the question, instead stating:

“I’m going to address that slightly differently. As we look to the future, we see a world where more people are playing on more platforms in more geographies than ever before. We see the platform cycle now not just as a traditional six-year console cycle, but as kind of a six-month refresh rate on mobile devices, smart TVs, Internet-enabled refrigerators, or whatever it might be.”

“And what we’re doing in terms of resource allocation is really investing at a core digital platform level, at an engine level, and at a game architecture level to ensure that we are able to deliver amazing experiences, six inches to 60 inches and beyond, two minutes to two-hour session times and beyond, across any and all relevant devices where gamers are playing.”

EA stopped support for Nintendo’s Wii U console and has currently only published four titles for the platform. Will it change with the NX?

“As it relates to Nintendo, we’ve had a tremendous relationship with them over the years,” Wilson said. “And we will evaluate any and all opportunities with them in the same way we do all platform opportunities.”

  • Johnny LoveFive

    Who cares, it’s first party that always has and always will be the top sellers for Nintendo systems.

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