Lara Croft’s not gonna like this.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, her latest adventure, sold just below 56,700 units during its debut week in the UK. While that may not sound too terrible, the game’s predecessor, 2013’s Tomb Raider sold 183,000 units at launch.

Sales for the game were expected to be slightly lower since Tomb Raider was available across multiple platforms when it was initially released, while Rise of the Tomb Raider debuted exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360 after a controversial exclusivity deal between Square Enix and Microsoft. The game will arrive on PC in early 2016 and on PS4 during holiday 2016.

However, these numbers are expectedly much lower than Square Enix would like as there is another culprit in Lara’s bad day: many gamers questioned the conditions surrounding Rise of the Tomb Raider’s launch as it was coming out the same day as one of the most-hyped games of 2015, Fallout 4.

Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One debuted at number 5 on the UK sales chart for the week, while the Xbox 360 version of the title came in at number 23. Copies of the game sold on Xbox 360 accounted for roughly 15% of the game’s sales, or 8,500 units, while copies of the game on Xbox One totaled near 48,200 copies.

Rise of the Tomb Raider was critically acclaimed upon release – our review saying, “Rise of the Tomb Raider takes what was already a great game and makes it stronger, bigger and better.”

  • Steve Wright

    From what I hear it’s a great game but whoever decided to launch a console-exclusive title on the same day as one of the biggest games of the decade is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • TheAlphaLamb

    – timed exclusivity that excludes the platform that it originated from, and where the majority of the fan base is.
    – a release date that pits it against multi-platform/multiplayer and popular, juggernaut franchises.

    I really hope MS and SE expected this to happen on launch week and that things, hopefully, get better by the end of the holiday season. So disappointed on what they did to this gem of a game and a potential GOTY candidate.

    • Robert Wagner

      “Excludes the platform that it originated from” … So you’re saying not to expect a Sega Saturn version then? Darn.

      • barney klingenberg

        Well to be honest,

        Tombraider 2013(enhanced) sold better on the playstion 3 and 4 as it did on the xbox 360 and one.

        Then it used to be a cracking PC game back in the old days.
        The decission for SE to make it Xbox exclusive was odd at best. Microsoft must have handed them quiet a bit of cash in return

  • Dexterkitty

    Are any of these people writing these “articles” doing any research or are they just being sensationalist for headlines. Rise only had 3 days of sales in the UK whereas the last game had 7. The first was also released on all platforms, this has released on 2. This figure excludes digital purchases so you can add a further 20%-30% on top of the physical sales. So in 3 days Rise of the Tomb Raider has likely sold about 80k, against fallout 4 (which had 3 extra days) and in Black ops 3’s second week two of the years biggest releases and you think this is bad? If it manages 100k in 7 days on Xbox alone, it’s sales would have likely been twice that with PS4 included which would mean it would have been Tomb Raider’s highest opening week.

    • barney klingenberg

      Considering the PS4 outsold the Xbox one 2:1 this was to be expected.
      There is no way to get a sales record on the Xbox one alone this generation

      • Skeet

        PS4 may be outselling Xbox by something like 17-10 on average, but Xbox owners buy more games per console, as near as dammit equalling game sales between the two consoles.

        • barney klingenberg

          Do your research before posting nonsense.

          ac syndicate
          606k on ps4
          257k on xbox one
          source vgchartz

          that is just this week
          Fifa 16 pushed on xbox one in marketing
          4.4million total on ps4
          1.3 million total on xbox one

    • GinoY

      Its like talking to a wall. All these people want to do is hate, compare sales numbers and criticize. Game has been out 2 days in UK and the idiots start hating on its sales.

  • Skeet

    I will buy this game eventually, But It seriously came at the wrong time. Halo 5, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront were higher on my list unfortunately. I think sales will be steady though until Xmas. It’s the game that you couldn’t afford because of all the other big releases, so it goes on the Xmas list.

    • GinoY

      Agreed…its a spectacular game. I skipped fallout this year and went tomb raider.

  • GinoY

    I’m confused…rise of the tomb raider released on November 13 in the UK. This sales # was released yesterday meaning that this sales # is from either 1 or 2 days on the market. 60,000 in UK alone in 2 days seems pretty good to me. Seems like the haters are up to their hating again.

  • Dekotaa

    Ofcourse its low. They have not release game on ps4 that sucks..!

  • Ace

    What a shame but it’s too be expected considering that it released at a time when other blockbuster hits were being released as well as it being console exclusive.

  • Alana

    It’s pretty simple what went wrong. Sony had initially announced that date as the release date for Uncharted 4. Microsoft needed something to counter what would have shifted tonnes of PS4s, so they bought Tomb Raider and hoped to piggyback off the hype for Uncharted (and probably base their marketing around it). Naughty Dog ask for more time, Sony pushes the release and now MS are stuck with a release window that was likely contractually mandated with Square Enix (or at the very least, you don’t delay a release by 5 months when you only have 12 months exclusivity).

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